Terentius manages to get the Horned God's hounds to end their hunt
Harco is abandoned
Terentius finds Swallowcliffe
Jari and Volutus explore Witherenden
Terentius and Pyrrhus encounter the dragon in Mynydd Myddyn

The Old Ones kill the knight of Skenfrith
Volutus is badly burned while investigating the fire at Westminster
Jari speaks with the shade of Arcanus at Witherenden
Severn Temple resists a Tribunal motion to take control of Mynydd Myddyn
Theo defeats and captures John Balliol
The magi intercept a message from the Templars that warns of an impending revolt

Pyrrhus becomes Princeps by lot at an ill-attended council
Terentius and Pyrrhus kill a member of the Brothers In Christ off the coast of Bristol
King Theo arrests York and other conspirators

Volutus and Pyrrhus visit the Cave of Twisting Shadows
The Tribunal votes to create a longevity potion for King Theo
Terentius and Jari discover signs of infernal magic at Tintern
Naevius joins the covenant
Volutus and Jari visit Gofannon to discuss the Shining One