Marius' private journal

Spring 1227 AD

With no news from the covenant, affairs of state occupy my time. I wish to review and refine some aspects of the common law; primarily to prevent some of the corruption which appears rife within some areas of tax collection and magistrate authority. Common law operates on a system of precedents not unlike Hermetic law; and I wish to pursue the idea that a great book of precedents be written and copies distributed to Gloucester and York. I have arranged a meeting of the magistrates to convene at Winchester next year.

I have also been approached by the Order of Franciscans who have asked permission to build a monastery. I’m loathe to allow the monastics room to manoeuver within these isles, but there is a hope that these Franciscans may be more open to a relationship with the Order than either the Benedictines or Cistercians have been. I’ve decided to grant their request and allowed them to build a site close to Gloucester. Thomas was highly amused, of course, and looks forward to infiltrating spies amongst their number before even a stone of their monastery is laid. Perhaps when Lysimachus is finally returned to us, he might be persuaded to see whether there is any common ground within our natural philosophies to allow a less hostile and suspicious relationship to grow.

News came that Honorius III has died and that Count Ugolino of Segna has been elected Pope Gregory IX.


With Thomas’ able assistance we were able to discover two Knights of the Temple who had been hiding in London. Under questioning it seems that they were coordinating spies and making contacts in order to bring more of their number into the country. Thomas was able to track back from this information to uncover several sympathizers within the monastic orders; who have been dealt with. It reminds me though, that the Brothers in Christ sect are still determined to bring their crusade back to these shores.

I didn’t catch up with very much Hermetic news this season, though I did discover that Petrus has become an archemagus at his House meeting; defeating a posthumous challenge left by a former archemagus of his House.


News has arrived that Frederick and his army set sail from Brindisi for Acre, but it seems the Emperor’s ambitions were thwarted by an epidemic which forced him to return. It seems our new Pope, Gregory, took advantage of this and excommunicated Frederick for breaking his crusader vow. It seems Gregory is as intent as his predecessor in trying to prevent Frederick consolidating his power at the expense of the papacy.

House Tremere also reported that Ghengis Khan, master of the great armies which have swept the lands of the east, has died. They believe the great Horde has divided into two, each under the command of his sons.

Edith has called for a meeting of Stonehenge Tribunal next year.

Creo 5 pawns, Herbam 5 pawns, Rego 5 pawns, Vim 3 pawns, plus 10 acorns.


Another fairly quiet season spent between Gloucester and Powys which afforded me time to visit the Briarvel and speak to some of the men posted there. There has been no sign at all so far this year. It seems no one has managed to escape the regio and no further messages have been found. I spoke to the Lladra whilst I was there. She seemed untroubled by their loss, almost like she had no memory of the covenant. I decided to travel into the faerie regio where, after a brief delay receiving the hospitality of the winter court, I was able to speak with the Morrigan. She told me they were alive, but the covenant had moved further from the mortal world. She said to be patient and that they would be restored in time. I asked to be taken to them, but she refused; saying I was needed in the mortal world more than they needed me. It is so frustrating: For all my influence and authority in the mundane world, all my contacts amongst the faerie and my sodales within the Order, I am powerless to help them it seems.