Scribed by Cormoran

Spring 1177AD

We assembled for the first council under the leadership of Medius the newly promoted Pontifex. We talked about the attack that Dionysus committed upon this covenant and decided that as soon as possible that word should be gotten out to the Prefactor, senior Quasitor and Prima of Ex-Miscellanea. I also suggested we talk about mistakes made during the fight so that we could learn from the event but I was shouted down as people were too proud to discuss these errors. I next tried to bring up how we might defeat him if he attacked again mentioning his defences of Invisibility and Im�ginem but again people were in no mood for pursuing this line of enquiry and so I tactfully let the matter drop. As we had used so much Vim Vis in the attempts to recast the Aegis Dialectica agreed to extract Vim Vis to replenish our stocks. After further discussion Carwyn stated that he knew that Cassitus is also apparently a Lich and incredibly he said that he had met Darius as well who was in the form of a giant wolf. I suggest an attack on Holy Isle to cleanse it of this infestation but Medius and the others were quick to point out that the grand tribunal forbids any action against Holy Isle also it would be seen as breaking the primary code. After we had declared what we were to do in this season the Pontifex handed out Vis and the rate of 3 pawns per season service. Dialectica returned hers in a display of generosity. The Pontifex then distributed a small stipend of monies but again Astrius and Dialectica returned there's. I decided to learn Creo this season, as we need a replacement healer now that Aelfwin has passed over the veil.

A few days into the season a woman approached who wore a red cap it later turned out that it was a Mercere called Nora. She then gave us the news hermetic. The sad news was that Loretius the redcap had died, he had served the tribunal for years but at least he died in his bed of old age. The death of the redcap now presents an opportunity for a southern covenant to sponsor a new redcap. Fenriata had called an emergency house meeting for the summer of 1177. The mundane news was that king Henry had struck hard against the Scots but because of his northern adventures trouble had flared up in the south in against the French. Finally because of the success in putting down the Norfolk revolt there were many unemployed mercenaries now who had turned to banditry to make some sort of living. Nora also brought a letter from Petrus in which he asked if he could come and investigate about the Regio surrounding the covenant and if he did not receive and letters to the contrary he would arrive in autumn.

During the season Medius had cause to travel to Travalga and Carrion Moor on Quasitorial business, whilst at these covenants he discovered that Travalga agreed that a red cap should be in Carrion Moor or Severn Temple, as we needed more news in the south. Carrion moor also agreed with the placement of a red cap but desired it in their covenant for the prestige. To discover about the shield that he discovered Carwyn went to see the god of the wave whose shield it was. However the god was not willing to divulge the shields secrets, as he believed it should not be in the world of mortals indeed he even offered to catch it and keep it if it was thrown into the waves. At the end of the season Helena left for Lear valley it was sad to see our healer leave but it was understandable that she wanted to be away from where her family had been slaughtered.


At the council meeting the previous seasons happenings were reported as told and then as expected Dialectica stated that she would take Theo's and hers son as apprentice. Not much else was discussed and the meeting ended quickly and we resumed our studies.

At midsummer I travelled to Cad Gadu for the emergency house meeting. Once there I was amazed to see the turnout. Indeed many people had come from overseas for this emergency meeting. One of these I met was a man called Valgat a grog and interpreter for a wizard called Udaf from bear claw covenant somewhere in the northern wilds of a country called Norway. It sounds like a country at war with itself with brother fighting brother as an internal power struggle continues between church and state. I met Valgat when he wanted me to bare knuckle fight a warrior for a prize. I agreed as it sounded like fun and I was confident of victory due to my size and strength. It is often said that pride comes before a fall and what a fool I was, for the warrior was fast and nimble and without my spells I felt like a lumbering oaf. Although I landed a few good blows he felled me like an ox and after I awoke I spent the rest of the day and night drinking some of my special cider till oblivion gripped me. The next morning I was awoken by a steward who informed me that I was to be granted the honour of hoplite to ensure that no one tried to cause problems for the quasitor during the meeting, of course with a twelve foot giant standing behind him no mundane was going to try and cause any problems.

During the meeting it turned out that Udaf had a problem in that he had an alliance with shape shifters as we do but house Bjornaer had tried on many occasions to wipe them out. Our wise prima decided that she would have a quiet word with the Primus of house Bjornaer at the grand tribunal and try and sort the problem out.

Eventually after everyone had been heard the prima brought up the reason for the meeting in the first place, she wanted to bring case against Holy Isle Covenant for harbouring these non-dead creatures that Cassitus and Dionysus had become. After a long row over whether it was legal or not to just go and assault the dedicated covenant the quasitor ruled that this was our only avenue of attack within the code. Given this choice of do nothing or vote aye the vote was unanimous.

The rest of the season passed without note and I look back now with pride at how my actions at the tribunal might have assisted our quaesitor and prima.


Autumn came without the strong winds that normally occur and we were blessed with watching the leaves fall gently from the trees rather than ripped off by the gales that roar up the Severn valley. At the council meeting Dialectica reported that the Earl was back in Gloucester after performing his duty to the king, Dialectica met him and sorted out the problems with ownership of Lydney and Briaval and Blackney. She also reported that the Baron of Chepstow believed the land near Lydney was under-utilised and was using this as a ploy to obtain the land from us. The Earl of Gloucester was also under pressure to elect a baron of Monmouth as he has been holding this land for a while and apparently this is not the done thing amongst the nobility.

We then discussed Lydney and Carwyn suggested over paying taxes so that these petty claims to our land would be dropped. I then suggested that someone either learn or obtain the ritual of bountiful harvest to ensure the orchards I have planted produce fruit in great quantities and then pay the taxes with cider.

The matter of the copying of the pagan texts was brought up and it occurred that there were no scribes available at Cad Gadu for copying unfortunately and so if we wanted the tomes we would have to do it ourselves. Dialectica will travel to Powys with Aithan this season to show him the mundane court of the Prince of Wales. A few days into the season Petrus arrived with an armoured escort and began his investigation, which was rather esoteric and seemed to imply that every regio has a theme and ours might be betrayal because of the fall of the original temple. He also implied that because we lived in the aura we might be warped by it to betray our sodalis. His point was well made and I could see that history of betrayal and deceits have plagued this covenants history. The rest of the season passed peacefully and our studies were in the main successful.


The council met on the first day of winter with the rain pounding against the shutters of the tower. The matter regarding the previous season were discussed and after that Carwyn stated he would be off to Llear's court to discover what had happened to the crown. Petrus had suggested a doorway into the magical regio, which might also be the otherworld, and we discuss it but come to no satisfactory conclusion as the dangers of creatures escaping might outweigh the benefits of quick access to the spirit realm. Dialectica described how the trip to the Welsh courts went where Aithan was trained in horse riding and swordsmanship.

Carwyn's trip to the realm of water went well, once arriving via the power of the Lladra he had a conversation with her about the politics of the court but was able to discover little from the spring fae. However just by looking around he could see that it was a court in preparation for war with many fae warriors in attendance and very few of the female formed fae. From other fae in attendance to Lear he gathered that the court of stone believed that Aithan could be more manipulated for the benefit of the court of stone far more easily than his father could and for that reason they wanted him still made king under there power. In comparison the court of wood want the defeat of the dominion soon as they are suffering most but they want the young king to have more say and are worried about the balance of the courts. Finally the court of water wanted success but a balanced success against the dominion so that no power comes into the ascendance but then the court of water has not been affected as much as wood and stone.

The winters snows came thick and soon and stopped mundane transport quite early in the season, and so it was with quite relief that the rest of the season passed without note but to say that our studies were successful and uninterrupted.