Eanfled returns to the covenant, having spent many years in Arcadia.
Cormoran, Carwyn and Astrius travel to Mynydd Myddyn, slaying several of the brood.
Petrus creates a door the otherworld in the great hall of the covenant.
Tapestries celebrating the Magi of Severn Temple are hung in the great hall.
A celebration of a hundred years since the covenant’s refounding is held at the spring.
Aeddan is knighted by the Prince of Powys.
Arcturus goes missing while investigating the Christian cult.

Cormoran and Astrius discover a shrine to a female spirit in Mynydd Myddyn.
Aeddan calls a King’s Council, gives each member a task, and then dissolves it.
Medius departs for Iberia on secret business for the Kabbalah.
Guided by a vision, Astrius journeys into Wales, where he battles the lich Dionysus.

Astrius slays a party of bandits in the forest.
A wandering friar drives the Teg Fryn away from her reed bank.

Astrius and Cormoran venture to Mynydd Myddyn, where they encounter a wyvern.
Cormoran and Astrius slays bandits near Stone, tracking one of them back to Bristol.
Cormoran and Astrius depart for “The Land of the Snows” on an unknown adventure.
Carwyn kills the friar Bertram, who had been conducting a ritual at the Trellech stones.

Cormoran and Astrius return from Novgorod, having brokered a deal with the ice giants.
Brother Oswald of Tintern is appointed a magistrate to investigate Bertram’s death.
Marius joins the covenant.
Medius and Astrius investigate Arcturus’ disappearance, but the matter is not resolved.

The covenant pays for the construction of a ship, the Severn Boar.
Medius and Astrius continue to investigate Arcturus’ sanctum; Astrius also battles a demon.
Carwyn rejoins House Merinita and once again becomes Tiarnan.
Cormoran agreed to mediate between covenants and giants as a Tribunal service.
Medius announces at Tribunal that Arcturus is still alive.
The Pope issues a bull demanding that the Cathars must disband.

Astrius discovers signs of a battle and Christian ritual having been carried out at Snig’s End.
Giraldus goes missing.
Oswald of Tintern captures Wybert, a covenant grog, and interrogates him.
Medius is also captured and tortured by Oswald, though he later escapes.
A Jewish pogrom takes place in Chepstow, taking the life of Medius’ ally, Zedekiah.
Arcturus kills Praeca Yania.

Giraldus is confirmed dead at the hands of the monks of Tintern.
The Magi capture Brother Justin and learn of the monks’ powers and activities.
Cormoran kills another giant at the behest of the Magi of Trevalga.

The monks of Tintern kill Edwin of Huntley, despite the latter’s infernal powers.
The shapeshifter Briarch casts doubts on the origins of the bloodwolves.

Astrius and Cormoran journey to Mynydd Myddyn to find night has descended on the regio.
Dialectica dies in a magical accident as Astrius tries to heal wounds from barrow shades.