Severn Temple is refounded by Petrus, Ruaridh and Jean.
Stonehenge Tribunal declares Radulfus to be an outlaw.
The magi rediscover the uncontested vis sites of the former covenant.
The magi re-establish an iron mine in partnership with a merchant, Sylvester.
A grog, Eanfled, goes missing in the faerie regio.

A grog, Gwyrnach, is slain for murdering a grog from Solis castle.
Idris joins the covenant.
All grogs are required to swear an oath of fealty to the covenant.
Ruaridh rescues Idris after he is rendered unconscious by a barrow spirit.
Eanfled returns, though he has been transformed into a faerie fox.

Radulfus returns, possessed by a demon, and destroys the village of Lydney.
The Ruadan ensorcels Idris in an attempt to trap the Nynniaw but is foiled by Eanfled.
Disease strikes the covenant, including Jean, encouraged by the Ruadan’s sorcery.

Darius visits, though his behavior worsens the covenant’s relations with Solis Castle.
Idris discovers a new regio in the forest and a peculiar herbalist named Deanne.

Idris and Petrus investigate the new regio, which is tied to the Infernal realm and wolves.
Idris drives off a giant that had been plaguing a nearby welsh village.
Stassius, the redcap, visits the covenant for the first time.
Radulfus attacks a party of grogs in the forest, killing one.
An infernal imp attempts to infiltrate the covenant but is discovered and slain.
The Ruadan carries off Jean at midwinter, though he is able to escape her dark realm.

Ruaridh is badly wounded while attempting to harvest Mentem vis from the barrows.
A church is built at Lydney, raising fears that its bells may damage the magical aura.
Ruaridh is censured by Council for not making a second attempt to destroy the church.
Ruaridh’s punishment is subsequently revoked after the Council deems it unfair.
Jean winters in Lydney to avoid the Ruadan, but he is attacked by dark spirits.

Jean is attacked by a rogue wizard, Myrrnddawn.
Idris rescues a talking bear and spends a season learning alchemy from Deanne.
The meeting of House Ex Miscellanea takes place at Cad Gadu.
Primus Ex Miscellanea, Lexor, is killed by Darius in wizards’ war.
Radulfus manipulates Jean’s spells, causing him to burn down Lydney’s church.
Jean is imprisoned for witchcraft in Gloucester, but he is released through Lamark’s aid.

Ruaridh succumbs to a dread disease, though he is cured by a potion brewed by Idris.
At the Stonehenge Tribunal meeting, Urien is appointed Primus Ex Miscellanea.
Garius and Darius fight an inconclusive wizards’ war.
Orlania and Idris hunt down and slay Myrrnddawn.
Petrus suffers a magical accident and loses his memory and gift for a week.

Werewolves emerge from the forest regio and slaughter a nearby village.
Radulfus, now fully demonic in form, attacks Idris.
The covenant’s source of Herbam vis is destroyed by the sound of Lydney’s bells.
Ruaridh and Jean quarrel after the latter is implicated in the death of a local priest.

Idris and Cadog slay a small wyrm that had infested the Ignem vis site.
Jean is murdered by a priest of the Morrigan; Idris tracks him down and slays him.
Dark signs abound after Jean’s death at the autumn equinox.