Marius' private journal

Spring 1228 AD

I received a letter at the beginning of the season from archemagus Petrus. He has promised to visit and do what he can to help immediately after the Grand Tribunal next year. It is depressing to think it shall be at least another 18 months before he can come; but I must think about the long term now that no hope of a short-term solution can be found.

Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury has died in Rome and Walter de Hempsham has been elected the new Archbishop. De Hempsham has begun his tenure by criticising me for not building any new churches or cathedrals since I was crowned; which doesn’t bode well for a productive relationship between us.

Uren, my son, now aged 19 has become the new Prince of Powys. He still has a few of years of his apprenticeship left (there will be some gaps in his magical training unfortunately, but he’ll probably end up using magic as little as I do). His mother and I travelled with him into Wales for the ceremony and we spent a pleasant season within the cantriff. It’s hard to see my boy as a man; he has grown up so fast. I can see many aspects of both my mother and father in him.


To Winchester along with my son and Thomas. I swore in many magistrates at the meeting and have commissioned the great book of precedent to help serve the common law and make its application more uniform across the Kingdom. I have made a law forbidding monks from holding the title of magistrate; something I’m sure will delight my new Archbishop.

The Stonehenge Tribunal was a fairly short but well attended meeting. I arranged to postpone our tithe until the fate of Severn Temple is better known. There were a number of new Ex-Miscellaneans sworn in at the meeting, but other than that the main business was the election of a permanent hoplite to serve alongside Astrius (hopefully) and 3 magi to represent the Tribunal next year at Durenmar.

Magnus and Kira both stood for the position, with Kira narrowly winning the election to become Hoplite. Theophilus, Syrentia and by a narrow margin Fergus were elected to represent us at the Grand Tribunal; all good choices. They will join Edith, Serenia, Jolyon and myself.


Word came that Gregory has raised Francis of Assisi to the status of Sainthood. It seems that Frederick tried to talk his way out of trouble with the Pope, but gave up in the end and has set sail for Acre despite being excommunicated. It’s clear he intends to take Jerusalem for himself, using his marriage to Yolande to support his claim. At the moment, this serves me well; for while Gregory is focussed on Frederick’s grab for ever more power, he’s not really aware of how relatively weak the Church has become here.

Otherwise a quiet season.


Finally, some news from the covenant. It seems that Maximus’ man, Duncan, was able to escape the regio by virtue of an enchantment created by Fabius and wielded by Astrius. I travelled immediately to Blacknee and questioned the man for hours regarding the fate of my sodales and the conditions within the regio. It seems that poor diet and cramped conditions have left many of the covenfolk in poor physical condition; but for them it seems that time has passed more slowly than beyond. Duncan was very confused when I told him the year, for he believed they were in the Winter of 1225, the same year the covenant vanished.

I earnestly hope this is a sign that the regio is perhaps weakening and that the covenant and my sodales will be returned soon. I decided to stay at the site over the end of the year; perhaps my hopes will be crushed come the beginning of spring, but if there is a chance that they will return, I’d like them at least to be greeted by a friendly face.

Creo 5 pawns, Herbam 5 pawns, Rego 5 pawns, Vim 3 pawns, plus 10 acorns.