Scribed by Cormoran

Spring 1202 AD

The season of the Anu, her blessings on the crops planted in the early weeks of the season helped them seek the light and start to grow. The birds fighting for the few grains of the peasant rows that they can get to before they are trodden into the good earth of our river valley.

Our council met on the first day of spring and Medius told us that King John would attack the French at siege at Calais. With the death of King Richard the immediate concerns of French invasion seemed to be passing and many of the nobles had begun to return to administer their holdings in England and Wales. With the discovery of the Bishop of Hereford's involvement in the brothers of Christ sect he would be investigated by King John's spymaster DePercy which would reduce his influence and ability to assist the sect mightily. With little else to discus we turned our attentions to the activities of the season. Tiarnan said that he would travel to Hibernia on some private matter, Medius studied from the Imagonem texts, Marius travelled abroad around the dean gathering information. Cynfellen stated he would learn from Intellego Vis and I attempted to study my curse of food and how it might be quantified in a hermetic perspective.

We then went on to discuss items that we might construct, I agreed to open a diamond for enchantment in winter and myself and Medius would enchant it next year with a demons eternal oblivion enchantment. We also discussed the forthcoming kings council and Marius stated he would recruit four wizards, four Fae and four mundanes to make a rounded council. He also stated that it would meet on the midsummer of 1205 at the spring which he was given permission to do by the Pontifex.


The Summer showers fell on the trees by the spring, each drop rolling down the leaves and thence to the ground, seeping down through the soft loam and joining the spring, tumbling down the hill, racing round boulders and delayed by reeds, till it sploshed into the mighty Severn with its thousand brothers, slowly rolling past Lydney and out into the mighty sea. I wonder at what point it started to cry realising that its journey down the river of life was finishing and it turned salty.

The meeting began with dawn's light rising over the covenants walls, the summer nights pass so quickly that my bones barely have time to rest before being raised to reweave my Parma. Tiarnan stated that his investigations on Erin's isle had not found out much of use to help his stricken friend Marissa. Marius informed us that DePercy was pleased with our news but now wanted to visit us at the covenant to discover what the source of this information was. Medius stated that he was going to learn a spell to assist him in his investigations , Marius was to learn from the Corporem book, Cynfellen and Tiarnan were both studying from personal Vis and I having started to see a link between hermetic magic and my blood magic decided to try an experiment to see if I could boost the spell of growth I possess to enhance my stature even more.

Later that Season DePercy Arrived and spent a few days living amongst us and assessing our potential, He talked at length and made a bold offer of making all Quaesitors in England magistrates so that they may administer legal rulings in the kingdom. Medius was dubious but said he would take the offer to the Concillium Quaesitori to discuss the idea with them.

Later in the season Medius and Tiarnan left to go into the Fae Regio to pay respects to the Niniaw.


The harvest time came and went and our labours in the fields and orchards were well rewarded, out stores strain at the seams as grain and apples aplenty are put away for darker days. Blessings of the Morrigen meant that again disease and pestilence avoided our people and crops, leading to bounteous harvests and bouncing babies.

A quiet season was planned with Medius and Cynfellen both extracting Vim Vis, Myself teaching Frioc my apprentice and Tiarnan creating an item for the boat. The only person to leave the covenant that season was Marius who was off to Dublin to set up some spies to help with the Fell problem there.

During the season I discovered that the mighty oak that Llandothwyn had set upon the hill to our north could pass message to the mighty Ex Miscellanean. Cynfellen received a vision from the Anu about his Familiar and seems set to head off next year on a quest to discover it.


The trees look bare, Autumn has burned the leaves from there boughs, the birds that remain sit solemnly staring at the cold hard earth for worms and bugs that are not there, but sleeping deep beneath the tree roots till the Anu nudges them and the trees awake again next year.

At the council Marius announced that he had successfully set up a small spy network in Dublin and that he had news from abroad, King John's fleet has scattered the French and relieved the siege of Calais. The pope in Rome had forgiven King John and his excommunication was lifted, this meant that church services could take part again which was bad news for the Fae and other magical creatures near church bells. Apparently King John would now decide whether to continue the fight against the French or seek peace to save money. One final piece of news Marius brought us filled us with good cheer was that the archbishop of Hereford had fled to Rome to avoid arrest by DePercy's men. Marius and Tiarnan continued there trips to the Fae realms going to Llear's realm this time, I opened the enchantment on the Diamond, Medius made a tincture to assist him in the fight against the infernal and Cynfellen extracted Vim Vis again.

Later in the season Alanus the redcap arrived with news. Templar knights had been spotted in the environs of Solis castle close to a town called Richmond, Orlania was on the hunt with the help of Boriator. Fenriata the leader of my house had passed into final twilight and an emergency house meeting was called for the midsummer of 1203 to choose a new leader. He also told us that Blywythern covenant would be declared a lost one if no one makes an appearance from that covenant by the next tribunal meeting.

With the end of the season a new year rolls into view, a year of joy and happiness I hope where we can grow in warmth that being a summer covenant provides us with.