Maximus joins the covenant.
Cynfelyn rejoins House Flambeau and is once again known as Astrius.
Husam journeys to Brittany and returns with a new companion, Vincent.
Tiarnan is slain by the Unnamed House in Mynydd Myddyn.
Provencal Tribunal raises a charge against Marius regarding interfering in mundane affairs.

Astrius assists Holy Isle to investigate Tiarnan’s death in Mynydd Myddyn.
Templars seize a pagan priest in Lydney.
Marius is declared King of England.
Lysimachus joins the covenant.
The Concilium Quaesitori rules that we can now change the charter as we see fit.
Marius reports that the Erechwydd’s power waxes.
Husam finds a spy in Lydney; the man reports to the Abbot of Tintern.

It is agreed that Husam will establish a bawdy house in Bristol.
One of the covenfolk has a vision of a red dragon drinking from the Severn.
Maximus authorizes a wizards’ war in which Edith slays Kentigern.

Hashim, Husam’s pater, is renounced for the murder of four magi in the Levant.
Husam reports Frioc’s problems with local villagers; he receives little welcome at Trevalga.
The Erechwydd grants one of her worshippers a magical gift concerning blue flames.

Astrius and Maximus investigate the Templars in Cotterly, but the expedition goes awry.
House Jerbiton narrowly votes to support Marius’ actions.
Further warnings of the Mongol hordes are heard.

The covenant is transported into a higher level of the magical regio for four years.
Marius organises the vis collection in the absence of all the other Magi.
Marius executes Prince Henry for treason.
Some members of the Levant Tribunal are in negotiation with the Order of Suleiman.
William De Percy dies; his son, Thomas, inherits his position and the Earldom of Gloucester.

A pogrom takes place in York; Marius acts to forbid all such future actins.
An increase in the dominion aura is reported through the works of the Franciscans.
The trapped Magi manage to get a note to Marius.
Marius encourages the Hanse League to establish a Kontor in London.
Francis of Assisi dies; he is widely acclaimed.

Marius allows the Franciscans to build a monastery near to Gloucester.
Thomas De Percy tracks down two Templars in London.
Petrus becomes an Archimagus.
Genghis Khan, leader of the Golden Horde, dies.

Uren, Marius’ son, becomes Prince of Powys.
Francis of Assisi is declared a saint.
Duncan manages to escape from the regio.

The covenant returns to the mundane world.
Astrius elaborates on his tale of activities at Cotterly.
Lysimachus encounters Benedict in Witney; he is visited by a bound demon in Oxford.
The Magi destroy a great demon summoned by Benedict near Witney.