Scribed by Caelestis

Spring 1126 AD

The council was convened and the feast with Tegid Foel was discussed. We decided to enquire about hiring a Merinitan to investigate the Fae regio as none of us at Severn Temple felt sure enough of ourselves to delve into that possibly very dangerous realm.

We then discussed what we were going to do in the upcoming season. I decided to learn the spell "Eyes of the Past", Ruaridh decided to invent the spell "Sense the lingering magic's" to aid him in his investigations. Antonius went out and about as his covenant service learning what he can of mundane matters that might influence the covenant, whilst Turold continued to create his house item. Edith as her covenant service extracted Vim Vis as we use a lot in the creation of our Aegis of the Hearth (13 pawns a year).

Antonius reported that the Baron of Chepstow had died of sickness and that his son Richard will replace him. He also stated that there was a build up of armed men in both Lydney and Coleford and tensions were rising between these two villages again. On his travels he went and saw the priest at Mitcheldean whom we suspect of being one of the masters. He conducted a mass eventually and when he did it was very poorly executed with large section missing and it was obvious to Antonius that the man was not religious at all.

Dialectica came to Severn Temple to discuss the Forum and also to discuss the emissary from House Bonisagus whom she thought would be a Trianoma follower she knew from Hibernia.


The council discussed the various issues that had occurred during the previous season and then Antonius asked for the council to authorise a donation to Tintern Abbey to influence the Abbey to use Lydney stone instead of Coleford stone. This would bring in some money and also reduce the damage to St Briavels hill that Coleford’s mining caused, This mining of Coleford’s caused our regio source to disappear so its lessening might one day lead to our regaining of said source. We then discussed what we would be doing this spring. I decided to study the noble art of Magic theory to improve my skills, Ruaridh stated that he would teach Meredith some magic theory this season. Antonius announced he would learn from the Mentem book and Turold continued to enchant his house item. Edith again stated that she would learn from the Perdo texts.

The next morning Antonius and myself went to Cad Gadu. I went to discuss with Jordael ideas about the forum but when he asked about Edith and why she was not at the house meeting I let slip about her being attacked. When he pressed for more information I directed him to ask Ruaridh as I had been asked to keep this matter secret. Antonius discussed with Sylvania about the likelihood of hiring a Merinitan to investigate the fae regio for us. She gave him a few names for further inquiry. Antonius then went on to discuss with Dialectica the options of exchanging mundane texts to which she was agreeable too. When I came back to Severn Temple I reported to Ruaridh what had happened and that Jordael wished immediately to speak with him regarding Edith and the Staff. Ruaridh then flew to Cad Gadu and had a discussion with Jordael about the matter.

Antonius went to Tintern abbey to make the agreed donation and to sway the Abbott to use Lydney stone.

We received a tax demand for 350D, which was duly paid.


The council meeting began with myself asking the time and date of the assassination attempt on Llandoddwyn’s life. Ruaridh refused to give me this information as he claimed that the senior Quaesitor had declared no one should know about this attempt except those investigating it. We discussed what we were going to do this autumn. I extracted Vim Vis as my covenant service, Ruaridh studied from his own Vis, and Antonius went aboard again. Turold continued to enchant his item and Edith studied from the Perdo texts.

Antonius on his travels went far and wide, even reaching the borders of London itself. Whilst in Bristol he discovered that the fells have the city almost to themselves. He had only discussed Guyere in a tavern when the next day people were looking for him in the guise he was wearing at the time and the man he had spoken to was dead in the docks. He discovered that Bristol may be Guyere's main base of operations and that Stone may just be the place where either he meets the demon that is his master or it is a trap to catch the unwary who try to attack him. It appears that Guyere may well be over 100 years old, kept alive by some infernal magic's no doubt.

Later in the season a water leaper attacked our men who were guarding the barges, but they averted its anger by throwing the sheep the water leaper was after into the water.


Council convened and discussed last season's happenings. Antonius discussed the options of killing Francis of Stent or Silus and how we might use Bledwyn as bait. He also stated that he would check Wooton priory at Christmas and Easter to see if any infernal rites were being performed there. I decided to learn Ruaridh's spell "Disguise of the transformed visage", whilst Ruaridh himself scribed the Auram texts as his covenant service. Antonius learned the spell "Curse of Oneiros" and Turold made a cloak of invisibility for the covenant as a covenant service. Edith again studied from the Perdo book and it worries us that she may be looking for revenge for her attack.

Later this season the emissary arrived and lo and behold it was Petrus! He interviewed us individually as to our feelings on what is happening in the tribunal and how we might solve the problems therein. Our discussion was fairly short as I have only been here a few years and have not immersed myself in the politics of this tribunal, as I want to concentrate on my studies.

As Petrus was about to leave, Mathus the redcap delivered a note to Ruaridh, which turned out to be a declaration of wizard’s war by Isabella. We discussed this in a council and agree to allow Ruaridh to take his personal Vis from the covenant stores so it cannot be used as an arcane connection to him. Ruaridh then decided to go with Petrus to Blackthorn to discuss with Serenia why she had authorised this wizard's war. When he got to Blackthorn he discovered that Jordael had fled the covenant under accusation by Dionysus that he had associated with the unnamed house. Ruaridh discussed with Serenia why she had authorised the wizard's war and it turned out that she hadn't done so. In fact it was sanctioned by Quaesitor Ponrius of Flambeau and the decision was confirmed by Primus Guernicus himself which apparently surprised Ruaridh. I tried to discern information on Ruaridh by my art of divination. I discovered that the future looked bleak for Ruaridh and that under the cover of Isabella's attack there may be a second attack as signified by Gemini in the chart. This second attack was shown by the appearance of mars in the chart, which is the symbol of house Tremere. A council meeting was called and I appraised my sodalis of these facts. During this meeting Ruaridh cast a spell to sense if he was being scryed upon and detected an infernal but hermetic scrying spell upon him. We decided to halt the council to prevent the scrying from gaining any more information of Ruaridh's plans. The wizard's war began and Ruaridh went off to hide somewhere without telling us the location.

Mathus arrived close to the end of the season and brought with him a declaration by Isabella that she had won the wizard's war. We were all shocked by this news and I went immediately to my rooms to try and confirm this with my readings of the stars.

He also brought news Hermetic and mundane. The Mundane news was that King Edward had returned from France and had met with King David of Scotland and had made a strong alliance. The Hermetic News was more worrying in that there would be an emergency meeting of the Stonehenge tribunal to elect a new Praeco as Jordael still was not to be found. I went up to Blackthorn to report my findings and suspicions to Serenia but she rebuffed me saying that such evidence as I had would not stand up to hermetic law as it was gained through non hermetic methods. I also discovered that Yania was investigating the wizard's war to ensure everything was done legitimately and that Isabella had been asked to leave Blackthorn covenant and had returned to Iberia.

My divination was very strong and although I saw death in Ruaridh's reading I also gathered that in time there would be a re-emergence of his line. Whether this meant he was dead or just missing in a regio I was unable to discern.