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A steep hill rises up from the western side of the Severn river. The heavy forest that begins at the top of the hill stretches for several miles in every direction; tall trees crowding close together, making progress difficult and blotting out much of the light. Lying in a clearing no more than a few dozen paces into the forest, though the dense foliage means that those wandering through the trees are unlikely to come across it unless they know it is there, stands Severn Temple Covenant.

Welcome to Severn Temple covenant, a small community of magi struggling to prosper on the edge of the Forest of Dean. The covenant is the focus of an Ars Magica campaign set in and around Gloucester in the years following the Norman invasion of England. These pages contain information on the covenant, its inhabitants and the surrounding lands. If you're interested in finding out more about the Severn Temple, a good starting point might be the journal, which contains a record of events in every year since the covenant was refounded in 1080 AD.

Recent updates

18 December 2017
  • Updated the Tribunal map
3 December 2017
  • Added 1288 and 1289 AD
24 November 2017
  • Updated magical and mundane resources
16 November 2017
  • Updated 1287AD
9 October 2017
  • Updated magical and mundane resources
19 August 2017
  • Added the rest of 1286 AD
30 July 2017
  • Updated the magical and mundane resources
23 July 2017
  • Added 1285 AD and the first part of 1286 AD
20 May 2017
  • Updated magical and mundane resources
  • Updated the list of magi
  • Updated the graveyard
  • Added 1283 AD
13 March 2017
  • Updated magical and mundane resources
19 February 2017
  • Updated the graveyard
11 February 2017
  • Added 1283 AD
23 January 2017
  • Added 1279 to 1282 AD
  • Updated magical and mundane resources
  • Updated House Rules

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