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Hypatia's views on the Magi at 1283 AD


I think Gnaeus will make a good Pontifex. In my experience, the greatest leaders do not have overbearing voices or stubborn opinions. Gnaeus listens to arguments at council in a way I should do well to emulate. He is not vacillating though or naïve in politics; he quietly forms a considered opinion so when he speaks, he speaks wisely. Fair-minded and diplomatic, I think he will weather the occasional storms at council.


I don’t know him well, but I like Jari. His sense of humour may occasionally possess an edge and irritate his sodales, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously and that is a refreshing. He’s finding his way within his interactions with the fae – and it would be fair to say he’s got a bit lost more than once. However, I know how difficult it is, and we learn much from our mistakes.


Lysimachus always spoke fondly of Oratio and I think he would be distressed at what a state has befallen his old friend. Oratio has always been caring towards me and I believe he has a kind heart. He’s has become a forlorn and pitiable figure in recent years and even his familiar doesn’t appear to be able to rouse him. I earnestly hope he can find his way out of the darkness that clouds his mind; not least so that he sees more clearly when interacting with the supernatural powers that surround us.


I don’t really have a great sense of Terentius to be honest. He’s certainly trustworthy and capable, but I can’t help but feel that he disapproves of me. It’s clear from his positions in council that he holds supernatural entities of all kinds in great suspicion – concerned that any affiliation or alliance will risk our ruin; though curiously he appears quite relaxed about the werewolves of Lydney. His caution isn’t unwise – especially given some of the things out there. I just hope that this caution doesn’t become hostile suspicion towards me.


I’ve yet to get to know Volutus, but from everything I’ve seen of him so far he appears genuinely concerned for the wider Order and admirably committed to achieving its good. His work on the council charter, I think, has exercised his ability to find common ground between highly disparate views and promises to reinvigorate our structures and conventions. Good training for a Trianoman I think, and practice which will help him tackle some of the frictions within the Order I’ve no doubt he’ll face in the future.

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