Petrus makes a magical breakthrough, the Parma Aurae.
Idris and Myrvyn win back Ieuan from Gofannon’s realm.
Ruaridh makes a pact with the Ruadan to slay the demon that tricked her.
Stephen the bard visits the covenant and tells the tale of Taliesin.
Primus Guernicus rules that Daffyd killed himself, restoring Holy Isle’s reputation.
Ruaridh, Idris and Varsavia drive off an English army camped outside the covenant.

Petrus conducts a ritual to suppress the infernal aura in the dell.
Holy Isle slay Idris’ daughter and carry off Ieuan.
Dionysus uses a ritual to locate Ieuan, who he claims is in Ashenrise.
Lothar joins the covenant.
The covenant suffers a hungry winter as the English prevent food shipments from arriving.

The reeve lifts the edict on food supplies as the covenant agrees to pay taxes.
Black Hugh consolidates his grip on the throne.
Ruaridh loses some blood in an infernal regio after using the wand to slay the demon Baku.
An emergency meeting of the Grand Tribunal decides to take no action about Ashenrise.
Illness once again strikes the covenant during the winter.

Varsavia is rescued from the otherworld after her spirit becomes separated from her body.
A demon is driven from the Heart of the Forest, which should start to recover.

Idris is accused of associating with the Unnamed House, kills Varsavia and escapes.
A griffin attacks the covenant, but it is driven off by Ruaridh.

The spring once again starts to produce Creo vis.
The grogs accidentally attack Casitus, paying with their lives.
Ruth steals a diamond from Gofynwy, receiving a curse in return.
Infernalists use a ritual to temporarily weaken the aegis of the hearth.
A black stag and wolves attack the covenant; Idris helps to drive them off but is slain.

Antonius joins the covenant.
The spring delivers corporem vis, perhaps affected by Idris’ death.
An infernal entity impersonates Ruaridh, killing a local villager and entering the covenant.
The Erechwydd tries to use Eanfled to enter the Summer Glade, but her plans are thwarted.
Lothar offers his strength to the Nynniaw and departs for Arcadia.

The covenant drives off the forces of Sir Gerald, who temporarily captures Lydney.
Sylvania rescues Lothar from Arcadia; he appears much changed by the experience.
Radulfus’ spirit visits the spring, warning of the corruption of the children of Lydney.

The spring returns to supplying Creo vis.
Lucien destroys the demon that had been impersonating Ruaridh.
At the Stonehenge Tribunal, Ruaridh is elected as a Quaesitor.
Jean’s shade predicts that a corrupted child will bring great ruin.
A fever strikes the covenant over winter.
Ruaridh accompanies Casitus and Caisus as they slay a magus of the Unnamed House.

Several deformed children are born in Lydney.
Lothar speaks with the Ruadan but refuses to divulge what was said.
Gofannon visits, claiming he was promised tutoring in archery, but he leaves unsatisfied.
Turold incurs a vis obligation to Harco covenant after he destroys a vis site.
Lothar’s pater, Adolphus, declares wizards’ war on him, but the matter is unresolved.