Scribed by Theo

Spring 1166 AD

The first day of Spring was grey, wet and cold, this seemed to place the covenant into a melancholy that I found hard to shake off and so it was with a solemn heart that I attended the first Council meeting of the year. Medius announces that he and Astrius are to leave the covenant to travel to the Levant with the aim of tracking down Caelestis and permanently dispatching him. As although the rest of the Tribunal believes that Caelestis is no more (after his death in Moorstow), Medius has cast an augury that has led him to believe that not only is Caelestis alive but his plans have not been stopped. Medius has dreamed of a person in the Holy Lands who is beginning a journey - this person is a 'Follower of Mohamed', which apparently means that he follows the religion of Islam. It is his destiny to rule a vast area of the Levant and it is Caelestis who seeks to turn this destiny to his own, corrupt, ends. Medius announces that he and Astrius will be leaving at the beginning of Summer.

Cormoran and I reported our investigation into the fae touched Robert, and although I could state that Robert would serve whoever paid him, the Council still had a few questions regarding his relationship with the Ice Queen. Hence I will need to investigate further.

After this our Council meeting moved onto our seasons activities. Dialectica stated that she would be copying a large number of spells for our soldalis to take with them into the Levant. Aelfwin was to create potions of Restoration of the Defiled Body, two of which would be invested with vis. Astrius was set to develop a spell which would put fear into a mans heart, whilst Medius was continuing his study of the Perdo books. Tiarnan decided that he would learn the Gift of the Bears Fortitude spell - which I can imagine will be extremely useful.

Finally Cormoran and myself were to work about Lydney and the Dean. Finally as the meeting drew to a close Medius asked if I would keep an eye on Rachael in Huntley as he remains very worried for her.

As the season progressed I finally got rid of the persistent feeling of melancholy that had been dogging me for weeks. Cormoran started examining the land around Lydney for where to establish our orchards, whilst I went to Monmouth to see if there were any families that would be interested in working the land thereabouts. The season went well and quickly.


The start of Summer could not have been more different than the start of Spring, a beautiful day greeted us as we rose to attend Council. There was little to discuss from last season, Cormoran and myself reported on our work about Lydney, and I reported on my investigation into Robert. Once again I had questioned him to discern his loyalties and relative danger to us. Once again I came away with the impression that Robert will do as he his paid to do, and would rather just keep his head down, he does not want to be brought to the attention of his 'betters', be they magi or Queen. However the Pontifex remained agitated that he may be a danger to her, and it was eventually decided to move him to Mynydd Myddyn as an official covenant guard on the tower there.

Cormoran also reported that there had been to loss of a vis site at Trevalga, and this may be due to the fact that the site (a herd of goats) used to be watched over by a giant, the one which he killed a few years ago. Cormoran thinks that the death of the goats may be linked to the death of the giant. He wished to attend the Senior Quaesitor to discuss this with her, as recently he moved his father from a vis site near Blackthorn and was concerned that this action may damage their site. He also has an issue of an on-going debt with the Praeca to discuss. Permission was granted to him to attend to both of these tasks.

As this is the last meeting that Medius and Astrius would attend before going off on their quest, they both requested many items to take with them, potions, books, vis and money. The Council of course granted them every request and wished them both the best of luck in their endevour, let us hope that the diabolist Caelestis can finally be defeated.

With that we once again discussed what those of us who were remaining were to do. Dialectica would study Mentem vis, with Aelfwin (now acting as our Ministrator) training Mathew. Cormoran was going to study Muto vis, Tiarnan decided to extract vim vis for his own use and I was set the task of more work within the mundane world.

During my season I went to Cad Gadu where I discovered that Prima Fenriata had left to go and see Primus Guernicus, with an accusation of ongoing diabolism within the walls of Holy Isle. This had definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons with much political turmoil as a result - there is almost certainly going to have to be an emergency meeting of the Grand Tribunal to discuss this. How it will turn out is anyone's guess but I certainly hope for the best.

Cormoran also had an interesting discussion in Blackthorn. It seems that the vis site his father used to eat from had indeed been diminishing in recent years, as a result Serenia asks Cormoran if he will ask his father to come and tend the site once more to prevent further decline. As for the issue of Cormoran's debt to Eloria, well that will just have to be discussed at Tribunal - but knowing our canny Praeca I would be surprised if it comes to that, or if it does it will certainly not end badly for her.


Upon my return to the covenant I discover that Aedden has been kidnapped and set off looking for him. The remaining members of Council decide to: Tiarnan, will travel to see Erin to get Kieran's longevity potion; Cormoran, will study Corporem vis and Aelfwin, will study from Creo vis. Dialectica remained within her rooms.


I also spent this season about my task. Cormoran is set to study some of his own vis; Tiarnan will extract vim vis and Aelfwin decided to study from the vim texts. As Dialectica remained ensconced there was no ninth magnitude Aegis, but Aelfwin cast the fifth magnitude version.