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Volutus is elected as the first Princeps under Severn Temple's new charter
Eurus Aquilae sponsors the resounding of Narwold covenant
The magi investigate an infernal site at the abbey of Abingdon

The magi retrieve and then hide a cursed blade that had prompted several murders
Hypatia is instructed to attend the Grand Tribunal to answer a charge of interfering in mundane affairs
Jari and Terentius investigate Roxburgh
Volutus travels to Giant's Stone, Glenrisdal and Bucholly Castle covenants
Praeco Rochus of Loch Leglean recounts his vision
Hypatia names Luddwyn of Ex Miscellanea as one of the few magi who could have raised the great storm
Volutus and Terentius investigate Abingdon abbey again, with disastrous results
Terentius finds a familiar, Meliorax

Primus Providus of Bonisagus dies and is replaced by Archimagus Praeberus
Several new members of Narwold visit the covenant
Holy Isle investigates Abingdon and finds evidence of a diabolic ritual

A group of monks are spotted near an old covenant in the Clun

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