Scribed by Madoc

Spring 1141 AD

It is with some worry I approach this task of writing the journal. My writing skills are not great and it seems that others could scribe this tome with more speed. However not wishing to shirk my duties I will struggle on though please forgive my scrawl if you find it unreadable at times.

We met for council with Turold still not returned form his house meeting. As the others seemed not worried by this prospect I assumed it was normal practice for this magus to be away a long time at his house meeting. I must find out from the Redcap when my one will be so I can set off in time, as I will travel by land I would hate to miss my first meeting as a magus of the order. Not much was discussed apart from my requesting from council, if Vis permitted, that I be allowed to borrow 15 pawns of Vim Vis to bind my familiar with as it would delay me considerably if I first had to extract this Vis.

As our funds were running low Antonius agreed to venture out south towards Southampton to broaden the market for our products.

It was reported that spirits found at the crossroads near the fells had been found and destroyed. During the discussion of the fells Ruaridh suggested that Guyere might be a Lich! After explaining to me what this creature was I thought it unlikely but never the less Ruaridh is a Quaesitor and must have met servants of evil before in his life and his speculations should always be listened too.

Ruaridh announced that he would be creating a spell to sever arcane connections to himself and reading through the journal has enlightened me to the threat on his person that this form of attack has put to him in the past.

Audacia was going to read from the spell library to learn some minor spells, dust to dust and Onerius' curse I believe. I Went to Blackthorn to Learn Animal from their text, as it is better than the one we have in our library, this will mean I will be close too unravelling the riddle that is familiar! This will mean I will have to study for only a season more afterward, I hope.

Realising that I will be travelling around these isles a lot I have decided to work on my Parma this year with Audacia testing her low magnitude spell against me to see if she can unlock the mysteries of penetrating the magical defences of others.

Ruaridh stated that he would be found in the infirmary a lot this year as he wished to learn the art of Chirugy. Antonius has told me that he still is trying to perfect his illusions and improve his finesse of creating these images.

During the night a few days after council I was restless and found Antonius in the Library pouring over some old tome, when I asked him what he was reading he announced that it was part of the prodigious text we have on the old religion of Wales.

As I was in Blackthorn for the season, and no request was made for my presence, the season passed peacefully for me and I hope for others as well.


I went to my house meeting at the start of this season and was initiated into House Criamon And apart from an incident at the start where the horses bolted and me Aledd and Ryss all ended up on the floor it was a peaceful trip of which I will say no more. At the council meeting that occurred the day after I left Turolds absence was discussed and Audacia claimed to have seen him as he had apparently handed in some Vim Vis in case his trip into the fairy Regio took longer than expected. Ruaridh at his meeting reported that Darius was a diabolist and Antonius stated that his machinations in the mercantile field were successful. His trip to Southampton was successful and has doubled our monies from selling our iron. Considering our dangerous position Antonius went abroad to recruit grogs as our numbers have fallen in recent years. Audacia learnt from the Vim book and Ruaridh learnt some spells. The only incident of note was that when the steward went for supplies he was attacked by bandits but then rescued by Sir Maurice the Fae Knight.


This meeting started with me being quizzed especially by Antonius who wanted to know the entire goings on of my house but I managed to deflect most of their rude and inquisitive questions. I skilfully move the meeting on to what happened during my absence and the previous season's events were described to me for inclusion in this journal. I agreed this season to investigate Swallow Cliff, Audacia stated that she would scribe some spells of destruction as her covenant service. We then talked about the village of stone and how the assault will proceed. I feel that Antonius is all talk and inside he quakes at any direct action. I set off for Swallow Cliff with anticipation, looking forward to an interesting time how little I knew! During my absence Turold returned from the Faerie Regio and was apparently somewhat changed by his experiences in the said place. He apparently had been given the gift of stone by Gofannon lord of the mountain and now has a skin like stone. He is elf touched now and has brought with him a gnome called Clifford and a sylvan bodyguard called Tegwared. My journey to Swallow Cliff goes easily and we soon arrived at the old fort. I explore the ruins with the invaluable assistance of my brother. We discovered a secret room and upon further investigation, we discovered a wooden chest hidden beneath a stone, some potions and some monies were also discovered.


After consulting with Antonius about how to proceed I went to the council meeting there to discuss some of my findings with council. When they started to get a little too inquisitive about my discoveries I decided to be evasive in my answering. How ever at this point Antonius decided to betray my confidences to gain a few points in council and I have learnt never to trust this treacherous dog again! I had discovered a Special room that was sealed of with magic's and although I had not investigated closer I felt that with Antonius's help I could discover the truth of the room. However I feared that because of the note that was discovered in the covenant that the Quasitor would scoop the whole place to themselves and no knowledge would come in to my hands. How right I was for as soon as Ruaridh heard the tale he vowed to inform Serenia of the entire goings on. But this was not all oh no! Then to my dismay the elder magi started to bully me for knowledge of whom I had spoken to about the scroll, I refused to comply to there wishes and was challenged to Certamen twice once by Audacia and once by Ruaridh to discover whom I had told. Under this duress I admitted to telling my Primus and my Pater. Wizard's war indeed was threatened as I refused to give freely the information that I considered private. Turold then wisely I feel called for a break to allow frayed tempers to cool. The next day however Audacia instantly attacked me verbally and almost physically, I find this far too much and start to declare that I will leave this hellhole of a covenant where they speak of equality but when I have secrets they force them from me and when they have secrets they keep them to themselves. Is this the fairness that we in the order expect? No! Turold anticipating a backlash from the high and mighty Audacia butts in and asks to have my good standing removed. This vote goes ahead and I am forced to stay against my will in the covenant. I now realise this was to give Turold time to pour oil on the troubled waters as he acted as go between. He asked me to convince Audacia that I could keep a secret over the matter and I assure him and then her that that is my credo. Serenia arrives in the morning and as soon as she hears the particulars of the case binds us all to silence and forbids us from going to Swallow Cliff as I expected from the start. The Quasitoris always block the path to knowledge. Then Antonius decides to gain my enmity forever by mentioning to Serenia in a sycophantic voice "what about the mortals". Now by being my Amicus Aledd was protected however our good friend Rees the bard had no such protection and Audacia with obvious glee destroyed him with her Perdo magic's after the Quasitor had given the nod. Antonius will regret that decision maybe not soon as my brother wants but one day when he needs my support for something precious to him he will fall! Reading back in the journal I can now see what a self serving man he is and it would not surprise me if he caused the death of many more at this covenant through his evil ways.

The Redcap arrived to tell us that which we already knew. War bands of the proud Welsh had invaded and got as far as Gloucester where they were besieging the walls. Stephen had apparently beaten Henry in battle and there was a siege at York. A commoner called Paul of Ludlow had summoned peasants to his banner to repel the welsh invasion and was having moderate success. While the King was involved in the north France had invaded Normandy in an attempt to annex this important piece of land. The Hermetic news the redcap passed on was of interest. Cassitus had gone into final twilight. A request for Audacia and Ruaridh to investigate Darius's sanctum was sent to confirm his diabolism. The redcap reported that Erren had returned but had left Scarfell and joined Lear Valley.

A letter also arrives asking if there was a place in our covenant for Elfwin (apprenticed to Blodwyn) to join.

Towards the end of the season a great fog descends on the Dean but after investigation proves to be of no import.