Scribed by Ruaridh

Spring 1087 AD

Another troubling season. A pestilence ravaged the land, and the covenant did not escape its malign influence. I was struck down with a dread illness, but Idris was able to brew a potion to clear the infection. It is clear that the skills he has learned from Deanne will serve the covenant will in the future. The efficacy of the cure was such that my season's work was scarcely interrupted, and I succeeded in creating a magic item, a hammer enchanted with Rock to Viscid Clay. We intend to use it to craft finished building materials from uncut stone, hopefully earning ourselves a handsome profit.

I travelled into Gloucester to speak with Baldwin about the deeds to the land; we felt that Jean should remain away from the city for a while. Baldwin had bad news for us: given that the previous deed had been burnt, the Earl had decided to sell the land to the highest bidder, and his brother, the Archbishop Osbert, had offered two thousand pennies! Again, Baldwin came to our aid, offering to pay for the land and lease it back to us over a period of ten years. We had no choice but to accept, and agreed to pay him three thousand pennies over the period and sign over a further 10% of the produce of the mine. Perhaps my earlier suspicions about Baldwin's motives were groundless. I certainly hope so.


All the Magi journeyed north to Blackthorn for the Tribunal meeting. Following Lexor's death, Urien was appointed Primus of Ex Miscellanea, and he promptly levied a tax of ten pawns of vis on each member of the House and moved the Domus Magnus from Cad Gadu to Solis Castle. Garius, former amicus to Lexor, challenged Darius to Wizard's War, which appeared to catch the Tremere off guard. Darius immediately challenged Nostrius for his sigil, a move which surpised everyone until we learned that the sigil apparently confers magical protection against Ignem magic on the bearer. Darius defeated Nostrius, claiming both his sigil and that of Jean.

Also at the Tribunal meeting, Yania was elected to serve as a Quaesitor. Three of us favoured a rival candidate, Jordael of Cad Gadu, but Darius manipulated Petrus into voting for Yania. Solis Castle's power grows ever more apparent. I struck a deal with Corlear of Borri-Tor to sell a copy of the Mentem text for twenty marks. The price was more than I could have hoped for, and it should help to secure our future. Krekaranius of Morstow forecast that a great disaster would occur in the near future, though I admit that I understood little of what he said. Sadly, we heard that Wydrith of Scarfell had died of the disease that has plagued that covenant for the past few years.


Orlania of Blywyddan and Idris decided to hunt down the hedge wizard Myrnyddawn. They tracked him down and slew him, but not before Idris was wounded by an arrow. We also struck an agreement with Orlania to exchange Ignem for Terram vis in the future. Before the end of the season, a Redcap arrived with news magical and mundane. Garius of Cad Gadu had gone missing, but Darius of Solis Castle had not declared victory in the Wizard's War. I know not what this means. King William has died unexpectedly from the fever in Cannes, and his son William Rufus has taken the throne. His other son, Robert, has become the Duke of Normandy.

Scribed by Idris


Following the sale of a copy of our Mentem books, we are now rich to the tune of 3,500 pennies but the Domesday tax still has to be paid from that. After some discussion we agree to rebuild the brewery, smithy and foundry. We also invested in some more livestock to help with our food supplies, and Osric has obtained some sheep, goats and more chickens to replace the ones that Eanfled killed. There was a long discussion in council resulting in us all agreeing to do an extra season's covenant service next year to help combat the threat of Radulfus. Though Jean was extremely reluctant. Ruaridh went to fetch the Ignem vis, travelling via Gloucester, and two Norman grogs joined us having met Jean in Lydney. Petrus had some sort of magical accident and lost his memory and his gift for a week or so.