The White Lady captures Duncan in Bristol, turning him into one of her servants.
The Tribunal meeting ends in farce due to an argument over Quaesitorial procedure.
Maximus is captured by the Brothers In Christ, but they release him with a proposal.

Aeddan announces his intention to step down as King within three years.
Several vis sites produce less vis than usual.
Brother William is captured in Gloucester.
Lysimachus converses with a young Myddyn.

The magi discover a young dragon in Mynydd Myddyn and help it escape to the otherworld.

Husam and Lysimachus investigate the manor at Keynesham.
Aeddan hands over the crown of England to Uren.
House Ex Miscellanea makes the Brother in Christ an enemy of the House.

Astrius recounts his trip to Transylvania.
Husam, Lysimachus and Maximus slay the diabolist Benedict in Keynsham.
Maximus encounters his former servant, Duncan, now in service to the White Lady.

Urbanus is elected Primus and joins Valnastium
Maximus' party is waylaid by a faerie on the way to Narwold.
The magi destroy the revenant of the old knight of Keynsham.
Fabius and Ildanacht go missing while travelling to Verdi.
Lysimachus again encounters the demon at the King's College.
Aeddan uses the Morrigan's influence to inflicts a plague on Tintern abbey.

Civil war breaks out in Wales as Daffyd ap Gwynedd attacks Powys.
The emergency Tribunal elects representatives for the Grand Tribunal.
Erla joins the covenant.
Husam learns that Girardino has betrayed him and joined the diabolists in Bristol.

The council rejects Phaedra's application to join.
The Grand Tribunal declares the Mongols to be an enemy of the Order.
Luvidicus' ruling is overturned, and the Brothers In Christ become enemies of the Tribunal.
Daedalus joins the covenant.
Lysimachus has a vision of Myddyn in the crystal caves.

Lysimachus travels to Black Road covenant and the university of Paris.
Maximus reports the decisions of his House meeting.
Maximus escapes censure by the Council after he reveals secret discussions to his Primus.
Mona and her undead minions slay Maelgwyn.

Urbanus gets married, and his new wife gives birth to twins.
Maximus rules that Salios was sane when he expelled the other Magi from Narwold.
Husam and Lysimachus investigate rumours of diabolism in Dublin.
Urbanus is assassinated, mots likely by the Brothers In Christ.