The Dean is declared a royal forest.
Pendaran slays the Welsh giant once fought by Idris.
A shade attacks one of the grogs; Petrus again suppresses the infernal aura in the basement.
The corrupt church at Lydney is completed.
Ruaridh slays the Radulfus demon in the Dean.
Antonius finds a book on Schism War hidden in Radulfus’ former sanctum.

Holy Isle’s role is extended to cover investigating the activities of magi during the Schism.
It emerges that the Ruadan had ensorcelled Lothar to try to get him to kill Ruaridh.
Lothar returns to the covenant, having joined House Merinita.
A strange coin is unearthed that makes its owner extremely greedy.
Ruaridh investigates the death of Edwin of Ex Miscellanea at the hands of diabolists.
Eggs of an adder queen are discovered.
Lothar makes a bargain with a dying stag to protect the forest from human settlement.

Ruaridh attends the Ex Miscellanean House meeting at which Llanoddwyn becomes Primus.
Plague strikes the covenant after the Hounds of Gabriel are seen in the sky.

Lothar bites the arm off the faerie trapper, Ciaran, for poaching the woods.
Sir Maurice visits the covenant on a quest to slay a hellhound.
Ruaridh and Antonius are fooled by infernal illusions and hand over several magic items.
Edith joins the covenant.
Narwold covenant is established.
The Llanigan-y-dur attacks some of the boatmen at Blackney.

Idris appears at the spring and claims that the Unnamed House is split into two factions.
Piewackit sees a dragon flying through the magical realm near Blackthorn.
Stephen the bard is captured and killed by Holy Isle.
Antonius assists an ill-fated attack on Ashenrise by House Flambeau.
Petrus’ magical accident increases the covenant’s aura, pushing across the regio boundary.

Dionysus reveals that Severn Temple once owned a major vis site at Mynydd Myddyn.
Antonius is badly burned after Lothar carelessly activates a watching ward.
At the Stonehenge Tribunal, Lothar is condemned for his recklessness.
Ruaridh fails to prevent Wynedd being found guilty of assisting the Unnamed House.
A dragon attacks Blackthorn, killing Lamark.
A bright star heralds the changing of the faerie season to spring.
Lothar is shrunk to the size of a mouse by some faerie honey.

Nynniaw and Gofannon attend a celebration at midsummer at the covenant.
The magi use a female domesticated weasel to slay a cockatrice.
Ruaridh temporarily loses his ability to cast magic after the aegis of the hearth is miscast.

Petrus investigates Radulfus’ torc, but suspects it also contains an unknown enchantment.
A great storm and plague affect the covenant during the winter.

The covenant aids the knight of Lydney against the knight of Coleford.
Lothar is slain in wizards’ war by Magnus of Bjornaer.

Severn Temple and Blackthorn enter into a formal alliance.
Caelestis joins the covenant.
Various omens and prophecies hint at a dark future.