Scribed by Petrus

Spring 1081 AD

In this new year we feel that only one season need be spent in covenant service. Jean shall attempt to extract Vim vis, and I have been granted a second season with the Rego books. Ruaridh will spend this season trying to devise some new spells. We have had a disastrous visit from Gruder of Solis Castle. They brought us two years money, but demanded that we honour the vis obligations for both last year and this (a rook of vis in all). The honourable Bjornaer magus left two grogs in our care overnight, while he preferred to stay in the forest. A fight started, and although the specifics of the trouble are lost on me, the result was that one of our grogs and one of theirs is dead, and two of our grogs lie critically injured in the infirmary. To make matters worse it appears that their grog was murdered, that is he was killed after he had yielded. The murderer, who was one of the native grogs called Gwyrnach, made his escape in the night, mortally injuring another of our grogs in the process. This Gwyrnach was caught and slain by our trackers, and his body returned to the covenant. Gruder was helpful enough to cast the Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch upon our mortally injured grog, though this cost us the 4 pawns of Creo vis that we had. It appears that the second sergeant, Aelfric, has been negligent, and he has been stripped of his rank and Leofric made acting sergeant until Oscytel returns.

Sylvester has visited and begins preparation for the mining prospect. We have given him 25d as we agreed last year, he will make most of the arrangements for getting the mine up and running. Five pawns of Creo vis have been gathered from the spring once again. Our supply of Creo vis will be vital in the future for healing, it is fortunate that we have a secure source so near. Jean was able to extract 8 pawns of Vim vis, so our Aegis will be secure come winter, and perhaps we shall be able to extend the Aegis to reach the stockade.


We have been approached by an Ex Miscellanean wizard called Idris, who wishes to join our covenant. He claims to know the site of a Mentem vis source, and wishes to study the magical spring. After some discussion we decided to allow him to join. We made two stipulations; firstly that he undertake two seasons of covenant service, and secondly that he learn to speak and write Latin to a degree whereby he can contribute and learn from the library. In this season I decided to study from the Mentem books, Ruaridh opted to develop a spell to make the collection of the Ignem vis less strenuous, and Jean took some of the fragile Faerie lore books. The council requested Idris to extract Vim vis.

Leofric the dispossessed Saxon Ealdorman of Gloucester has attacked and raized Monmouth Castle. Two grogs; Oswulf and Baldwin have gone missing. Oswulf returned after the battle at Monmouth and admits that he aided the Saxon and Welsh armies in the attack. There was a council discussion as to what should be done with the grog. In the end he was banished, although both Jean and Oscytel advised for a more forceful punishment. It is decided that each grog must swear an Oath of fealty to the covenant upon joining. This Oath would supercede any mundane oaths they might have sworn and hopefully prevent this eventuality from arising again.

We have sucessfully breached the ward that lay upon Radulfus’ sanctum. Therein we have found the deeds for the hill that Vaesic requested. It also appears that the fireplace has some enchantment upon it, it lights up as one enters the room. The laboratory is in a similar state to the way ours were when first coming here. It will take Idris many seasons to sort everything out and discover what all the equipment is for. Jean’s studies have damaged the Faeie lore books beyond repair. They are now useless, so crumbled and torn as to be unreadable. It is a great loss to the covenant that such vital knowledge has been lost for good. We have decreed as a council that the books must be copied up before being studied - lest our other tomes depart the same way.


I shall study a second season from the Mentem books, Ruaridh has decided to develop another spell, Jean has taken the Corporem books and Idris shall perform a second season’s service by investigating the Mentem vis site. The site is a barrow somewhere to the North of here, but it’s precise location is yet unkown. Idris was gone for far too long a time. We sent Ruaridh and some grogs to see if they could find him. They discovered him unconscious inside one of the Barrows. There appears to be a dark spirit there which drains one’s life from one’s body and fatigues intruders to unconsciousness. Idris was lucky that Ruaridh found him so quickly, we have advised him not to travel alone in future.

The King has returned with a huge army, rumoured to be 10,000 men. He has driven the Saxon Leofric back across the Wye and retaken Monmouth. It is believed that Leofric was captured. Two welsh warriors have sought to join the covenant. Oscytel has councilled that we let them stay providing they swear the Oath of fealty. A red cap, Stassius, has visited the covenant and brings news that Nostrius is unwell. There is also perhaps an non-hermetic magus on the loose near to us who had a run-in with Orlania. Scarfell have requested Creo or Corporem vis after their covenant was struck by some mysterious illness. They will exchange one-for-one for Herbam, Muto or Ignem vis. Lexor has invited the Magus Urien to reside at Cad Gadu.


I shall write up the Vim book as a covenant service, Ruaridh wishes to study Corporem, Jean has decided to develop a spell and Idris will take instruction in Latin from our new scribe Pierre. The King has decreed that new castles will be built to supress any future Welsh revolt. There will thus be a tax of 30d for each hide of land. The boy Eanfled, who was lost in the faerie regio last year has returned as a faerie fox. He seems unharmed by his experience - other than no longer being human. This year has been very cold indeed, but we have survived. Our grog complement is lower than it was, but Oscytel continues to try and recruit. We have a Charter to which we are all satisfied to sign and we have gained another Magus. In all, our finances are healthy (despite taxes to come) and we continue to work in good spirit. It shall not be long before we announce that we are a Spring Covenant - if we are not already.