Scribed by Turold

Summer 1093 AD

A cordial council meeting began with the news that Petrus’ studies were continuing well, and that, while there was still some work to go, he believed that he may be on his way towards a new development in magic theory. In truth I did not understand half of his ideas, but if one of our covenant could further the Order’s understanding of the Arts then it would be an honour indeed. This season he spent helping Ruaridh with the creation of his longevity potion, an activity that met with good success. Idris went back into the woods for more of his studies there, and I spent my time with the magical preparation of my staff. There were some additions to the covenant in the form of three grogs recruited from Monmouth, and another Welshman has been drawn by Idris’ legends. His name is Cynddylan and he seems a likeable enough individual.

The faeries continued their meddling with the inhabitants of the covenant, this time the victim being Wulfstan, one of our finest archers, who was transformed into a hare. We will have to deal with them some time soon as their activities cannot be good for the men's morale. The most disturbing event of the summer however, concerned Idris and his child. A faerie from the mountain king, the father of Idris’ bride, a creature of the most beautiful stone, breached our Aegis with apparent ease to deliver a message on behalf of its master. The king expects Idris to honour the bargain he made about the child, and it appears he may be able to make good on his threats if not satisfied. We shall have to decide what to do at the next council meeting.


We started the council meeting with a discussion of the danger posed by the mountain king. We reaffirmed our resolve to defend Idris’ child, particularly as it has the Gift. However, we did not have any real plan of action as yet, save a possible argument based on whether the king had placed any time limit on when the child should be handed over to him. It seemed a slim hope with which to deal with the fay, but who can understand how their minds work. Petrus aided Idris with his longevity potion this season, an arrangement that did not seem entirely satisfactory as it is likely that a better job could have been done if Idris had been the assistant, but I would surmise a matter of pride was involved. Ruaridh worked on another spell and I chose to use the season attuning my staff as a talisman.

Shortly after the council meeting, a Magus of House Merinita, one Varsavia, arrived. She had been sent to take her Gauntlet here by assisting us in our dealings with the local fay. She appears most personable, and she was also prepared to provide what aid she could in the matter of Idris’ child. She knows a fair deal about the matter of faerie bargains and was able to cast some light on how our Aegis had been breache so easily last season. By casting "Greeting the Maker" on Idris’ wedding ring, I discovered that it had been made by the faerie king. Indeed it turned out to contain a rook of vis, and most certainly could be used as an arcane link. Idris has been persuaded to explain to his wife that it must be disposed of in some way. With Eanfled's accompaniment, Varsavia ventured into the faerie regio.

Midway through season, Stassius the Redcap arrived with news for us. There was some sort of battle between Robert, king of England, and Malcolm of Scotland that resulted in the latter’s death. After some further troubles, Duncan, one of Malcolm’s sons, was recognised king of Scotland. During this turmoil Borri-Tor covenant was attacked, but the assailants were repelled with magic. House Jerbiton intend to send Du Clerc to Scotland to prevent a repetition.

House Tremere has informed the Order that the unnamed house is active in the tribunal. As a result a new covenant, entirely sponsored by House Tremere, is to be set up in North Wales. It will be named Holy Isle. Darius, parens of the diabolist Jean de Caen, has left Solis Castle to join Holy Isle, and a number of senior Tremere Magi will also take up residence there. In addition, there are rumours that a new spring covenant will be founded at Dartmoor. Finally came news of next summer’s tribunal meeting at Blackthorn, which will be compulsory to attend, either in person or by proxy. Covenants are to be allowed to put forward two motions. I am sure we shall think long and hard about what to propose, though for myself I would wish to take the opportunity of announcing that I am taking commissions, as I am in sore need of further vis supplies.


It seems, as I look back over this record, that winter has often brought us trouble with the faeries and I am sad to say that this has once more been the case. There was some concern at the beginning of the season as Varsavia and Eanfled had not returned from the faerie regio, but this was just due to the unnatural way time passes there, and they returned two weeks after the council meeting. We decided to hide the faerie king's ring inside a fish in the Severn, keeping a scale as an arcane connection in case we needed to retrieve it in the future, but it was all to no avail. On midwinter night we were attacked in the great hall by six of the king’s servants. While we did battle with them the king himself used this diversion that he had instigated to steal in and snatch the child from Idris’ sanctum. His wife, of course, is highly distressed, though she is with child at present, and Idris himself, though he will wait for now, is surely prepared to risk much to recover his son.

Of other matters there was little of import. I spent the season trying to discover something about the torc that was found when the covenant was first re-established but to no avail. Petrus extracted Vim vis for the covenant while Ruaridh and Idris scribed some arts; repectively Muto and Herbam. What little good news we had was that the mine has began to start producing ore, and we should expect to start receiving money by the end of the year.