Deanne is killed by Casus after her hiding place in the Dean is discovered.
Lucien is captured by the Fells.
A dragon attacks Holy Isle, but Fenriata drives it off with lightning.
Loch Leglean erupts in conflict after Ruaridh sanctions a wizards’ war against the Praeco.
Antonius discovers a gifted child, Meredith, and brings him back to the covenant.

Sylvania kills Magnus of Bjornaer in a wizard’s war sanctioned by Ruaridh.
Caelestis discovers an abandoned covenant using astronomical observations.
Ruaridh heads to Novgorod to investigate an assassination attempt on Primus Llanoddwyn.
The Tegid Foel visits the covenant and explains that the Ruadan is growing the Peibaw.

Lucien is released by the Fells, but Antonius orders his death in case he has been turned.
Ruaridh allows Garius and Casitus to be stripped of the Praecoship, as Jordael takes over
Petrus moves to Durenmar.
The faerie season moves from spring to summer.

Antonius discovers negative rumours about the covenant originating from Stone.
Turold discovers that Meredith has unusual powers of storytelling and shapeshifting.
Caelestis tries to get House Ex Miscellanea to persuade Ruaridh to stand down as Quaesitor.
Pendaran leaves the covenant.
The Peibaw kills its first victim, a villager from Blackney.

Turold travels to meet Gofynwy, who confirms that the Piebaw is now a fearsome creature.
Antonius detects a spirit sent to spy on us by Francis of Stent Priory, one of the masters.

A fight breaks out in Blackney, but Francis of Stent Priory escapes our attempted trap.
The new Primus, McGreine, moves the Domus Magnus of Ex Miscellanea to Blackridge.
A shadowy figure attacks Edith, kills her familiar and steals her staff.
Antonius discovers that Florence of Red Morley is a diabolist.
Ruaridh takes Meredith as an apprentice, despite the fact that his gift appears fixed.
The Tegid Foel visits the covenant, but fails to persuade Turold to sell his stone horse.

Antonius discovers that Guyere and the Fells have a firm grip on Bristol.
Isabella declares wizard’s war against Ruaridh, who leaves for Mynydd Myddyn.
Praeco Jordael flees after being accused on consorting with the Unnamed House.

Antonius undermines Kenneth of Coleford, preventing an attack on Lydney.
Caelestis discovers his pater entered twilight a decade ago, despite having met him since.
Caelestis is fined after he grants Tegid Foel sanctuary, causing problems with the Ruadan.
Turold makes an item to protect Gofynwy from the Ruadan’s mind magics.
Three members of House Ex Miscellanea are detained by Holy Isle.

Idris’ shade visits the spring, warning of an attack by our enemies.
Antonius discovers an site of infernal practice at Snig’s End.
The Piebaw attacks the covenant, but the Ruadan subsequently loses control of it.
The Tegid Foel brings us the deeds to a settlement, Stonevail, in the faerie regio.
Caelestis discovers his pater had manipulated his memories for an unknown reason.
Edith flees the covenant, taking magical resources, to escape a charge by Dionysus.

Turold journeys to Stonevail, and manages to avoid declaring fealty to the Erechwydd.
Jordael is declared innocent at the Tribunal, though other Ex Miscellaneans are executed.
Ospectus and Audacia join the covenant.