Scribed by Edith

Spring 1121 AD

Ruaridh has upon occasion bemoaned the waffle which each magus who inherits the journal is oft to write at the beginning of their duty, but I spy that he was the first to make such commentary back in the early years of the re-foundation of Severn Temple. I shall make no pretence at neutrality, I am a maga of the order (and I’m told) that this entitles my opinions to carry equal weight to those of others. Besides, I doubt that any of us could record events other than how we perceive them, and each eye is bent by the prejudice and beliefs which we hold. Thus I shall do no better and no worse than all my sodales when it comes to writing the history of our covenant with objectivity.

After a relatively quiet winter, or so it seemed to me, we met upon the first dawn of spring to speak together. Petrus and I had spent the last season making for myself a longevity potion, and though he would not permit the use of herbs and perparations which he did not understand, some success of it had been made - which was some relief. Now, however, I have the age of another to concern me, that of Pywackit. Though her magical nature has meant that the turning of the years has affected her less harshly - I must soon take her as a familiar is she is to be my companion much longer. To that end I sought to improve my knowledge of Intellego from the library. Turold was the one of us on covenant service this season, extracting vim vis from the aura. Antonius elected to travel abroad next season, to make his movements less predictable to those enemies who had kidnapped Lucien.

Turold also reported his trip to the Normandy covenant of Narwold, which though situated in the British Isles is under the control of Normandy rather than Stonehenge. It appears that the magus who slew Lothar and caused our faerie regio to turn from seelie to unseelie influence is dead. It appears Sylvania of Merinita who Ruaridh sanctioned was able to exact revenge for Lothar’s death in Wizard’s War - and for that she will have my thanks. Turold found the magi there pleasant and welcoming - they shall have need for allies I’d warrent. Normandy has placed them here as challenge to Garius’s authority and they are a small spring covenant. I’m sure Turold sensed profit to be made by dealing with such a politically isolated place.

Later there was an omen seen in the heavens, for the sun became black and night reigned across the skies for a time. Caelestis called this event an ‘eclipse’ and scurried around the tribunal attempting to find the centre of this event - though I did not understand his reasoning. This omen is a dark one and signifies war and trouble and the ascent of occult influences thoughout the land. He believed that it’s effects were somehow localised at a place and sought help from Carrion Moor and Cad Gadu to find this. In the end, with Jordael’s help, he discovered that this ‘centre’ of the eclipse was in the vicinity of what had once been a covenant - but had been destroyed during the schism. This information was passed to Holy Isle. Caelestis seemed very pleased with himself, and rightly so, for he had received petty little encouragement for his efforts, yet doggedly pursued them. I see this young magus slowly establishing himself and building something of a role here at the last.

Also in this season one of my house arrived pursued by mundanes, Roswynd. Appears she was upon some act of mercy after the sudden darkness struck and a horse lashed a foot out at a stable lad. She sought to tend his wounds, but sometimes the healer’s art is not enough to save. The lad died and these ignorant mundanes sought to place the blame upon her - conveniently forgetting that it was the horse which had slain the lad not her! The mundanes that pursued her were put off from the chase and she stayed a few days until they had given up and returned to their village.

This Meredith lad seems bright and able, I’ve seen him sitting with our new scribe in the library. Pywackit appears to adore the boy, and I’ve often seen her watching him whilst she sits in the sunshine and purrs at him. Not for the first time have I wished I could speak to her. Indeed I even spotted Meredith playing with Pywackit - a circumstance which those other than myself would normally be greeted with spitting and hissing - but the cat appeared to tolerate the game and even allowed the lad to pet her! I suspect that Pywackit senses the child’s gift, though she is not affectionate with the other magi in this covenant.


At last the arrival of summer and the pleasant warmth of the sun across the land. Antonius will be travelling abroad and seeking to obtain an arcane connection to this man Paul who serves in the castle and was known to Lucien. Caelestis will be scribing the copy of the Ignem book found at Mynedd Myrddin. Petrus will be creating a magical dagger which can be used to rent a doorway between levels of a regio.

Antonius tested the magical breakthrough that Petrus had taught him last year - and it appears that the enchantment had not the effect predicted by the Bonisagus. He entered the priory at Huntley Wold and used a small illusion spell so that he could analyse the effects of the breakthrough. However, as he entered the cross upon the altar appeared to shine and the monks began to stare at him with awe and wonder. It appears they had seen something of the magic around Antonius, but perhaps interpreted the sight as a miracle? Well, Antonius now reports that St Paul has been spied in Huntley Wold and that there is some religious fervour there now. Poor Petrus, this and he shall be leaving at the end of this season to read up for his house meeting. He shall be presenting his breakthrough to his house - I’m sure he hoped for better results to report to them. On a more positive note, Antonius was able to obtain a hair to this man Paul - perhaps this will lead to some clue about Lucien’s whereabouts.

Ruaridh has left the covenant off to Novgorod. I assume he pursues Llanoddwyn’s assassin and whatever chain of events and people led to the event. He’ll be gone some time I suspect - I hope he’s back in time to cast the Aegis - with Petrus away he may be the only person who can comfortably cast it from text.

We paid 350d tax. Obviously someone thinks there will be trouble in the land and raises wealth to build armies if it comes to it.


With Petrus and Caelestis off to Durenmar and Ruaridh still away, it is the three of us who meet upon the morning of Autumn to discuss plans. Antonius reports that things are stable in Chepstow and that his business interests flourish. If our enemies attempt to move against us it will be through the mundanes I intuit so it is good that Antonius is vigilant - indeed I suspect that some part of him is motivated by this challenge to his control of the region. I shall extract vis for the covenant as service.

A patrol has been attacked by the faeries. It appears that our grogs responded to the threat with their usual organisation and aggression. It appears the scout was snatched by a Cor, so the bowman tried to shoot the creature down and managed to hit the scout instead. Then a fight between two of the grogs broke out whilst two more Cors attacked. By the time the Cors had been driven off and the fight between the grogs quelled by the sergeant another grog had disappeared.

Gifford has returned, the second of the grogs to disappear when the patrol was attacked. Antonius had him questioned and it appears that he was approached by the Ruadan who released him upon giving up three drops of blood to feed to the Peibaw. We know not whether this man can be trusted. He has been returned to duty but Antonius has him watched.

Mathus, the red cap arrived and reported news. It appears the King raised levies and rode into Wales, but the welsh were not ready for war and made concessions. Land and castles have been returned to Edward and peace appears stable for the moment. More disturbingly there appears to be a conspiracy amongst the nobility. Three knights have struck a secret alliance and after further investigation Mathus discovered that they are being given money to extend their landholdings and fortifications by some merchant. The alliance appears to have been brokered by some messenger who travels between these knights, but when Mathus tried to follow this man he was pursued by thugs. Though he managed to avoid them he was unable to trace this messenger’s trail beyond Epney to the south of Gloucester. Perhaps Lucien tried a similar things, but was less fortuitous in the outcome. The tribunal of Stonehenge will be held next year.

Ruaridh returned briefly towards the end of the season. He will stay for the meeting and the casting of the Aegis before resuming his travels.


The meeting discussed the problems amongst the mundanes. It might be safe to approach this Paul, but then again it might not. In conclusion we decided that caution was the better wisdom here and left it to Antonius to sort out (as ever). I’ll study the Intellego again and hopefully this will prepare me for forging the familiar bonds next year.

The Tegid Foel turned up about a month into the season (and after Ruaridh had departed). Antonius decided to let him in to see what he wanted, and it turned out he wished to wager for Gofannon’s horse (now owned by Turold). Turold would have none of it, and we tried to get the faerie knight to leave. However, Tegid Foel requested hospitality for the night. Antonius though it might be dangerous to insult him, so I suggested having a feast in his honour. If we were to be stuck with this faerie we might as well try and buy some ground with him - and this way we could keep an eye on him overnight. Well, the Tegid Foel agreed to this and we hastily prepared a feast. I tell you this, that faerie can eat! The faster plates were brought out from the kitchens the faster he consumed them. He ate and drank until all had fallen asleep (save the suffering kitchen staff) and continued until the first light of day. Only then did he push away his plate and announce that he was full. After he left we had to bring in some emergency supplies, but we were recompensed in two ways for our trouble. First, the Tegid Foel gave us a stone dagger in a leather sheath containing Terram and Animal vis respectively (and who knows what enchantments?), and second we have the offer of hospitality at his court should any of us be bold enough to travel there. Antonius also discovered that the unseelie fae are potentially going to war. Ruadan has refused to swear allegiance to the Erechwydd, and is ‘growing’ some kind of dangerous creature (this Peibaw). It is about now we could have really used a Merinitan to let us know what was going to happen.

For Mid-Winter, as a precaution, we brought all the grogs in to the great hall and kept four men on watch. It seems we could have picked better men to watch our tower and walls! During the feast Gifford turned into a wolf and Ferret (the abducted scout) returned from the faerie regio. Don’t ask me how, but chaos ensued which ended with our sergeant knocking himself unconscious on the stairwell, a faerie wolf bounding around the covenant unaware that it was not still a man, and this faerie tainted scout being shut up in the cell overnight - not to mention Alfred on latrine duty for the rest of the year and Caedfrith pummelled to unconciousness again. Oh well, the next day Gifford returned to human form and none the worse for the experience.

The rest of the season and the year passed peacefully. We let Ferret and Gifford return to duties in the end - it seems that though changed they are still loyal to the covenant.