Scribed by Comoran

Spring 1197 AD

Winter still grasped the land with frost and icicles decorating the trees. I can imagine there longing for the warm sun to let the sap race through there branches. I myself long for the warmer weather for without my magics and without the Aegis the cold bites even deeper. I do not know if it does or it is in my imagination but I pity the mundanes who suffer this cold yearly.

We met and discussed the previous seasons happenings and as little new was reported we rapidly determined our seasons activities, Tiarnan worked in the infirmary to learn the art of chirugy, Marius ventured abroad still wrapped up in mundane politics, I offered as covenant service to learn what I could about warn and how Tiarnan could appease the dread lord. I had already learned of a tale of Arawn where The fight broke out after the divine plowman Amatheon stole a hound, a lapwing, and a roebuck from Arawn. Gwydion a legendary enchanter ultimately triumphed by guessing the name of one of Arawn's men, Bran. Cynfellen originally started to learn swordsmanship, but soon into the season my and his gifts returned and he went back to his lab studying from personal Vis. although our gifts had returned Tiarnan was still afflicted with the disastrous curse brought down by the accident with the ritual of the Aegis of the hearth.

Later in that season Alanus the redcap arrived and told us about the goings on in the world.
Unfortunately for him we were at most of the momentous events and so knew most of his news. He told us of the grand tribunal and Richards alliance with the French.

He did bring a message instructing myself Medius and Cynfellen to become hoplites for the investigation of holy isle which was to begin in summer. we were instructed to assemble at Cad Gadu at the start of summer for this duty. Cynfellen and I discussed who would go for we could not leave the covenant unguarded and I decided that the covenant and the Tribunal would be best served if he went on this mission leaving me to defend the spring and covenant. he traveled up to Cad Gadu and such was the need for my skills that Llandothwyn was sent to guard the covenant allowing me to make the journey north myself.

Medius arrived a month into the season from Durenmar. He was told about the Erechwyths knight who remains here and of the accident with the Aegis ritual. When Llandothwyn arrived he told us of the rumor that Tremere himself was a lich. This shocking news took us aback but we soon rallied our courage and prepared to travel to Cad Gadu.


Summer heat burned down and the fruits started to grow, what had been mere buds a few weeks previously suddenly became recognizable as the precious reward for all the farmers work.
I was saddened that I would not be in the dean again as summer is a time of excitement in the wood with every plant at its zenith.

Tiarnan stated that he would scribe spells this season as his art still evaded him. Medius and myself traveled via Llandothwyn's ability with trees. Once there we were met by Archimagus Serenia and we discussed the hidden regio. After this meeting and as we might be battling demons Cynfellen generously lent me some sands which if thrown over a demon would hopefully destroy them. The whole party then traveled to Holy Isle. The party included the Prima Fenriata, the Prefecta Orlania, Motus, Serenia,Cynfellen, Medius and myself. once arrived there we were given quarters and Cynfellen and myself were placed next to our Prima, the better to defend her. We quickly organized a rota for watching her door at night and acted as her guards as she investigated the infernally tainted covenant. The weeks rolled by and no sign of any infernal regio was visible proving that it was indeed very hidden. One night as I stood guard outside Prima Fenriata's door i felt the presence of the Morrigen, but all I felt was the presence of her passing and the cry of a crow in the night. Cynfellen rapidly arose and told me of a dream he had just had where he saw the crow and it flew three times around the central tower widdershins. Obviously the dark lady wanted this infernal place destroyed and was showing us how to enter the evil regio. we reported the events to the Prima and she organized the next night the attempt to enter the regio. All of us who could flew around the tower and some with success entered the infernal regio. unfortunately I was unable to enter even though i tried many time including attempts with the blade that Petrus enchanted . eventually the magi returned stating that all they found was an abandoned tower but the Prima stated that Holy Isle must be destroyed to remove the blot of the infernal regio from the land, she stated that Archimagus Jordael would create a spell to do so and with his mastery of the earth he should be able to topple the covenant into the sea. One problem stopped this and that was that Prefecta Orlania had not returned, she had disappeared from this side but not appeared with the rest of the travelers. I guessed that she might have fallen into a deeper regio or been caught up in the traversal and without knowledge of where or when she had gone no rescue could be attempted. So with joy in our hearts that Holy isle was to be destroyed and along with it some of the horrible memories of the purges of our house that issued from it, but with sadness as to the potential loss of our Prefecta we left Holy Isle and returned to Cad Gadu and thence to Severn Temple.


As the dying season came on, the tree's listened to natures unending cycle and bore forth there fruits for us to take and use, the nuts from the beech and hazel and the apples and pears from the orchard. The more I live here at the spring, the more attuned to nature I feel I become and the more I love this little corner of Stonehenge tribunal.

At the council we discussed the events at holy isle and with little other news we declared out actions for the season. Cynfelen learnt from personal Vis, I taught Frioc my apprentice, Medius extracted Vim Vis and Tiarnan ventured forth for the season.

A few weeks into the season Cynfellen left to assist in the destruction of holy isle with Achimagus Jolyon and Archimagus Motus. just before they proceded with the ritual to tear down those tainted walls orlania appeared out of the infernal regio. to here not a few moments had passed and she was quickly appraised of the situation. Jolyon called on the powers of the earth and slowley, ever so slowley at first the pebbles started to fall from the cliffs then like an avalanche the pebbles became rocks, the rocks boulders untill the whole underpinning of the covenant was tumbling into the sea, with a massive crack like a hundred thunderstorms the rock parted and holy isle slid down the cliff face and launched itself into the air, holding itself for a second and then collapsing into rubble at the base of the cliff the wave cleansing its cursed stones.

Towards the end of the season the Primus Merenita made an unexpected call to the covenant and had private words with Tiarnan, although what the matter was about Tiarnan gave no clue.


Winter came early and hard to our river valley, the first frost licked round the covenant and coated the walls and grass with the patina of icy bronze. with the rains and frost the ground is soon turned to deep mud and I often see the fea fox with his muddy tail strolling past. It must be hard on the little folk of the covenant especially when the snow started to lay thick on the ground.

We met on that first dawn of winter and Marius told us what he had been up to in the previous season. It looked like the french were attacking the overseas land holdings of the king. But Marius did not tarry long with the mundanes as it was house Jerbiton's house meeting that he had completely forgotten about and had to rush off to. the one interesting piece of news he brought home was that the knights Templar organization had been banned and he thought the knights hospitalar would follow soon after. Because of this, it seemed certain that the Templar's would side with Richard. It also came to light that Marius is a trusted counciller of King John, who is worried that the Scot's and the French might ally which would free up york to do damage to john in England whilst he loses his landholdings in france. I then suggested that marius go speak to the Ex Miscellanean's in Loch Legaen as they often integrate themselves with the highland tribes who turn up to the house meetings. Tiarnan announced that he had finished the bargain he had made with the Ceridwyn, but still had to appease the dread lord Arawn.

With the news discussed we decided what we would do for the season. Marius stated he would go north to talk with the Scots hopefully to stop them joining with the french, Medius studied from the animal text , he must be getting close to being able to take a familiar now, I taught my apprentice, Cynfellen extracted vim Vis and Tiarnan generously created a magic item for Marius.

That evening i performed the ceremony of the remembered dead at the spring calling on the ex guardians.One appeared before me and for an hour we talked of times past and his happiness in the otherworld. The spirit I talked to was Idris and i expressed my gratitude and the gratitude of the covenant for his actions in defending the site of all our magics.

The rest of the season passed quietly if coldly and it was good that my apprentices learning's of magic are continuing at a good pace.