Scribed by Madoc

Spring 1142 AD

The council meeting was fairly uneventful with the senior magi deciding what they were going to do in the following season.

A new magus came to the covenant and asked to join. He is called Elfwin and a ex apprentice of Erin so I was keen to allow him to join for it would give me a magus of my own generation to converse with without the fear of being bullied and we could use a dedicated healer. I build a primitive lab in the stable to prepare for the binding of Arian my faithful steed as my familiar. As to the rest of the season it was quiet at the covenant although Ruaridh and Audacia go to investigate the laboratory of Darius, let us hope nothing nasty happens to the two bullies.


At the council meeting Antonius discusses grog recruitment and we all agree we need more and will send Antonius or the Castelan out on a recruitment mission. We then discussed Minas Mythin and how we might utilise this resource. We also discuss the Welsh invasion and how it might affect us and our dealings with the mundanes. Our so called mundane expert Antonius tried to answer but again had only rough idea as to what might possibly happen with no definites or accurate knowledge.

Antonius went to Narwold covenant to exchange Vis for we were short of Vim Vis that I would need to bind my familiar.

We decide to mount an expedition to Minas Mythin and after getting volunteers from the grog's, magical supplies from the stores and Elfwin's healing potions we set off. After an easy trip to Chepstow, which the Welsh now controlled, which we discovered, we travelled up the Wye past Monmouth, which I regarded with bad memories to near Skyn Frith Castle. Here we left the Wye and journeyed across land to avoid and chance encounters which we would surely of had if we had remained on the river as we past the castle. After another few days journey we arrived at the entrance to the Regio and entered. We then organised our supplies to be brought up the cliff by the men while others scouted ahead for dangers. We reached the abandoned fort, which was in a decrepit state. Aledd on look out spotted some Celts and after Antonius had been informed of this he went and used magic to confer with them. A feast was to be held by the Celts where Antonius would be the guest of honour. At the feast which was quite enjoyable we arranged to do a deal Iron goods for food and wood. We hear the story on Merlyn's brood, Merlyn needed servants and so he summoned from the earth warriors to serve him, however they turned against him and with the wave of a hand Merlyn destroyed nearly all. But some escaped to the hills where they bred and became bestial and were cursed to be able to eat only human bones.

The next day we start to explore the near wood edge so as to gather some wood to repair the stockade. Aledd with his keen vision spots a pit, which was made by the Celts to catch the brood. As we were going to be working in the woods I decided to destroy the pit and gave Aledd the silver ring so he could explore the near area to search for more traps. He found a log swing trap but then decided not to venture too far into the woods. This was a wise decision for soon after the brood attacked in force. As the men retreated to the stockade myself and Antonius attacked the brood of course Antonius took the precaution to cast invisibility on himself first, unfortunately this led to a delay in our intervention and two of our grog's were killed in the mean time. After the Brood were dispatched via Antonius's spell on mental domination we gathered Vis from their corpses to the sum of ten pawns of Corporem.

Back in the Fae Regio the village of Stonevale that Turold holds for our covenant, the Tegid Foel in boar shape invaded the mine there from whence we gather our Terram Vis. Turold asked Tegid Foel who has done this to him but got no reply therefore he returned and called a council. At the council Ruaridh decided to go and ask the Ruadan who did this and Turold went to ask Morfans the evil mushroom Fae who might of possibly did this to Tegid Foel. Ruaridh did not return but apparently Turold discovered that it was indeed the Morfans itself who turned Tegid Foel into a boar because he had lost his sword to Sir Maurice and needed a form to attack and challenge Turold for ownership of Stonevale. After striking a deal with Morfans, Turold obtained a bag of some Fae dust that when he confronted Tegid Foel he threw the bag over him and Tegid Foel lost his boar shape. Defeated by this method and with no means to attack Turold Tegid Foel surrendered to the demands of our learned Magus. These were that he should never attack Stonevale or any of Turold's minions again.

The end of the season came without the return of the Quasitor Ruaridh, and I hoped he had not bitten off more than he could chew, for I would miss his interfering ways.

Scribed by Turold


Two seasons earlier than I expected I once more commence my writing of this journal, Madoc having decided to begin the long task of binding his horse as his familiar. I shall not begin with a lengthy preamble; events in the years since I last took up this quill have been too vast to easily summarise, not the least the changes that I myself have been through.

Ruaridh had not yet returned from the realm of the Ruadan as we met for council. The first topic there discussed was Aelfwin's petition to join our number. As Madoc was to be impossible to disturb for a full year there seemed to be a difficulty in establishing a manner in which a full concilium could be called to vote on this matter, with Antonius of the opinion that the charter did not allow use of Madoc's sigil instead of his presence. It was agreed that we would see if Ruaridh returned within the week before reconsidering our options.

I elaborated on the events that befell me in the fae regio, and council decided that as my actions were of benefit to the covenant, the item that I was to make for Morfan would be paid for by the covenant and count as a seasons service. We also discussed events in Mynydd Myrddin and it was agreed that while Antonius spent the season travelling the country searching for information on the fells he would speak with Jolyon, once more asking that magus to give us his aid. He would also seek the name of a merchant who can sell us a ballista to provide additional defence against Merlin's brood. I decided that I would spend the season giving instruction to my apprentice Clifford whilst Audacia will spend the time in Mynydd Myrddin.

Just one day later Ruaridh returned and told us that he had been unable to find Ruadan and while seeking her at the cave of snakes had become lost upon the path. Another council was called and a new amendment passed stating "In cases where a magus is physically unable or unwilling to attend council he may grant his sigil to another member of the council to use on his behalf. A sigil so held will act as if the magus was present in matters of quoracy." It was agreed that we all desired to see Aelfwin join the covenant but first we would have need of Serenia's advice regarding the matter of Swallowcliff and the rule of silence. Madoc then gave me his sigil to hold while he was unavailable and Ruaridh announced that he would spend the season crafting a new spell. Audacia also took the opportunity to bring up a matter previously discussed amongst some of us as to whether we should use one of our motions at tribunal to ask for a discussion concerning the accountability and powers of the dedicated covenant of Holy Isle. It was agreed that this was a matter to approach cautiously and that we would seek the counsel of the magi of Blackthorn and a few key figures within Stonehenge.

A few days later, with Serenia visiting the covenant, Aelfwin was welcomed into our concilium, being bound by the rule of silence. It was agreed that he would spend his first season copying the water-damaged spells within our library. Ruaridh then informed us that the tribunal had now been formally called for next summer. The meeting of House Guernicus was scheduled for the same time and our sodales has been instructed to remain and act as senior quaesitor for the duration. Once more he is missing his house meeting and it seems that he continues to be the victim of the political manoeuvrings of others.

Ruaridh asked my aid in testing a spell that he had recently invented using experimentation in the laboratory. It proved to work with a greater duration than expected at the cost of giving the caster a nasty headache. Closer investigation revealed that the spell in some way draws upon the energy of the caster, a trait that would certainly merit further investigation at some point.

Early in the season a messenger came to the covenant asking for Antonius (in his guise as the merchant Anthony). He had been sent by Baron Martin of Monmouth, rumours of his death proving to be unfounded. He had returned in an attempt to lift the siege against Chepstow and later in autumn he made request for us to provide archers to aid him in this goal. After some considerable discussion, during which Aelfwin was passionate in his desire to avoid risk of harm to our grogs, we decided to send two men. Antonius believes that the English will inevitably overrun the Welsh and it would be best to show support to one of our allies. The assault proved successful although one of our men was wounded quite seriously during the attack.

There was one further event during the season worthy of being recorded. A new addition was made to the numbers in this covenant in the form of a man named Raegwulf. This man is a companion of Madoc's, a seer who had previously been residing at Scafell. He gazed into the spring, for he believes that it is a scrying pool, and therein had a vision of a witch with an eight fingered hand snatching a young girl. Travelling to Blackney he and Aledd discovered that a girl had indeed been abducted and taking a lock of her hair the seer slept in the village overnight. He was granted with another vision, in which it appeared that the girl was safe and well, even seeming to have a link with her abductor. He also saw a time in the future when some bargain or oath would be made between witch and girl. The seer brought this news to me and it was easy to recognise the hand of the Ruadan so I brought the matter to the attention of Ruaridh. We decided to travel into the regio and there Ruaridh spoke to the dark sorceress. She was not responsive to his questioning and he learned nothing before once more becoming lost in the woods, to such an extent that he was forced to rend the magic veil to exit to the level of the mundane forest. I waited a few days, unaware of this, with Tegwarod suspicious that we were being watched by an unseen observer, before returning to the covenant.


We met as a council of five, with Madoc still locked into the temporary laboratory that he has established in the stables. Aelfwin reported that he had successfully copied all of the spells, managing to preserve the original water-damaged copies in a number of cases. Audacia informed us that the wooden fortifications at Mynydd Myrddin were almost complete, and there had only been one sighting of the brood while she was there, towards the top edge of the forest. She had also managed to enter the barrows and recover half a rook of Terram vis.

We further discussed the matter of the Ruadan's kidnapping of the girl from Blackney. The child certainly seems to be touched in some way by magic and it was decided to speak with her mother further to ascertain whether there were any signs that might indicate that she has the gift. Whilst we are loathe to challenge Ruadan in her place of power, if she is espied beyond the regio it was agreed that Audacia would be fetched that she might use her particular talents to force that creatures co-operation. There was a brief discussion about events at Chepstow and while there was some fondness expressed for welsh rule it was agreed that political realities meant we had made the right decision on this matter by ensuring Martin's continued friendship. Antonius went on to tell us of his dealings in Stonehenge. Borri Tor is sorely pressed by the Scottish invasion with the nearby presence of noblemen meaning no overt magic can be used in the covenant's defence. At Scafell and Lear Valley there were no signs of the fells, but it seems there may be some in the city of York. Antonius will speak with Yania as he once again sets forth this season.

While he was at Lear Valley Antonius met both Erin and Edith, both of whom now reside at that covenant. Jolyon has agreed that he will conjure a tower in Mynydd Myrddin after the tribunal, asking for no payment for his service. He is also prepared to create a spell to raise a great hall for us, asking for a copy of our text on Ignem in exchange. Aelfwin will copy these as his second service. There may also be a possibility of further trade for vis and texts with Lear Valley keen to strengthen the weaknesses in their own library.

Ruaridh revealed that there had been no Perdo vis arisen from the spring in autumn. We will check again in the season of spring to see if the Morrigan's influence once more begins to wane in the land. He agreed to spend this season with me on the crafting of our item for Morfan. Audacia stated that she would be studying from Perdo vis. Aelfwin also revealed that his amica (who is also his wife) is with child, and the delivery is expected to be sometime in the summer.

Antonius and Ruaridh travelled to Swallowcliff covenant for a brief investigatory visit. Upon finding the place they ascertained that it was as had been described by Madoc before venturing below the ground. They found the symbol of the snake with the holes believed to be set to contain gemstones and Ruaridh discovered that there were enchantments connecting the two. At that moment they heard footsteps, as if of stone upon stone, following down the stairs they had just descended. A creature that we believe to be an earth elemental appeared and lurched into attack. Ruaridh destroyed one of its arms with a conjured bolt of lightning but the creature took hold of him and set upon beating our sodales. Antonius had turned into mist to reach the surface in an attempt to fetch an arcane connection so that Ruaridh could apport away, but as he returned Ruaridh slipped into unconsciousness. Returning to the surface followed by the elemental Antonius discovered a way to lure the creature away from that covenant allowing Ruaridh to regain himself and return to Severn Temple. Shortly after his return Antonius also reappeared and the two magi were discussing events with Audacia when we all felt a breach of the Aegis. The creature had manifested itself at the base of the tower and after Hassan delayed it Audacia cast the spell 'Stone to falling dust' which destroyed it momentarily. However the dust began to gather itself together again as if blown by a gentle breeze and in a moment the creature came forth once more. Several times were these acts repeated before Antonius lured it back into the courtyard whereupon Ruaridh twice brought forth lightning against it, shattering the creature into a thousand lifeless shards of stone.

Discussing this incident we spoke as to whether it might be worth attempting to procure gems in the colour of the rainbow to try and penetrate the deeper mysteries of Swallowcliff. It was agreed that Antonius would find out what cost this would be and then we would discuss the matter further. If there are further guardians it is important that we are better prepared in the future, Audacia already considering how best to defeat an earth elemental in future.

Later in the season we were visited by Loretius, the redcap, here to impart his news. Of matters mundane he spoke much of war; the siege at York ended by the Scots supporting Henry while Stephen is raising mercenaries from abroad after releasing some of the March Lords to battle the Welsh (although it is said that many more are deserting him for the same purpose). There is also a rumour that Henry may have made some manner of deal with the Welsh. Armies of that nation had been beaten back at Chester and routed at Oswestry. It seems that Paul of Ludlow, the leader of the peasant army, has provided some aid to our ally Martin by harrying the welsh forces to the north during the attack on Chepstow. Indeed we were also told that Martin is defying Stephen's demand that he return to continue in the civil war, and instead intends to press on and recapture Monmouth. The truce between England and France is ended with the latter invading English territories on the continent, although it sounds like the nobles there were quick to change their allegiance. There are also reports that war is imminent in the East, with the Knights Hospitallers building a new crusader castle.

Of hermetic news there was the formal announcement of the tribunal and meeting House Guernicus. Narwold had asked to meet with Praeco Eloria regarding any further penalty for the late repayment of their fine but she refused to grant an audience. There has been a spate of Wizards Wars involving Tytalan magi, with the praecoship of Novgorod passing from one to another. Antonius' mater Maria has also been victorious in one although in this matter Venastes of Fudarus has called for an investigation alleging that she was assisted by her filius Albertus. Lastly it seems that many of my house have travelled to the Levant, drawn by stories of an archaeological find of great magical importance.

One other event occurred during the latter half of the season. Two grogs were on the wall at Blackney along with a member of the militia. It seems that a phantom of a rider on a horse was espied and one of the men was foolish enough to pursue it into the woods as it headed away. On hearing of this incident the following morning Ruaridh and Audacia flew down to the area after casting Intellego magicks, and there found him lost in the forest. He told them that the apparition appeared to want him to follow and he made his way along a path that disappeared behind him as he passed. Eventually he came to a burial mound that the ghost pointed to, with a great hole opened in it in a manner that he could not explain. Following the marks that he had left as he tried to find his way out, my two sodales came to the place themselves with Ruaridh recognising it as the tomb of the Saxon King that long ago we had attempted to investigate at a cost of several grogs lives. Examination of the hole revealed a hermetic spell, using Perdo Terram, had been cast on the mound with a sigil of 'slyness' present. Audacia entered the tomb but all that was present was a bit of shroud.