Scribed by Fabius

Spring 1219 AD

The year began with all magi in attendance at the spring council. We started with a discussion about events from the previous season, though there was little to report other than Tiarnan’s confirmation that the pear trees, granted to us by the Nynniaw, did not bloom last year and have provided us with no fruit. This appears to be contingent with the spread of the Erechwydd’s influence into the ‘summer glade’ and suggests that Nynnaiw’s power has continued to wane.

As Pontifex, Tiarnan awarded 6 pawns of vis for each service completed in the previous year and our discussion turned to the services for this year. I will perform two services this year, extracting vim vis from the aura this season and creating a minor enchantment akin to the spell ‘Wizard’s Side Step’ the next. Marius, as ever, will continue to pursue our interests in the mundane world (though precisely what he does, council did not press him). Husam will join Marius for the first two seasons of the year to gain better insight and understanding of mundane affairs that will aid him in the future. Cynfelyn and Tiarnan will look to explore Mynydd Myddyn later in the year.

With Ieuan’s demise, bought by Cormoran’s sacrifice, our covenant has lost possibly the greatest threat that we faced, but there are enemies still in our vicinity. In Bristol, it seems the Black Knives have fallen into disarray, with Lambert and Gerald at each other’s’ throats, and Benedict expelled from the city. There are rumours that Benedict has been sighted near Oxford, but with few spies so far afield and Benedict’s spirit watchers gaining more information about his whereabouts will be difficult. We need to find someone who possesses the sight, perhaps, to make any great progress against him. In the meantime, Tiarnan intends to pick up some Arcane Connections to locations and individuals within Bristol so we may eavesdrop on our enemies. Our new spymaster, Faulk, will be instructed to try and make use of our enemies’ disorganisation and extend our mundane spies into Bristol.

Finally, Tiarnan said he would find some time to investigate Glastonbury. Cormoran had intended to find out more about the place, following the Earl of Somerset’s attempt to gain a Holy relic in order to bring the dominion to that place. We suspect it may be a site of significant age and power, and Marius has included it in a list of protected sites within the Royal Charter. Tiarnan intends to see what more he may learn; so we may better understand what the Earl hoped to achieve by his manipulations and look to protect the location from the Church.

Thus, with Marius and Husam abroad and the rest of us at our various works, the season passed peacefully for the covenant.


The summer council met with Marius and Husam still away in London. There was little news to report from last season, save Tiarnen’s investigation of Glastonbury Tor. It appears that the Tor itself is situated away from the small town of Glastonbury. The land around it is marshy and fen-like, and the Tor itself is separated from the mundane world by virtue of this marsh and patches of thick woodland. Tiarnen identified that the surrounding marshland has a small faerie aura, and he believes that the Lady Nimue has influence of the area. However, the Tor itself is powerfully magical. The Aura rises from 5th magnitude on the steep, grassy slopes up to 6th magnitude at the entrance of the small stone tower which sits at the top. The tower is in partial ruin, but the ground floor of the tower was structurally hale. Tiarnen described it like a small church or chapel, but now covered in a deep green moss which covers almost the entirety of the area; which he identified as magical before taking a small sample. As he explored amongst the moss covered pews, walls and altar, Kai heard a noise from without; horses hooves as if galloping towards the entrance of the chapel.

As they sought to leave, the entrance was blocked by the imposing figure of a knight. Fortunately, Tiarnen recognised the figure from stories told in the Covenant Journal as the faerie Sir Maurice. The Knight confronted them, demanding to know who dared disturb the “old King’s rest”. Quick thinking as ever, Tiarnen claimed he had been sent by the King and produced Aeddyn’s seal – which many of us use when abroad to gain his protection from the mundanes. The faerie Knight’s demeanour changed immediately with this, and Sir Maurice expressed delight to hear that the King had returned and immediately pledged his sword to Aeddyn.

With little of the season left, Tiarnen returned to the Covenant. He identified that the moss was a source of Terram vis (which we have sent to Blackthorn, in order to register the site). However, there is a larger mystery here. Some legends tell of an isle, named ‘Avalon’, where supposedly King Arthur was buried. Could this green chapel be the legendary resting place of this ancient King? If so what treasures and mysteries might it reveal?

Tiarnen spent this season investing vis into the frame of our scrying mirror, as Covenant service. Cynfelyn extracted Vim vis for the Covenant, and I creating minor enchantments of an effect similar to ‘Wizard’s side-step’ for the Covenant stores. The rest of this season passed peacefully.


Our autumn council was attended in full, with Marius bringing news from London. It seems now certain that he shall have Henry accused of illegitimacy and usurp the English throne for himself. Such a bold move shall undoubtedly bring the country to war, as Henry’s supporters contest his claim. One of the principle supporters of Henry is his uncle the Earl of Gloucester, so it seems inevitable – should Marius take this course of action – that war shall come to our doorstep. When questioned, Marius believed that an attack upon the Covenant itself was unlikely – but, unless the Welsh can quickly seize Chepstow and Monmouth, there is danger for Lydney (through which the bulk of our finances come). One further obstacle, that appears to weakens Marius’ control in the West, is the Earl of Somerset.He too would is an implacable supporter of Henry, and his army allied with Gloucester will make the situation in the West precarious.

Cynfelyn and Tiarnen had intended to venture to Mynydd Myddyn this season, but the demise of Prima Ex-Miscellanea has provoked an emergency meeting of that House at Cad Gadu. Husam and Cynfelyn intend to travel to this meeting later in the season. Tiarnen will perform a second Covenant service instead; investing the first part of the scrying spell into the mirror he invested last season.

The season was quiet, save for two visitors to the Covenant: The first was the Red Cap, Allanus. He reported that his House-mate Veneia of Solis Castle had passed away and would be replaced by her filia Nitoria. Ex-Miscellanea have a new Primus, Magus Kentigern, formally of Rubha nan Clach Covenant in Loch Leglean. It is believed he will retain the Domus Magnus at Cad Gadu. Further abroad, House Criamon met at the Cave of Twisting Shadows. Their Primus announced that members of the Kabbalah who bear the gift of magic will be welcome to join their House. He asked that Christian magi look beyond their prejudice towards members of this race and assist Jewish magi to join the Order.

Of mundane news, there was much of the two Crusades called by Pope Honorius III. He has sent Cardinal Pelagius to the Holy Land to lead the crusaders. Formerly under the command of John of Brienne, King of Jerusalem, they had successfully laid siege to Damietta. Despite being outnumbered 2 to 1, they successfully captured one of the towers outside the city. It seems that John has managed to strike an alliance with the Sultan of Rum, who has launched attacks against the Ayyubids in Syria so that the crusaders are not forced to fight on two fronts. In France, the crusade against the Cathars has met a setback. Simon de Montfort, who was leading the Crusade, has died attacking the heretic stronghold of Toulouse. Finally, the Red Cap had a small package for Cynfelyn. The contents were not revealed, but over dinner he revealed that it was something of a gift from House Flambeau for his support in Novgorod.

The second visitor arrived towards the end of the season. A full-bodied figure, named Maximus filius Luvidicus. Like his pater, he is a Quaesitor of House Guernicus. He will be residing here for next season with a view to joining our council next year.


The winter council met with only Marius not in attendance. We had an opportunity to formally meet Maximus and for him and the council to ask questions about his membership. Maximus appeared a genial fellow, open-minded and polite. After some practical sorts of questions, the discussion quickly became quite philosophical; regarding the status of the mundanes in Hermetic life, the faeries, the ‘old gods’ and the temporal power of Rome. I was left with a positive impression of this young magus. He will reside with us over the course of this season and we will formally vote upon his application to join, should he still wish it, at the spring council.

After Maximus departed, news from last season was imparted. Tiarnen had gained some news from our spymaster, Fulk. It seems the Fells of Bristol have fallen further into infighting and skirmishes, as the two Masters (we presume) vie for power over the city. In this chaos, our spies have made excellent progress infiltrating the city and Fulk believes it is only a matter of time before we can obtain information from within the Fell network itself. Another potential avenue of research is the ‘Bristol Lark’, which still appears to make regular harbour in Bristol. However, attempts to track Benedict have met with much less success. His trail leads into the vicinity of Oxford, but all spies sent to follow the trail from there have been murdered. It seems, therefore, likely that it has been Benedict’s spirit watchers which provided the greatest bar to our spies in Bristol – though caution must ever be applied in that city. We shall have to hope that someone with some facility with ghosts and spirits can take on Benedict at some point in the future – perhaps Maximus, if he joins us.

Husam and Cynfelyn briefly reported back regarding their House Meeting. Primus Kentigern did not deign to present himself to the House or make any speech, but has taken up dwelling in Cad Gadu and now wears the Robes of Dusky Dawn. Whilst neither magus was particularly talkative about the meeting, it was clear that Cynfelyn, at least, had poor opinion of him. I had thought that someone like Archimagus Jolyon would have been of greater age – but it appears he declined the honour!
Finally, the status of ‘Cormoran’s Tower’ – deep within the Erechwydd’s court of snows – was decided. Tiarnen believes that any wishing access to the tower will need first to entreat with the Erechwydd herself. Whilst she is not hostile to the magi of the Covenant, and is unlikely to attack or imprison us (given her seat at Marius’ council), it has been declared a ‘Contested’ vis site from now on. No magi announced any intention of seeking to exploit that site this season.

The remainder of the season passed without event. Marius made a brief visit, passing between Brittany and Powys as he shores up his alliances ready for potential civil war.