Scribed by Turold

Spring 1134 AD

There was little to discuss at the council though Antonius informed us that Angela, our librarian, had copied those parts of the pagan lore tomes that were water damaged, and though many of the original works had been irreparably damaged we now had a finely bound version that would be much safer to use. It appears that she has suggested that she might translate the work into Latin, having a good knowledge of both tongues. We agreed that as long as it did not impinge upon her regular duties of maintenance then this would be of some considerable value though as she has now seen 30 summers it will be necessary to start looking for an apprentice for her.

For the season Antonius once more rode out on the valuable service that he performs for the covenant, Audacia chose to learn an 8th magnitude Ward against Demons, Caelestis extracted vis for the covenant and I studied from the works we possess on Auram.

It was a peaceful season, perhaps the only notable event befalling Antonius whilst he was abroad. Early in the season he came upon a bandit ambush against the abbot and some of his retainers. It appears he was able to lend some subtle magical aid though the bandits were already heavily injured by a hireling of their intended victim. Antonius has informed us that this man has some considerable experience of military matters and may be a possible replacement for our ageing Castellan. He had little difficulty in recruiting this individual and will let us know how he has fit in in the future. Later in his journey he was travelling between Clearwater and Tintern when his horse became sorely spooked upon the road. Using his magicks Antonius was able to detect a spirit in the form of a small child pursuing him and try as hard as he could he was unable to lose this wraith. His horse was so panicked that it seemed it may hurt itself so Antonius flew back to the covenant and asked that Audacia step outside the aegis to meet him. She was able to banish the spirit with little effort but I think Antonius was somewhat shaken by the encounter.


As I write this I can not help but smile, for while no great event befell us during this summer, my mood of late has been considerably lighter than I can ever recall. Whilst I know that much of this is due to my having been touched by the enchantments of the fae (an event that I shall write of later) I do sense that there is also a feeling that the covenant itself is now securely within its summer aspect and that we have a council of which to be proud.

Antonius began the council by relating the events that befell him during the season. We were all concerned as to whether this spirit had just been encountered on the road or in some way sent against us directly. Caelestis seemed somewhat critical that Audacia had slain it without having attempted to coerce information out of it first which unsurprisingly produced a somewhat irritable response to the younger magus to the effect that she had acted as she thought appropriate. Perhaps it was for the best that our Bonisagus announced that he was to travel to Toledo where apparently some text on the astronomical arts awaited his perusal. It was decided that given the length of the journey, and the dangerous territory that he would have to pass through, he should take four grogs to accompany him. We also granted him loan of the Viator Facilis to aid him in any dealings with the mundanes. Of the rest of us Audacia took another three pawns of Perdo to study from, whilst in the library Antonius read the works on Corporem and I those of Animal.

Mathus paid us visit and once more related the news of the mundanes and the order. It seems that there have been many omens throughout the country, a man in Hereford pursued by an apparition (perhaps similar to that which pursued Antonius), spirits plaguing a cemetery near London, hanged men speaking after death and the children of Cardiff abducted and replaced with animals. This spate of unnatural events are said to have begun in autumn of last year. In that same season there was an attack upon Borri-Tor when a group of lowland raiders destroyed a small village. This would seem to tally with Caelestis' predictions. I wonder if he may not begin to find himself in some demand when the accuracy of some of his predictions becomes more widely known.

News also came that Dionysus found Blodwyn and charged her with having aided the rebels by providing some healing after the battle at Blackridge. It seems that in the process of apprehending her, Dionysus' Hoplite Darius killed her. This event was very recent and no further news had come of it, but I fancy that Blodwyn's popularity was such that Darius has drawn himself into further trouble if all is not found to be completely as it should be. I can't say that I will be shedding a tear for him. The hunt for the rebels continues throughout the order, though focussed in Loch Leglean, Hibernia and Novgorod. The Primi of Merinita and Bjornaer have met to discuss the events surrounding the attack on Blackridge and it seems that anger over Ospectus' death continues unabated.

Finally there was a message from Toledo informing Caelestis that they did not have a copy of the texts he sought. I am sure he shall discover this for himself in the near future.

Again the season passed peacefully but at midsummer I was informed by the Golwyg Haffydd that resides within our walls that his brothers and sisters would be coming to pay him a visit. I spoke with my sodales on this matter and they allowed that these fae could be granted entry provide they were kept watch upon at all times during their visit. To this I readily agreed and prepared a number of small mysteries and gifts for them in the manner that Lothar had shown the last time we had such guests. They were not the only visitors that day. The grog Rufus, who Audacia had so carelessly misplaced while within the regio, returned in the form of a badger. Much like Eanfled he was quickly assimilated back in to the grogs and I hope he will prove as useful a grog as the faerie fox did. The day passed smoothly and at the end of day our visitors granted us a gift of their own, 3 acorns containing a golden liquid that we were assured would make the drinker happy and energetic. One was tried on a grog, a volunteer by the name of Dougal. It seemed to have the effect described and as it was a gift from Llyn-y-fan I decided that I too would try the potion. As I have already written it does indeed raise the spirits of the drinker and I have found myself happy to work late in to the night for the last few weeks. Strangely no-one else wished to try the last of the acorns and I am told that it faded away as the day turned. Well it is their choice and I believe their loss.


There was nothing of import to discuss at concilium save for our activities during the month of Autumn. I was set the task of creating an enchantment as my service; a twin to the healing device of last year save with enchantments to remove disease. Audacia and Antonius studied from vis in the forms of Perdo and Corporem.

Two visits were made early in the season, one our tax demand of 250 pennies, the other from Mathus. He had more letters for our travelling Bonisagus and also news that the house would convene at Durenmar in the summer of next year (I do hope Caelestis has remembered). He also bore a letter for Audacia and one for myself. This missive was from Jordael concerning his pledge to work on a new longevity potion for me. Mathus also reported that there were still stories of unnatural events present throughout the whole country. There has been some speculation that those of Ex-Miscellanea may be involved but some of the events seem to be a long way from any covenant and thus their purpose seems baffling, and others seem to be of too great a magnitude. Apparently Jordael believes it may be a consequence of the rise in occult influences heralded by the sun in the otherworld.

Later in the season I suffered a most troubling vision which seemed strangely vivid, a sign I believe that this could prove to be a foretelling. I dreamed that Meredith lay dead on the ground, and that the tower of our covenant was felled - the top half cracking and collapsing inwards. People were running everywhere and there were flames all about. This was followed by images of shadows and a dark shape eating across the face of the sun. The sky was full of stars and within it could be made out the faintest image of a face that I vaguely recognised. Then the image changed to Idris, head bowed as his tears fell. This led me to believe that the face I had seen was that of Idris' missing son. Perhaps that boy seeks vengeance against us believing that we are responsible for his fathers fall.

I called a council where I shared this vision with my sodales. It was agreed that this may well be an important matter. Audacia informed us that the letter that she had received was from her Primus instructing her to attend upon him in spring for an indeterminate period of time. She was obviously concerned about leaving us if any threat hung over the covenant and she said she would speak to Caisus concerning our possible danger. I agreed to visit Jordael and speak with him, for it is unlikely any other man in the tribunal knows as much about visions as he. We are concerned that such destruction could only be caused by an attack from the Dragon that has beset Blackthorn and Holy Isle before. I shall also send a letter to Petrus with the next Redcap as we desire to know more about the relationship between Regiones and the Aegis given the particular nature of this site. If only Caelestis were here he could perhaps read something of our future.

Jordael was interested in what I had to tell him and told me that he believed that the attack upon us was, at least in part, responsible for many of the strange occurrences that are occurring in the tribunal. He believes that as the Severn stretches into the heart of the country, and our spring seems closely linked to the river, that any thing that besets us will be reflected far afield. In relation to my vision he agreed that he thought that the signs pointed towards it being Idris' son who is our enemy. He will try and predict when there may be an eclipse of the sun, and he will also set guards upon Stonehenge in case attempt is made to raise the Dragon.

The rest of the season passed quietly, although Audacia informed council that Caisus was ready to come to our aid at a moments notice, and should we arrive at the apportation point at Blackthorn he would immediately be fetched by observers.


Council began with more discussion on our concerns for the future but without any more information there was little that we could do save place the men on a slightly higher level of alertness. Audacia was set to scribe spells as her seasons service choosing Incantation of the Milky Eyes and an 8th magnitude Demons Eternal Oblivion. Antonius decided to invent a spell of Warding against Spirits at a slightly lower magnitude than we presently have so that he may more easily cast it. I decided to work on an item for myself using some new experimental ideas that I have been developing based on the work of my Pater.

Early in the season, in the middle of the night, we were brought report by the grogs of a large crashing sound in the woods heard from the west wall. Antonius and Audacia went to investigate and initially could find no sign of any instigator despite the continuous sound as if trees were being smashed. After some time however Antonius realised that one of the trees was actually moving slowly through the wood, heading towards the covenant. Audacia joined him and they prepared to assault the tree if it should prove necessary but it slowly veered away from the covenant and eventually after quite some time headed up Huntley hill where at dawn it set itself at the peak of the hill. Further investigation revealed that it has seemingly decided to remain in that spot, but to what purpose we had no idea. Midwinter came and with it reports that several of the men had disturbing dreams possibly relating to the Morrigan. Meredith thinks that there may be forces being marshalled in defence of the spring and it is possible that this may be why the tree has transported itself to its higher vantage point.

A week after midwinter the waxing moon suddenly appeared to have waned, seemingly a very bad omen indeed. Those who have some knowledge of such events believed that it would continue to wane for a few days before a red aura, as if a cast of blood, would surround it. This would herald an attack befalling the covenant. Antonius spent a day checking his mundane contacts to see if plot was brewing against us but no sign of such a thing was present. He and Audacia also visited the dell and found evidence that there are wolves leaving it every night. They planned an ambush but as they prepared to spring it the moon did indeed become bathed in a red light and it was considered far more important that they remain in the covenant to provide its defence. No attack came but the next night the moon was almost totally new with a blood red corona . Meredith had a minor fit and reported that he had seen a vision of lightning and scales, with something deep beneath the earth being roused from its slumber. He also saw an upturned chalice with its candle snuffed out, some sort of occult omen.

Again no attack came but on the third night of the red moon there was a sombre air throughout the covenant. Caisus came to join us and I am glad he was there for it was on this night that the attack did indeed come. For many years we have buried our fallen grogs in the Northwest corner of the covenant and perhaps the wisdom of this can be challenged for the skeletons of the dead burst forth from the graves and began to attack a small group of grogs in that area. One of those men was killed and he too returned to a sort of life to turn against his comrades. The men were sorely beset and I fear none would have survived but for Audacia and Caisus being alerted by one of the men fleeing for his life. The Flambeau were quickly able to gain the ascendance in the conflict and less than an hour passed before all the dead had once more ceased there unnatural mobility. The following night saw a return to the normal phase of the moon and it looks like we have survived one attack upon us, though I feel sure that there is worse yet to come.

With the ending of one threat Antonius and Audacia once more turned their attention to the wolves in the dell. They were observing the dell as night fell, but with the darkness the aura of that infernal place seemed to quickly expand its borders and very quickly Audacia was caught within the regio. Antonius was unable to anything except hear the sounds of battle from within the dell, Finally at dawn the aura receded and Audacia was restored to us, though she was initially distrusting as to Antonius' identity. It seems that when she was initially trapped she located the great wolf and launched her spells at the creature, but these had no effect. Her ward also gave her no protection and she was forced to flee the creature. She then reported that Antonius came to her aid, but his visage changed and he was revealed as a demon. She tried to cast more spells but they continued to fail. Her surroundings kept changing in much the same way as befell Ruaridh and Antonius in the Autumn of 1113. She too was tricked into thinking she had slain her sodalis. Antonius believes that there may be something within this aura that is tied into the essential essence of infernal deception. It seems only the true touch of dawn is able to break the hold of these confounding illusions. It was decided that as the wolves still pose a threat all grog patrols will have a potion of Leap of Homecoming that we can be quickly informed if they are beyond the dell.

The remainder of the season passed quietly but it is with a great sense of foreboding for the future that I pass on the recording of these days to Antonius.