Aeddan is slain and the crown of math is stolen.
The covenant's aura and several of its vis sites begin to fade.
Narwold is destroyed by Mona.
Eleanor is crowned Queen of England.
The Erechwydd invites the Magi to participate in a council of war, but they decline.

The council declares the Brothers In Christ to be enemies of the covenant.
The Erechwydd attacks Blackney and curses the covenant.
The magi clarify the legal status of the covenant's landholdings.
Lysimachus meets the queen of England.
The magi learn of Aeddan's murderers.
The Erechwydd and a member of House Merinita attack the covenant.

A planned investigation of the Brothers In Christ is postponed following the fall of Oakham Vale.
The Tribunal votes to sponsor a Great Library.
Neithir is killed while attacking the covenant.
Maximus has a vision of the renegade Merinitans approaching Damhan-Allaidh.

The demon at the King's college claims the Brothers In Christ are an infernal sect.
House Bonisagus meets to discuss the problems facing the Order.
Maximus and Lysimachus harvest vis from the barrows of the old kings.

Maximus proposes various amendments to the Charter, but he is told to reassess them.
Cultists in Lydney sacrifice to the Erechwyth, enabling her to breach the covenant's Aegis.
Former Merinitans from Pitfichie Forest destroy Balmanach covenant in Loch Leglean.
Captain Barroc helps the Welsh win victories against the English.
The demon in the King's College causes trouble by kidnapping various masters.

Giant spiders and wolves attack Lydney.
Amabilia corrupts the Heart of the Forest.
Astrius cuts down the tree in the Heart of the Forest, banishing the demon inside.
Astrius and Lysimachus kill the Pybaw.
Rufus is captured by a Cor and slaughtered by Amabilia.
Astrius, Lysimachus and Geddyn trap and kill Mona, Candalo and Barak.
Maximus' divines that defeating Amabilia will require peace with the Erechwydd

Maximus departs on a pilgrimage to Rome.
Maximus determines that Princess Eleanor has the Gift.
Astrius accidentally kills Constantius while clearing spiders out of the mines at Lydney.
The magi discover that Bethwyn has been killed by the Brothers in Christ at Huntley Priory.
A pack of werewolves relocate to Lydney.
Astrius and Lysimachus kill many of Amabilia's servants in the faerie regio.

Maximus returns after failing to reach Rome on his pilgrimage.
Idnedd restarts the pagan cult in Sydney.
Maximus confirms signs of infernal activity at Huntley Priory.
Loch Leglean and Stonehenge agree to aid each other against Damhain-Alledh
The pagan powers re-emerge.
Maximus conducts a survey of surrounding landholdings on behalf of the crown.
A scholar at the King's College dies while looking for the elixir of life.

Maximus discovers members of the Brothers In Christ at Morstow.
Lysimachus and Husam retrieve the Crown of Math.
The Provisions of Oxford establish the first parliament.
The Erechwydd's forces deliver Amabila's broken staff to the covenant.

The Erechwydd defeats Astrius and Lysimachus in battle
Daedalus leaves the covenant