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This page provides details of the covenant's turb of grogs.

  • Captain Michael (43). He is a decent leader, but he is always worried about the men, the covenant and the magi. Apart from his strong arms, he has no obvious traits that make him stand forth from any other man. He is popular with the men for his sympathetic nature and the way he tries to defuse situations with a joke, however in the past this has not worked with some of the more belligerent grogs and he has had to dismiss them from service. He is a loyal and reliable captain, unremarkable in his dealing and actions, and many see him as a average man doing a job that may be above his capability, but one where he just manages to keep his head above water.

  • Sergeant Conall (44). An adventurous, gregarious sort, Conall grew up in Cork, though he moved to England later in his childhood. He is relatively keen-witted for a grog, though he sometimes talks himself into trouble. [Warrior]
  • Ode (33). A cheerless loner, Ode is a competent scout and a fine bowman. He served as a levy against the Scots in his youth, and he lost his sweetheart in a border skirmish. [Archer][Scout]

  • Sergeant Tenney (37). A former sergeant in the King's army, Tenney is a determined and battle hardened man, but not unkind. The horrific burns he suffered at war have not stopped him being a good leader of men. [Warrior]
  • Elias (32). Slow on the uptake, Elias' response to being wronged is likely to be violent. A stocky man of prodigious strength if his battleaxe hits then he can drop a man with a single blow. [Warrior]

  • Sergeant Dilwyn (45). A confirmed miserabilist, Dilwyn also badly lacks charisma and relies on leading by example not words. Despite his gloomy demeanour, he’s a stalwart and loyal shield grog who has accompanied magi on expeditions all over the tribunal. [Warrior/Archer]
  • Symeon (27). A rare man indeed. Although his body has been twisted and hunched by exposure to the magical aura, his spirit has blossomed and Symeon has gifts for both herbalism and healing, as well as being able to see across the Veil. He spends as much time helping in the infirmary as on the walls. [Warrior/Consor]
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