Scribed by Erla

Spring 1262 AD

With the destruction of Cad Gadu and the death of Edith, one might imagine the Tribunal opting to elect a more martial figure than the mild Arcanus as Praeco. It was inevitable, I suppose. The most ideal candidate was mysteriously absent and they could not bring themselves to trust a Tytalan.

It is typical of the Order. As we move inexorably closer to confrontations, whether with an ancient enemy returned or simply the aggressive power of the Dominion, wizards fear those with the strength and will to resolve them. ‘Do nothing’ is their instinct, ‘hide away and hope the storm passes’. It has served the Order well in the past, this strategy. However, it is hard to see how we can avoid the storms ahead of us. I think we cannot; the Order will fail if it cannot find the courage and resolve to challenge them.

Astrius, absent from the council, sent word that the terrible spirits which accompanied Davnalleous have been driven off by the resurgent power of the old gods. Our enemy shouldn’t be underestimated, but he has been certainly rendered more vulnerable.

Those magi among us who follow the jealous god should reflect on this. What aid has their god been to us against this threat? They should remember that the pagan gods are far older than Christianity. The old gods walked this land before ever the Romans sought to conquer. Dreams and visions stir once more within those who would see those days return. Prophecies are whispered that we stand upon the eve of a final battle between the old gods and the jealous newcomer.

The bloody drums of war are already beating. Queen Eleanor has stuck against the rebel barons led by De Montfort and driven him north to Leicester. This victory was not decisive, however. It cannot be long before the rebels raise their banners against her again. In the far north, Carlisle has been liberated from the Scottish raiders who followed Davnalleous. It seems that stripping our enemy of his servant spirits has caused those clans to fall into infighting. The Welsh, however, hold the English lands around Chester and see perhaps an opportunity to overpower the Marches. We must ensure we take on extra supplies; in case they have ambitions as far south as Gloucester and the Dean.

So much of our fate appears tied to an unlikely influence. A mere slip of a girl, whose birth right and secret power may decide the outcome of the battles to come. She is yet young and helpless though and who else heard Davnalleous’ dream offering power and immortality in exchange for the girl and the crown?

Later in the season, we discover some of the Order’s enemies have indeed been tempted by Davnalleous’ trade. Astrius brings word from Holy Isle that three wizards of the Unnamed House are believed to be searching for her: Ulrich, a necromancer; Siobhan, who has power over the minds of beasts and men; and Raymond, said to wield harsh frost and Hell fire. All are said to be of age and potency. Our only comfort is that they will not share Davnalleous’ prize, so are unlikely to be working together.

Given there is a meeting of Ex-Miscellanea to choose a new Primus and the Grand Tribunal in Durenmar next season, I know when I would choose to assail Severn Temple! The presence of these varied enemies presents a particularly difficult choice for Astrius. He holds two votes and a significant voice at the Grand Tribunal, but should he desert the covenant when attack is most likely? The Archimagus hopes to divine some of our enemies’ plans through the seers of Ex-Miscellanea.


Last season, Astrius sought out Renwick and Curnow to try to divine something of Davnalleous’ plans. He related Curnow’s warning that the ‘shadow of a serpent’ watches and waits for an opportunity to cross the river. Something corrupt, maybe one of the unnamed House, seeks to infiltrate the covenant he believes. He also brought news of a strange event near Malmsbury (perhaps seven leagues or so to our south-east). Ghosts were disturbed in the village graveyard by the presence of some great evil. It is natural to suspect that Ulrich, the necromancer, may be behind this.

Maximus was unable to divine whether an attack upon the Severn Temple would be made this season, leaving the council divided on whether Astrius should risk attending the Grand Tribunal or risk not doing so. Husam and Lysimachus, mindful of the important decisions likely to be reached at Durenmar and conscious of the ramifications for this Tribunal, urged him to go. For once, I agreed with Maximus’ advice, that the immediate threat to the covenant was greater than the hazards posed by wider politics. It was Astrius’ decision to make, however, but he was paralysed by uncertainty. The meeting was adjourned a second time to allow Maximus another chance to glean hints about our season to come.

The Quaesitor focused his seer’s art upon the fate of the girl rather than the covenant this time. The next morning, he described seeing the covenant under a gibbous moon. A shadow sought to approach but was unable to step into the moonlight. Instead, two figures, ‘seen yet un-seen’, walked through our guards and defences. In their hearts, Maximus described the writhing of a serpent. He heard a girl scream as her spirit was engulfed by this serpent. The trees of the covenant shed their leaves in sudden autumn and the moon became swallowed by darkness.

There were clues enough within this vision to allow us to act. Maximus had observed that these two figures had distinctive features; one alternated between stillness and sudden, swift movements, the other had a flawlessly symmetrical face. Husam and Astrius recognised the sigils of their apprentices; currently watching over Lydney.

They captured William and Constanza and discovered that their minds were ensorcelled by some powerful charm bearing what we believe is Siobhan’s sigil. It seems she sought to use them as her unwitting agents later in the season. Unfortunately, the spell’s duration means that they have needs been incarcerated in Blackthorn until the end of the year.

It seems that Siobhan, at least, is skulking somewhere in the Dean; perhaps hiding in the corrupt dell to our south where she can evade the Morrigan’s watch. It seems unlikely that the evil spirit which accompanies her can penetrate our defences, but her Hermetic magic is powerful enough to turn our guards into potential enemies. She may simply watch and wait for another opportunity to strike indirectly now that her plans are thwarted, though we cannot be certain of that.

I leave on the morrow for Holy Isle. With such a threat active in the Dean, it is gladdening to know that Astrius will remain over-season. Whatever political machinations arise from the Grand Tribunal, the loss of either the girl or the crown would be a disaster for us all. He has made the right decision, I believe; though only time will tell for certain.


The covenant of Cad Gadu has been restored! News from the House meeting at Holy Isle revealed that a great forest has risen up across the previously bare hills and three large towers were seen by those flying over the region.

Two magi made claim to being the oldest member of House Ex-Miscellanea and rather than fight it out in some ridiculous certamen, they agreed to a debate and a vote of the House to decide who would gain title of Primus. The fae-touched Galioin from Hibernia was strongly pagan in his outlook and had the air of a self-assured politician, whereas the giant-blooded Olafsson of Novgorod emphasised religious freedom and presented himself with very plain, straightforward language. Neither candidate was Edith; but both had virtues worthy of consideration, especially as both committed to retaining the Domus Magus at its traditional seat of Cad Gadu.

Before we had a chance to vote, however, Renwick came to Husam with a warning from a vision. He’d seen fires engulfing the trees around the covenant and also great stone hands reaching out of the earth somewhere on a mountainside. He believed these events would happen within a day or two, so we needed to get this warning back to the covenant quickly. I left my sigil with Husam for the vote and the Robes of Dusky Dawn (Edith had granted them to Emma for protection, so they had survived the destruction of the Cad Gadu) to present to the new Primus, and used the ‘Leap of Homecoming’ to return swiftly to the covenant.

My arrival barely preceded the attack.

The alarm was raised when we felt the ‘Aegis of the Hearth’ being breached by some magic and the trees at the north end of our covenant suddenly burst into livid flame. They burnt with such ferocity that the sap boiled and ruptured their thick trunks even as the grogs were assembled.

There was some agency within the fire – like an elemental, though more probably an infernal spirit. As one of the trees collapsed in flaming ruin, the flames began to stalk towards the central tower igniting anything that came near with wild streaks of fire.

With no chance of fighting it in the field, the grogs withdrew to the tower with Astrius ready to meet it in the great hall. The large doors shuddered under the assault of the creature, their timbers blackening from the ferocious heat emanating from the entity. As the doors failed, this terrible heat swept into the hall, eventually forcing even Astrius to retreat.

It moved to the stairwell where it cornered Lysimachus. Unwilling to retreat to the cellars where Maximus and his apprentice hid within his temporary sanctum stood his ground and met its lashes of fire with lightning. During this battle, Lysimachus later reported that another entity was attempting to manipulate his mind; whispering commands that fortunately he was strong willed enough to resist to lead the demon to ‘the girl and the crown’.

By his art, Lysimachus defeated the fire demon and was eventually joined by Astrius. They guessed that Raymond, one of the magi of the Unnamed House allied with Davnalleous, had got passed Lysimachus on the stairs. The arrived in the cellars in time to hear Raymond blast open the doors to the Sanctum. Astrius conjured thick webs within the antechamber and may have momentarily caught the magus, but we felt the Aegis of the Hearth breached again as the enemy apported to safety.

During the fight in the cellars, Emma had used a potion to apport to Blackthorn for safety. It seems this plan was rather too predictable, however. Lysimachus travelled after her to discover that Blackthorn was under attack itself. A great earth elemental had been summoned to assail the formidable gatehouse of that covenant. It took some time to find the magi of the covenant to discover what was going on. Eventually he discovered that whilst the covenant had been distracted by the elemental, Davnalleous was waiting nearby when Emma apported outside the gates.

With its task done, the elemental appeared to crumble into clods of earth and rubble. Using an arcane connection to the girl, Luvidicus was able to identify that she had been taken underground – most likely within a network of caves within the Black Mountains. Astrius arrived to lend help in the rescue attempt and later they were joined by Husam and the new Primus of House Ex-Miscellanea, Olafsson.

Back at the covenant, we belatedly realised that the assault was not yet ended. The spirit which had sought to gain control of Lysimachus was still abroad within our Aegis of the Hearth and using its fell magics to try to locate the crown. It seized control of first one then another of the covenfolk to transport it down to Lysimachus’ Sanctum and begin a search for the pagan relic. Maximus pursued it, able to see the non-corporeal entity but possessing no art to destroy it. The spirit moved from person to person, apparently having little ability to interact with the physical world itself.

Eventually I was forced to intervene. I could not send the thing back to its dark realm, but I had art to deny it the physical assistance it needed by turning its servants into pigs. I was obliged to use such art on Maximus when he inevitably got himself possessed and started to try and dig the crown from its hiding place. He seemed happy enough in porcine form though; I dare say it reminded him of his younger days when he was a greedy, fat pig all the time.

Having trapped Maximus, his familiar and my own dear Agnes as pigs to stop them ferreting around in Lysimachus’ Sanctum, I travelled to Blackthorn to gain help in destroying the spirit. Luvidicus, with the aid of a grog possessing the sight, was able to banish the creature. Lysimachus retrieved the crown and gave it to me for safe keeping as he and the senior quaesitor returned to Blackthorn.

Davnalleous had taken Emma deep into the labyrinth of caves under the mountains and spells to detect her eventually failed, suggesting he was hiding within a regio. I suspect Davnalleous intended to wait for Raymond to deliver the crown, then carry out some terrible ritual from the relative safety of his hiding place.

Uncertain of his intentions, the magi travelled to where Zephyrus believed natural entrances to the network of caves might be found. As they lay in wait, the red cap sensed they were being watched by some unseen presence. Luvidicus was able to reveal the presence of ghosts watching in the area, suggesting that Ulrich of the Unnamed House was nearby.

Dispatching the watching spirits, the party made their way into the closest cave. Lysimachus summoned an earth elemental and sent it ahead to spy upon the tunnels. Sure enough, it sensed the approach of Ulrich – perhaps coming to check on whether his non-corporeal guards had spotted anything. This enemy was caught entirely unprepared by the magi waiting for him and Ulrich was swiftly slain.

It seemed likely that Davnalleous was hiding somewhere along the tunnel ahead, so the party cautiously made their way deeper into the mountain. Lysimachus had the wise idea of sending his elemental ahead to scout the tunnels as went. They passed across the boundary of a regio; then the elemental returned to report that it had detected the presence of a greater elemental in the passage up ahead. This entity was waiting in ambush for any who tried to pass, ready to bring the tunnel crashing down upon those daring to explore beyond.

The party concocted a daring plan. Lysimachus and Husam would scout ahead in the form of small lizards and collect arcane connections from a safe distance further along the tunnel, so the group could apport to this point beyond the elemental trap. The first part of this scheme went well – it seems the elemental was not able to perceive the true nature of the intruders and had not been set to watch for such small creatures – but when the others apported it seems that Luvidicus was clumsy with his spell. The others arrived safely through, but the senior quaesitor was nowhere to be seen.

Lysimachus, still in lizard form, continued into the depths of the mountain while the others tried to discover Luvidicus’ fate. Our follower of Bonisagus discovered a large cavern some way beyond and there found Emma. Davnalleous had used some considerable enchantment to sever the great, heavy spur of a stalagmite. Emma was placed unconscious across the base of this rock formation, like an offering on an altar. The head of the stalagmite appeared suspended above her by some enchantment – ready to crush her the moment Davnalleous willed it.

It seems that Luvidicus had somehow fallen through to the mundane level of the regio and been badly injured as his legs had appeared within the body of the tunnel floor. Using ‘Rend the Mystic Veil’ they were able to retrieve him and Astrius was able to heal his grave injuries with magic.

With the senior quaesitor restored, they struck upon a plan to return to the entrance of the regio and use ‘The Intangible Tunnel’ to extract Emma from Davnalleous’ trap. This plan worked well and with Emma’s unconscious body safely transported, they swiftly extricated themselves from the network of caves – guessing Davnalleous would quickly be in pursuit of his prize.
With Lysimachus and Emma transported away to safety, the others remained to fight the ancient sorcerer. The attack, when it came, was ferocious. The ground erupted in gouts of flame forcing the magi to scatter. Luvidicus only survived through the quick actions of Olafsson, but Zephyrus was not as fortunate; caught in the air by a bolt of lightning, his unconscious body fell into the searing flames below.

However, Astrius and Husam were free to attack and did so without hesitation. Guessing that Davnalleous was using the safety of the caves to launch his assault, Astrius apported nearby as Husam vanished from sight using some enchantment granted to him before the battle of Cad Gadu. There was a brief game of cat and mouse as Davnalleous and Astrius met in battle. Davnalleous nearly caught Astrius by splitting the earth under him, but Husam was able to approach unseen from behind. Plunging a dagger deep into his neck, our assassin struck!

Thus came to a final end the tale of Davnalleous the ‘undying’!

With this ancient enemy slain at the hands of an Ex-Miscellanean, the magi returned to their covenants to heal the wounded and guard against any further attacks by the magi of the Unnamed House. Primus Olafsson and Husam, however, travelled on to Durenmar (surely the presence of a Hermes Portal within Blackthorn is now the worst kept secret of the Tribunal?).


Witless, rash, motley-minded fools!

The Order of Hermes has a new House: A bastard House birthed from the foul loins of the Brothers in Christ. A House vomited up by the Dominion to destroy us all and yet gleefully embraced to the bosom of the Order by half-witted, boil-brained buffoons! The Grand Tribunal has taken all leave of sanity – no doubt led on by that reeky, unwash'd foot-licker who calls himself Primus Guernicus – and elected to create House Corpus Domini; a House led by a smooth-tongued, whoreson of a monk named Ptolemeus.

Upon hearing Husam’s news, I immediately called for a motion to deny members of this ill-born House ever having entry to our covenant. For some inexplicable reason, it was voted down! At least we have the name of one of the allies of this new House, brother Hermanus of Oxford. There’s a plan to interrogate him magically (though not abduct him!) to see what we can learn about our enemy’s forces within Stonehenge whilst we still can.

There was also some other news. Primus Bjornear has until the next Grand Tribunal to submit to the quaesitori or face being renounced. Oh and a motion to ban the use of magic to subtly support mundane allies has been voted down.
But, by the gods, what calamity for the Order!


No great surprise! The name given up by the villainous Ptolemeus has proven of no use. Hermanus knew the names of a (soon-to-be) magus of the House called Antonius who resides at the University of Paris in the ‘German nation’ and some of the soldiers which serve the Brothers; Dominus and Armandus of the ‘English nation’ in Paris and Ernestus who was a visiting master for two terms when Hermanus joined Oxford in 1260. He may have met a magus of the Order in Paris as well, someone calling himself ‘Pierre of Ventu’ (never heard of it) though he overheard the Latin name ‘Avaris’ (?).

Husam has collected an arcane connection to this Hermanus, who may have detected Maximus’ use of scrying magic.
At the equinox a new tree appeared along our wall, replacing the one burnt down by Raymond in summer. We also received news that Davnalleous has received his due reward within the realm of Arawn and that those members of the Unnamed House who aided him have likely retreated from our region.


A quiet season, though with the Welsh having taken Shrewsbury it may be the last for a while! Their army is rumoured to be heading south along the Marches once the weather improves. An obvious target would be Gloucester. Lysimachus has collected numerous arcane connections from various vantage points around the Dean, so that we may be better warned of trouble.

What a year!

At least Ex-Miscellanea has a Domus Magnus and a Primus again, and the great threat of Davnalleous has been defeated – but I’m still reeling from the catastrophe of the Grand Tribunal! How long can the Order survive now that we have invited our deadliest enemy to sup at our table?