Cormoran has a vision of a magical accident at Stonehenge, for which he is mocked by Vorn.
Marius’ attempts to solicit support in Loch Leglean against Richard are unsuccessful.
Cormoran is attacked aboard ship by a Templar knight, and he loses his talisman.
Tiarnan again botches the Aegis of the Hearth ritual.

Medius travels to Hibernia to seek aid against the Fells, but he achieves little.
The Magi track a Templar agent from Tintern to Hereford.
Tiarnan rescues Marissa from a diabolist on Tory island, but her spirit is lost.
Richard, former King of England, dies in a hunting accident.

De Percy spends a season at Severn Temple.
Marius and Tiarnan travel to various faerie courts soliciting members of the King’s Council.

The Council agrees to share spy information with De Percy.
The covenant’s iron mine is exhausted; a replacement seam is opened on Lydney hill.
Cynfelyn meets his future familiar, Maelgwyn.
Marius brings news of a ghostly ship surrounded by fog off St David’s.
Cormoran’s companion, Ralph of York, becomes lost in the infernal dell for a night.
Medius is killed battling demons on the ship in the Bristol Channel.
Tiarnan locates a regio that the ghostly ship uses as a harbor.

Cormoran makes a magical breakthrough that allows him to increase his height even more.
Constantius is appointed as an expedition captain.
Cormoran drives off monks from Tintern who were investigating the Heart of the Forest.
Cynfelyn has a magical accident that leaves him with the voice of a dog for a month.

The Magi destroy an infernal sea serpent in the hidden regio near St David’s.
At the King’s Council, sets rules for dealing with disputes between faeries and mundanes.
Ieuan corrupts the serpent in the cave of snakes; Tiarnan defeats it with the Erechwydd.
The covenant’s new ship, the Severn Star, is launched.

Tiarnan rescues Marissa’s spirit from the otherworld, but he himself becomes lost there.

Tiarnan returns from the otherworld.
Fabius and Idolon join the covenant.
Marius and Idolon explore the local villages, looking for signs of the Fells.
Astrius helps to investigate Blywyddan, which has been attacked by the Unnamed House.
At Marius’ wedding, the Magi encounter a fine bard, Blaine.

Idolon encounters Nyal, an Orkney skald, on an adventure near Shrewsbury.
Cormoran invokes Cernunnos at Bardsey; he is rewarded with a pair of antlers.

The covenant recruits a spymaster, the dwarf Fulke.
Marius brings his wife and Gifted child to the covenant.
Cormoran reveals that he asked the Anu to bless Marius’ union with the latter’s knowledge.
Tiarnan rescues Fulke from Rufus, the leader of the Fells in Gloucester.
The Magi learn of the Black Knives, a major infernal gang in Bristol.
Idolon encounters some Oxford students on the way to Narwold.
Idolon leads a party to Grey Hill, where Constantius is overcome by his visions.