Scribed by Caelestis

Spring 1132 AD

We began the council meeting with the division of Vis in which we all got 1 Herbam and Antonius being the first to pick this year got a pawn of Creo Vis. Turold declared that he was still enchanting the device for the tribunal, Audacia scribed spells as a covenant service and Ospectus continued his studies in English. Antonius travelled abroad making sure of our food reserves and picking up local information whilst I studied from the Ignem texts.

The first new moon after the vernal equinox Ospectus and Audacia went to Snig’s end to observe the diabolic ceremony being performed as I predicted. In it they saw Silus perform a bloody ritual involving the sacrifice of a small child. They then called on me to perform another reading and I determined that the same moon next year would produce a great power gain for the fell who performed the ritual and that there would be no more rituals after that.

The rest of the season past uneventfully and indeed must be one of the quietest we have ever had at Severn Temple.


At the council meeting Ospectus explained his activities during the previous season and I explained about my divination. We determined at this meeting that Silus was a too dangerous man to let live. We decided to terminate the existence of this man, a subject that Audacia warmed to immensely. Antonius then explained to us of his travels and how he had obtained food for us from Tintern abbey and Lydney, for which we congratulated him. He also reported that a move may be made against Coleford by the Baron of Chepstow. He seemed quite pleased by this news and further explained that his good friend Martin of Lydney may be given Coleford if the Baron was successful in this action. Turold stated that he would this season be finishing his enchantment for the tribunal. Audacia was going to learn the wizards Sidestep and Ospectus was going to research from the Creo book. Antonius again asked for 3 pawns of Rego vis which I hoped he would use to better effect than last time and I learned from the Ignem book.

A few days later on of Turold's fae servants came to Severn Temple to inform him that his holding was under siege by the Tegid Foel. Turold then went to Audacia to ask for aid to defend this covenant Vis site. She replied in the affirmative and looked keen to have battle with the Fay, wondering what spells to use against the various Fay she imagined encountering. The next day Audacia, Turold, Cyrgig and a few grogs went to investigate the tale. When Turold and company arrived at the manor they espied a large force surrounding it. Turold and Audacia then flew over this force to talk with his besieged servants to discover that the Fay left in charge of the manor had betrayed Turold by taking the wealth and giving it to the Tegid Foel who then decided to attack the manor. Turold then decided under advisement from Audacia that he needed assistance against the forces arrayed against him and so they flew back to their men and went to the Summer glade to try and talk with the Ninniaw to ask assistance. Ninniaw was not there as he only comes out on midsummer's day or when he has pressing business here and so they coversed with the Llynyfann who recommended that they ask the Ruadan for aid as she was much more suited to this task than the Llynyfan's forces. En-route to the Ruadan's cave of snakes they were attacked by ogres and imps of the Erechwydd's forces which Audacia destroyed with minimal effort using Perdo terram and Perdo Aquam spells. Once they achieved the cave they conversed with the Ruadan and eventually gave her mask back as she had apparently destroyed the Pybaw. They then struck a deal that the covenant forces would temporarily ally with the forces of the Ruadan to defeat the beseiging force and they would meet at the dell close to the manor with their respective forces in a few days. On their return they had discovered that the season had finished.


At the council meeting we discussed the previous seasons happenings and agreed that Turold and Audacia can take a body of men into the faerie regio to defend the covenant vis source. Antonius stated that he would learn the spell vision of the haunting spirit as they had plagued him for quite some time. Audacia stated that she would leave this seasons activities open as apart from the faerie regio she was also going north for the meeting at Borri-Tor and would not like to waste any of the covenants resources. Ospectus was flying around the covenant to gather information about the area and Turold and myself were extracting Vim as covenant services.

Audacia and Turold, plus a contingent of 6 grogs and Cyrgig, set off the next day to the Fae regio to meet with the Ruadan prior to the assault on Tegid Foel’s forces. On the way through one of the various regio boundaries they somehow became separated and Audacia ended up going in completely the wrong direction. Eventually lost and worried they met an Unseelie fae called Morfan who offered to do a deal . He stated that he would guide them back to the cave of snakes if Audacia destroyed a tree of a dryad that had been annoying him. Audacia wisely wished to see this tree first to establish its magical protections and so went alone into the dell where it grew. After a discussion with the dryad she decided to reverse the deal and returned and slew the Morfan. The dryad then led the men back towards the cave of snakes but apparently became enamoured by one of the men and enticed him to remain with her. He fled with her when she left them at the cave of snakes and one of the other men in a fit of jealousy chased after them. In the meantime Turold was having problems with the impatient Ruadan who had given him the time it took for a campfire to burn down before reneging on the deal and slaying Turold. Turold gathered his remaining grogs and used a spontaneous Muto Corporem spell to give them large hands so they could gather larger amounts of firewood. The fire was beginning to burn low when Turold noticed a wolf form hiding in the bushes watching. He realised it was Meredith who he had specifically told not to accompany him into the fae regio. Immediately Turold summoned the lad to him and sent him to find Audacia as he was afeared for his safety as the fire was down to a few sticks left. Meredith ran off using his tracking scent to find Audacia who he led back to the glade in the nick of time.

With all the forces gathered Audacia and Turold flew over the Unseelie forces of the Tegid Foel and prepared to use spells from the walls of the manor itself. When battle had been joined the Ruadan’s forces surprised the forces of the Tegid Foel and caught them in the rear. During the fight the small contingent of grogs and Cyrgig fought alongside the Ruadan’s spiders, wolves and Cor’s and unfortunately met the Tegid Foel in the open battle field after hacking down several of the foe. Tegid Foel challenged the men to single combat as knights should. Cyrgig retorted with the line "I propose that since none of us are knights we mob him". Tegid Foel moved like lightning and could not be hit; he cut down Owen and then Hengist leaving just Cyrgig and Gifford remaining. Gifford seeing the futility of continuing the fight turned on his heals and fled for the manor whilst Cyrgig fell to his knees and offered his surrender. This flummoxed Tegid Foel until he remembered Cyrgig’s line and then stated that as he was not a knight he could not surrender. Just as he raised his blade to cleave Cyrgig in two Audacia noticed from the battlements this fracas. She summoned up her power and cast a Perdo Corporem spell at the fae lord. It worked and Tegid sensing his imminent demise fled leaving a bemused looking Cyrgig to make his way slowly towards the manor. Audacia in her desire to kill Tegid Foel did not notice when the Erechwyth appeared from under a spell of glamour. The Erechwyth cast an evil spell of ice against my sodalis who fell to these malign magics. But it was too late for the Tegid’s Forces and the Ruadan’s forces swept the field and we won the battle. Audacia was mortally wounded and Turold after getting Meredith to perform some basic Chirurgy on her took the body to the manor thence he went to the summer glade to summon the Llynnyfan’s aid which she stated she would grant for a favour. Turold agreed at once but when they returned to the manor, they discovered that the Llynnyfan’s magics could not pierce Audacia’s Parma Magica. They then used potions that Audacia has about her person to heal her, which seemed to work. The Ruadan honoured the alliance by stating that she would not attack any of the covenant’s forces until they had left the regio and then she departed back to her cave of snakes. Cyrgig then went amongst the dead fae and collected the body parts that we knew to contain Vis. When the victorious group returned we called a council meeting to discuss the events and sorted out the vis distribution after congratulating Turold and Audacia for defending the Manor.

Later that season we all apart from Turold went to Borri-Tor to hear the plans for the assault on Blackridge covenant and to discover our roles in said assault. Haistus, Primus Flambeau, was nominated as leader of this assault with Casitus and Darius under him as second and third in command respectively. Eloria was nominated the representative of the Grand Tribunal and Dialectica and myself were put at her disposal to ensure that anyone wishing to rejoin the order would get a fair testing by the Quaesitor. Those of house Jerbiton would run the mundane grog army that was to be sent up and the Magi who were to be in this assault were split into two groups. The first of these groups, which contained Audacia, was to be led by Periculus. The second group led by Garius was the weaker group and would follow up the first group into battle. The big surprise however was that the group that was to do a preliminary scouting of the area was to be led by Antonius and would contain Ospectus. I returned home with Audacia, as Antonius had to start his mission immediately.


We met in our traditional council to discuss the previous season’s happenings, although only Audacia, Turold and myself were there. We then discussed what we should be doing this season. Turold said that he would be making my Longevity potion with my assistance in repayment for the season he owed me and Audacia was going to learn a 9th magnitude ward versus spirits.

A few nights after, a ghost walked through the covenant and after causing consternation eventually woke me in my sanctum. Thinking I was under assault I discharged a lightning bolt at the figure before me not knowing it was a spirit. We discovered through Turold that the spirit was in fact that of Oscytel the first Castellan who was buried in the graveyard, who apparently had come to warn Ruaridh (whose rooms I now occupy) of danger in the spirit world.

The next dawn we were prepared but as the sun rose in this world it apparently did so in the spirit world as well, causing all the spirits nearby to dissipate including Hoorstus, Audacia’s spirit who we tried to interrogate. We then quizzed Meredith who stated that Idris went into the forest a few days ago to avoid this calamity. I suggested he may have gone to the "Heart of the forest" and mounted an expedition with a couple of grogs and Meredith to find the place. When we arrived at the heart of the forest we attempted to enter but funnily only Meredith can achieve entry to this magical place. When a day later he emerged we returned to the covenant and Meredith told council that Idris saw it as an omen and that he stated it was done by the corrupt faction of the unnamed house. Audacia, upon learning of the unnamed house’s involvement, flew to Holy Isle to report this occurrence as we were bound to do.

Towards the end of the season, some of our grogs on patrol were attacked by bandits and would surely have been slain if not for the timely intervention of Sir Maurice the Faerie knight. He aided our wounded men back to the covenant and upon his entry to the covenant agreed upon by council decision he stated that he wished to mount an expedition to the faerie regio to challenge the Tegid Foel to single combat, to best him and to take his sword. He asked for guides who we felt he did not really need but he might have wanted them as witness to his great deed. Cyrgig and Meredith went with him into the Regio and after some delay entering the Tegid’s home he cornered the frightened Tegid in his sleeping quarters. A melee began but it was obvious from the start who was the better knight and within a matter of seconds Tegid Foel attempted to flee and would have succeeded if not for Cyrgig slamming the door and barring it. The Tegid than cast a glamour of invisibility to hide but Cyrgig’s faerie eyes saw through this and he directed Sir Maurice to rain blows down on the Foel. The Tegid Foel then was disarmed and somehow evaded Cyrgig’s sight and so was saved. Sir Maurice happy to have the sword and having defeated the Tegid Foel then returned to the covenant but not before dispensing justice at Cyrgig’s suggestion on the traitor who betrayed Turold by removing his tongue. Sir Maurice paid Cyrgig and Meredith for their efforts in coins of pure gold and Meredith gave his to the covenant as a show of good faith.

The rest of the season passed without incident.