Tiarnan joins the covenant.
Theo makes contact with a criminal gang in Gloucester, led by Maelgwyn.
Astrius takes part in an expedition to Morstow.
Blackthorn withdraws from the alliance with Severn Temple.
Dialectica joins the covenant as its first Pontifex under a new charter.
The faerie season turns to winter.
The dead rise at Blackney, and much of the village is burned down.

Theo and Maelgwyn’s gang battle diabolists at Snig’s End.
Tiarnan is imprisoned by the Erechwydd and then rescued by Quellior.
Medius encounters a wyvern near to Witney on the road to Cambridge.
Astrius encounters a hunting party near to Snig’s End and slays many of the footmen.

Theo destroys an infernal sword that Maelgwyn had claimed from the Fells.
Astrius is captured by McGreine, but he manages to escape.
Tiarnan and Cormoran drive the Erechwydd’s forces away from Palug’s glade.

Tintern abbey is attacked and several books are stolen.
The Anu sets the Magi a test, offering each two acorns a year, which they can plant or keep.
Tiarnan recovers a draft of water from Nechtan’s pool, which grants the gift of prophecy.
Hirsutus organizes a non-aggression pact with the werewolves of the Dean.

Cormoran detects signs of two packs of wolves fighting the forest.
Geoffrey of Monmoth, a historian, is kidnapped.
Theo is forced into an unwelcome bargain by the werewolves of the Dean.

Theo is attacked by demons near to Cirencester.
Tiarnan discovers the source of the Severn and finds his future familiar.
Dialectica takes a new apprentice, the infant Aedden.
Theo, Astrius and Cormoran battle demons and infernal wolves near Lydney.

Cormoran battles an iron boar in a magical wood near to Chester.
Medius is rescued by Zedekiah, a member of the Cabal, from a false accusation of fraud.
Cormoran assists Quellior to obtain an apprentice in return for a pair of magical boots.
Theo and Astrius are absent for much of the year on a secret mission for Llanoddwyn.

Cormoran is found guilty of Delictum for not carry out his season’s service.
Guyere poses as an aide to the archbishop, as undead attack Blackney.
Medius is placed on a year’s probation due to a demonic taint after encountering Guyere.
The role of Prefectus is established at the Stonehenge Tribunal.
A large group of Magi slay Guyere at Stone manor.

Cormoran and Theo encounter Geddyn, an elementalist, who they invite into the Order.
The faerie season turns to summer.
Tiarnan discovers that Stonevail continues to produce vis for the covenant.
Tiarnan does a deal with the Tegfryn to stop her attacking fisherfolk on the Severn.
Theo, Astrius and Cormoran battle a bloodwolf in the Dean.

Theo becomes the Knight of Briavel.
Cormoran slays a giant at the behest of Trevalga.
Dionysus enters final twilight.