Scribed by Medius

Spring 1180AD

It is an honour to scribe the journal as the covenant of Severn temple reaches the centenary of its re-founding. As I look back upon the record of the past 100 years I find myself filled with admiration for the way that so many of my sodales have dealt with the threats and treachery that have often challenged them, and helped build a foundation on which I hope we can build even further. There is no doubt that recent events have been bitter, and I still mourn the death of Magus Aelfwin who so ably steered us through such difficult times, but I am privileged to hold the position of Pontifex in a covenant that is finally enjoying the early years of Summer. There will be many more dark days I am sure, but our council now holds a fine mix of magi and an important position within the tribunal of Stonehenge.

All were present as we gathered for our first council meeting of the year. Magus Cormoran began by telling us that he had successfully pulled 7 pawns of vim vis from the aura that surrounds us over the winter. He also said that his consortis who have been operating the Crescent Moon for us have been conducting some business of their own and have made sufficient money that they seek to buy another barge, which is likely to mean a sum of 50 pennies a year extra to swell our coffers. Magus Carwen spoke next and told us of a strange event that occurred as he cast the ritual to help our orchards to grow strong. It seems that as he wove the magic that he saw a vision of a woman casting the same spell but speaking an ancient version of Cymric, somewhat similar I believe to that spoken by the Celts within Mynydd Myrddin. We wondered whether the spell might have originated in the age before the Order of Hermes was founded like so much of the ritual magic that we practice in this modern age.

We turned our attention to the matter of Magus Petrus and the portal that we have decided to open to the higher level of the regio it seems that we inhabit. We agreed that the door should be placed within the Great Hall, within the wall set behind the high table. I suggested that we invest in a tapestry to cover it whilst it is not in use and we agreed that it would be appropriate to commission one that celebrates the last 100 years of the covenant. To that end a sum of up to 200 pennies has been allocated for this, and we further agreed to set aside 150 pennies to pay for the feast that we are to hold on the Autumn equinox.

We discussed something of our activities for the coming year and an allocation of vis was made for those who had done service in the year just gone. With our supplies still low I could not grant a great deal, and knowing that I would be unable to undertake a service this year due to the need to reforge my longevity potion I made donation of the last vis that I held in my own stores (save the vim that my potion shall need). For the season I declared I had need of extracting further vim vis for myself. My sodales all set themselves to service for the covenant in this season; Cormoran, Carwen and Astrius travelling to Mynydd Myrddin and Dialectica and Giraldus travelling to Gloucester where our newest member will, with the Earl's agreement, take the position of steward of this landholding.

Shortly before my sodales travelled to Mynydd Myrddyn the covenant was paid a visit by a former resident who has long resided away from here. The faerie fox Eanfled, who I understand is the reason for our tavern being named 'The Fox and Chicken' returned from his journeys in Arcadia, seemingly unaware of the great time that has passed since he left. Magus Carwen was happy to permit him entry and it is my understanding that the fox resides here still.

Once more the werewolves allowed passage through to Mynydd Myrddin, and again the Merlin's Brood ambushed the party shortly after entering the regio. Preparations were more thorough this time than the last and with the grogs protected by Cormoran's enchantments seven were slain with little more than bruising on our own side. They were able to enter the awakened forest that lies within and there harvested 4 pawns of Herbam from the sap of the Great Oak before pressing on to the deeper levels of the regio and collecting 3 pawns of Intellego from the moss that grows upon the standing stones. They returned without mishap arriving back at the covenant some 2 weeks before the end of the season.


On the morning of the council I was woken from my slumber by a loud roaring and I as I attempted to rise I could feel the tower shaking as if the ground itself was seeking to shake itself free of the building. I swiftly made my way down to the great hall and there I saw Magus Petrus bathed in a bright magical light as he faced the wall wherein had been set the portal. He was casting no magic but there was an intense concentration upon his face and it seemed that he was struggling to control the energies that surrounded him. After some time the light faded and the magus slumped to the floor unconscious. By this stage my sodales had all joined me and despite our best attempts Petrus would not be roused and he was taken to the infirmary.

Casting magic upon the portal we detected some form of non hermetic effect which was akin to a Rego Vim enchantment, but with no discernible sigil. Magus Astrius used his power to view the hidden world and stated that the boundary seemed insubstantial, as if a breach had been opened to the higher level of the regio, or to the lands of the dead for those more disposed to a pagan interpretation. A grog named Harold had been present during the period before we had been roused and he said that Petrus was in the great hall taking his breakfast when an expression of surprise crossed his face and the light encompassed him. He could recall no indication that Petrus had been involved in any ritual prior to the event beginning.

We decided to place the council in abeyance so that Magus Carwen could speak with the Lladra and see whether she could shed any light on what had occurred. He was able to tell us that she had said that the boundary between worlds had been weakened. After a few hours Petrus awoke and while still unsteady on his feet came to speak with the council which we decided to hold in the great hall so that the portal not be unobserved. He told us that while he was breaking his fast he had a strange feeling that something was awry with the archway. He felt that the boundary might in some way be moving and, while he does not know how he did it, attempted to control it which is the last that he remembered. Following his telling of the story Petrus then used his arts to investigate the archway and confirmed that he could also see a non hermetic effect. He postulated that what had happened might be something to do with the sympathies of the aura, suggesting that it might be that the inscriptions that he had placed around the arch had become entwined with a fluctuation of the aura that sometimes occurs without being noticed. Reminding us that we reside within an unstable regio he said that he believed that the regio had begun to expand from the point where the portal was to be established and that the tremors we had felt were caused by his attempts to inhibit this expansion. He raised a previous event in this covenant's history when the regio had expanded following a magical accident that he suffered, one that had caused twilight but given him a greater intuitive understanding of the nature of regios.

We discussed the various options that lay before us for some time, drawing upon Petrus' expertise. It was felt that destroying the archway physically may well remove the effect but Petrus was concerned that this would deny us and the order an opportunity for significant learning. Petrus felt that the best option would be to complete the ritual although he acknowledged that he was now entering something of an unknown area within magical theory. The third option that we considered was to leave the area as it was while we made further investigations although several of us felt that this was a dangerous option due to the uncertainty regarding what might yet happen around this potential breach. Petrus then left us so that we might further consider as a council. Carwen related more of the tale that the Lladra had told him. She claimed that the lands of the dead had protections in place to prevent mortals entering. While I confess that over the years I have learned to be more cautious about dismissing some of the pagan beliefs about this place I still believe that we deal with a regio here rather than some mythic afterlife and I did not find myself convinced by this. After several hours of discussion we moved to a vote on whether to have the archway dismantled. Myself, Dialectica and Carwen favoured this option with Astrius and Cormoran voting against.

Petrus was clearly disappointed by our decision but agreed to carry out our request. As he began to remove the archway however Astrius called on him to stop. Using his second sight he had observed a crack appear in the wall although we could see nothing in the physical plane. Petrus thought for a moment before suggesting that the law of contagion might be a factor here, with the effect upon a part being transferred to the whole. There was some more discussion and Carwen argues that we should seek further advice, suggesting he speak with the Anu. There was sufficient concern as to what was happening that we agreed to his request and our council was suspended once more.

The following day we gathered again and Carwen told us that the Anu believed that there was a tear in the veil between us and the otherworld. She said that to press on with the ritual would be extremely dangerous as there was so much power in the otherworld that if it went awry we would all be killed. She also said that to effect a repair in the breach would be nigh impossible as the veil had been wrought at the beginning of the world with power that we could not comprehend. She said that she knew no more although her sister, the Morrigan, might be able to offer further advice. There was a suggestion that Aeddan might be able to help effect a repair given his bloodline but Dialectica was clearly unhappy for such to even be considered.

Again we moved to a vote to decide our next course of action. Whilst I had cast my vote throughout against the ritual to create this portal I was concerned that we were once more possibly entering into a situation where we gave more credence to the words of the pagan entities that seek influence over this place than those who make up this order and so I decided to permit Petrus to enact his ritual. With the votes of Astrius and Cormoran added to mine this was the decision that was reached and we made immediate arrangements to evacuate the covenant of all but Petrus accompanied by Astrius and Cormoran in case any attack should be launched upon him during the enactment. With the covenant so emptied Petrus cast his ritual, seemingly entirely successfully. We now have a portal within our great hall to the higher level of the regio that we reside within hopefully providing an extra means of defence against any future attack from Ieuan. Nevertheless I can not but worry as to what we have done here and I hope that I will not rue my decision. It is clear at the very least that we can expect visits in the future from other members of House Bonisagus as Petrus has clearly achieved something astonishing and he does not seem to be likely to do anything other than loudly announce his brilliance throughout the order.

Following the magnitude of this event the remainder of our council was concluded swiftly. Astrius, Cormoran, Carwen and Dialectica all chose to attend the symposium at Blackthorn, and from their reports this was significantly more successful than previous attempts to hold such in the Stonehenge tribunal. With Giraldus abroad on his house duties I remained within the covenant and studied from the Corporem texts.


The autumn council began with news from Giraldus. While he was at Narwold he learned that Magus Arcturus is overdue in returning from a trip to London in spring. Given that he has been appointed investigative hoplite on the matter of the Christian cult this must be cause for some slight concern, although he is a very able magus and has been abroad for extended periods in the past.He also told us that Maga Visula of Holy Isle has reported that another wizard from the un-named house has been slain in North Wales and Sharrisel, Prima Merinita, has passed into final twilight.

I was able to report that the tapestries for the great hall had been completed and they are truly magnificent to behold, telling as they do much of the history of this covenant. We have vast amounts of food laid in for the feast at the equinox with Giraldus having arranged for entertainers to visit. We agreed that there would be a twin focus to the celebrations with a formal feast inside the great hall and Carwen arranging for a celebration at the spring more appropriate to any supernatural visitors who might choose to honour the occasion.

Magus Astrius asked for a ruling to be made on the use of the portal and it was agreed by the entire council that it may only be used following a specific decision of the council unless the covenant is under attack. Our activities during the season were also determined. I spent my time training my apprentice and Astrius agreed to extract vim vis as a covenant service. Cormoran was learning a spell, Carwen studying from personal vis and Giraldus was reading the covenant journal. Maga Dialectica announced that she was once more travelling to the court of the Prince of Powys with Aeddan, although she said that she would return for the feast.

The season was a peaceful one with the only significant event being the centenary celebration. We were joined by several members of the order. Petrus was of course present and he was joined by Serenia and Theophilus of Blackthor, Sylvania and Geddyn of Cad Gadu, Myra and Arcanus from Carrion Moor, Erin, Edith and Helena from Lear Valley, Augustus, Alyssya and Liberata from Trevalga and finally Qwellior and Marissa. On the day and into the evening there were many more visitors. Yago and the spirits of Varsavia and Lothar accompanied by several Bwbwachod and Golwyg Haffydd came from the court of wood with a gift of three large silver acorns that will apparently grow strongly wherever they are planted, dropping further acorns in time. Turold, Gofynwy, Cyrgig and a number of denizens from Stonevale and the Undermountain represented the court of stone and brought with them a gift from Gofannon of a large gemstone that glows with a warm, bright light that we were told could be extinguished by no wizard. At the spring we were also visited by Bethwyn and a number of Cors, the shades of many former magi of the covenant (although I am glad to report there was no sign of Caelestis or Jean) and a number of other spirits of those who have resided here in the past. The celebrations went on long into the night and passed peacefully.


Maga Dialectica spoke first at the last council of the year, reporting that Aeddan had been knighted by the Prince of Powys. He does not hold any land but the Prince intends to name him as his heir. It is a small principality so it is unlikely that that he will have such mundane influence as to bring him in conflict with his oath when he joins the order. Dialectica announced that his gauntlet will be set towards the direction of her apprentice joining House Jerbiton and I am sure that they will be happy to receive him. We discussed the three acorns that we had been gifted on the autumn equinox and agreed to plant them between the spring and the Severn, a task that Carwen said he would fulfil. Cormoran asked whether the council intended to spend the vis to improve our harvest again and we decided that we could not afford to spend such vis every year. Cormoran however state that he would grant sufficient from his own personal vis and Carwen agreed that he would cast the ritual on this basis.

We determined our activities for the season with Cormoran brewing more cider, Astrius studying from Creo vis, Dialectica from Vim vis, Carwen crafting an item and Giraldus studying from the works on fantastic Beasts. I spent the season creating a new longevity potion with the assistance of Ezekiel, who is proving to be a good student despite the late age at which he has come to hermetic magic.

The season passed uneventfully and our 100th year drew to a close with this covenant at peace.