Unique spells

Over the course of the campaign the magi have invented several spells unique to it (some significantly more useful than others). They are listed here for your perusal.

Animal Spells

Conjuration of the Chicken's Corpse
Creo Animal 5, Req: Auram, Spell Focus: Feather +1, R: Near, D: Sun/Inst, Faerie Spell
This spell creates the corpse of an ordinary chicken.
Created by Lothar at the end of an otherwise wasted season, this spell is regarded by the rest of the Magi of Severn Temple as symptomatic of Lothar's respect for the art of magic.

Cripple the Gigantic Beast
Perdo Animal 30, R: Sight, D: Inst
Attempts to break the leg bone of animals with a size greater than +2. The animal must make a Stamina + Size roll of 18+ or a leg is broken. A Stamina + Size roll of 9-17 means the limb is broken and one body level of damage is taken. A Stamina + Size roll of 8 or less means the animal dies of shock.
Created by Audacia. Her sigil is expressed by the fur or skin of the animal becoming blotchy and sickly looking.

Aquam Spells

Fill the Aqueous Bucket

Creo Aquam 5, Spell Focus: a drop of water +1, R: Near, D: Sun/Perm
Produces a bucketful of water.
Created by Maximus in preparation for his journey to the Syrian desert.

Spear of the Glacier's Heart
Creo Aquam 40, Spell Focus: ice from a glacier that has never melted +1, R: Near/Far, D: Inst
The spell creates a huge spear of hardened ice that flies towards the target, doing +35 damage if it hits. If target may be pinned to a nearby wall or tree if there is a suitable surface within three paces. If so, pulling free from the spear requires a Str roll of 9+, with an extra body level being lost on a failure.
Created by Tiarnan.

Safe Passage Through the Snowdrifts
Reqo Aquam 20, Spell Focus: a shovel +1, R: Self/Touch, D: Conc (while walking)
Pushes snow out of the way, allowing a party to pass by.

Speed of the Nereids
Rego Aquam 25, Spell Focus: a shawl from a Nereid +3, R: Self/Touch, D: Sun/Year
As per The Travelling Thistledown, but allows great speed in water. In dolphin form, this allows cruising at 10 knots, twice normal speed.
Created by Tiarnan.

Wrath of White Water
Rego Aquam 40, Spell Focus: spray from a raging river +1, R: Special, D: Special
Causes a normal river to become a raging torrent. Within an area 50 paces across, waves rise up to 20 feet in height and 20 paces in width. Anyone caught in the river must make a Dex+Swim roll of 12+ or start to drown.
Scribed by Beortmaer.

Auram Spells

Ward Against the Hellish Fumes

Rego Auram 15, Req: Ignem, Spell Focus: a pinch of Sulphur +1, R: Self/Touch, D: Sun/Year
Protects the caster or target from the adverse effects of sulphurous smoke and (a side effect from successful experimentation) allows them to see through the fumes.
Invented by Ruaridh to aid him in the harvesting of the Ignem vis.

Climb the Aeolian Steps (ReAu 25); Self/Touch; Sun/Moon
Allows the target to walk on air as though supported by solid ground. The target may move no faster than walking pace, though unlike Winds of Soaring Wind or The Travelling Thistledown, the spell requires no great gusts of wind, which makes it more suitable for infiltrating a settlement in a stealthy manner. Concentration rolls are not required unless the target wishes to do something complicated, such as dodge a missile.
Invented by Lysimachus to provide a stealthy way to infiltrate settlements.

Corporem Spells

Soothing the Afflicted Body

Creo Corporem 20, Spell Focus: a pouch of healing herbs +3, R: Touch, D: Sun/Instant
A more powerful version of the Gentle Touch of the Purified Body. Heals virulent diseases and slows the progress of even more deadly diseases such as plague.
Created by Ruaridh.

Sight Through the Eyes of the Ally
Intellego Corporem 35, Req: Imagonem, R: 100 miles/400 miles, D: Conc (1 hour)
Allows the caster to see through the eyes of the target, as long as the target is within the Range of the spell. An edxperimental side effect means that, if the spell is cast within Near range, it does not require an Arcane Connection.
Obtained by Medius.

Vision Restored
Creo Corporem 30, Spell Focus: an eyeball +3, R: Touch/Near, D: Sun/Instant
Restores the eyes and vision of someone who has lost their sight.
Created by Ruaridh, with Petrus' aid, when a magical accident destoyed his sight.

Sense the Approaching Presence
Intellego Corporem 20, Spell Focus: the targets blood +3, R: one league, D: conc
Allows the caster to sense the location of a person to whom he has an arcane connection.
Created by Ruaridh.

Hooked Nose of the Warty Witch
Muto Corporem 5, Spell Focus: a wart +1, R: Near/Sight, D: Sun/Instant
Enlarges and deforms the target's nose, modifying their Presence by -3 for the duration of the spell.
Invented by Ruaridh in spare time at the end of a season. That magus has actually found 3 occasions on which to cast the spell.

Gift of Achilles
Muto Corporem 25, Spell Focus: a piece of jet +3, R: Body/Touch, D: Sun/Year
Makes the target's skin resistant to damage, adding +8 to soak. The target's left heel is unprotected, with any damage there resisted by a soak roll of 0.
Created by Ruaridh.

Cleanse the Bloody Rags
Perdo Corporem 10, R: Near / Sight, D: Instant
Removes blood, gore and any other bodily stains from a set of garments. An Animal casting requisite is needed if the blood is that of an animal.

Crack of the Splintered Bone
Perdo Corporem 25, R: Near/Sight, D: Inst
Attempts to break the limb of a person. The victim must make a Stm + Siz roll of 12+ or the limb is broken. A Stm + Siz roll less than 6 means the person is immediately reduced to incapacitated, and will die of shock unless treated by a chirugeon. A Stm + Siz roll of 6-11 means the limb is broken and the target automatically loses 1 body level.
Created by Audacia. Her sigil is expressed by the skin of the person becoming pale and blotchy.

Glide Across the Snow's Surface and Glide Above the Snow's Surface
Rego Corporem (Aquam) 15 and 20, Spell Focus: morning frost +1, R: Self/Touch, D: Conc (while walking)
Allows the caster to walk atop and walk an inch above the snow, respectively.

Purloin the Valuable Possession
Rego Corporem (Animal, Herbam, Terram) 15, R: Touch / Near, D: Conc
Allows the caster to remove small objects such as hairs or small possession and transport them to their hand. Items up to 3 ounces in weight can be targeted.

Repel the Troublesome Assailant
Rego Corporem 20, Spell Focus: a lodestone +3, R: Near/Sight, D:Instant
Violently throws the target back ten paces. The target must make a Size stress roll of 12+ or fall down.
Created by Ruaridh as a rapid, non-fatal defence spell.

Herbam spells

Part the Yielding Boards

Muto Herbam 15, Spell Focus: a piece of flexible bark +1, R: Touch/Near, D: Conc
Makes the wooden boards of a door or wall pliable so that the caster can part them to allow access while he concentrates.
Created by Tiarnan.

Ignem spells

The Explorer's Ingenious Lantern
Creo Ignem 25, Spell Focus: a lantern +1, R: Touch, D: Spec
A more powerful version of Lamp Without Flame, this spell creates light that shines forth from a designated object as long as it is held. By concentrating for a round, the caster can change the intensity of the light. The lower bound is equivalent to that of a single candle, whereas at its greatest extent, the light illuminates a circular area of 15 paces around the object as though it was in daylight.
Created by Lysimachus.

Incandescence of the Escaping Wizard
Creo Ignem (Rego, Corporem) 25, Spell Focus: a sunstone +1, R: Self, D: Conc. + 3 rounds
The caster bursts into flames that inflicts +15 damage on foes within Reach range (i.e. those using brawling or short weapons such as daggers and short swords). The spell is maintained through concentration, though it lasts an additional three rounds after concentration is dropped. The Rego and Corporem requisites mean that the caster is unaffected by the flames.

Imagonem Spells

The Assassin’s Diversion
Creo Imagonem 10, R: Far / Sight, D: Instant
Creates a sound that a person could make, although not intelligible speech. The sound lasts only a moment.

The Wizard's Ever-Changing Abode
Muto Imagonem 20, Spell Focus: a paintbrush +1, R: Spec, D: Sun/Year
Allows the caster to alter the appearance of a room, making colours more or less vivid, changing the shapes of any objects and adding or masking any markings on the walls. Casting requisites: appropriate for forms.
Created by Ruaridh.

Mask of Serenity
Muto Imagonem 20, Req: Mentem, Spell Focus: a mask +3, R: Self/Touch, D: Spec
Gives the target a serene appearance, no matter what he or she may be feeling. The target's voice is calm and steady, adding +3 to Guile rolls. Lasts for one conversation.
Invented by Ruaridh to help him in his mundane dealings.

Skin of the Chameleon
Muto Imagonem 20, Faerie, Spell Focus: a chameleon's skin +3, R: Self / Touch, D: Scene / Sun
The target's skin and clothes take on the properties of a chameleon, changing rapidly to match his surroundings. Beyond Near range, the target cannot ordinarily be seen, though spells such as Vision of Heat's Light and such could see the target as they could an invisible person. Within Near range, the difficulties to spot the target are: Perception + Awareness - Stealth roll of 12+ if the target is moving or 18+ if he is stationary. The Stealth bonus does not apply if the target is completely in the open or attacking. Anyone actively looking for the target gets a +3 bonus to the roll. If someone wishes to track a moving target, they must make a roll every three rounds to keep sight of him.
Invented by Tiarnan.

Grant the Shroud of New Blown Glass
Muto Imagonem 40, Spell Focus: clear glass +1, R: Touch/Near, D: Sun/Moon
Transforms the target's image so that it is as transparent as new blown glass. In normal circumstances, this renders the target effectively invisible. The effect is particularly good underwater. The light from lamps or torches occasionally glints off the target, which could give him away if he is observed closely.
Created by Tiarnan.

The Smothered Footsteps
Perdo Imagonem 15, Spell Focus: A feather (+3), R: Self/Touch, D: Scene/Moon
Deadens the noise made by the target’s footsteps providing a bonus to stealth rolls.

Mentem Spells

Escape From Reverie

Creo Mentem 30, Spell Focus: an arcane connection to the target +2, R: Near, D: Scene
Ghosts are often preoccupied with some event relating to their death, which makes it hard for them to focus on other matters. This spells temporarily lifts this shroud from their minds, allowing them to reason and converse with the caster.
Taught to Maximus by Fergus.

Tongue of the Dead
Intellego Mentem 20, Spell Focus: ashes from a corpse +2, R: Eye/Near, D: Conc/Scene
Allows the caster to communicate with a ghost, even if he does not know the language originally spoken by the target.
Invented by Maximus.

Oneiros' Curse
Rego Mentem 20, Spell Focus: a pinch of sand +1, R: Near/Sight, D: Instant
The target falls asleep instantly unless he makes a Stamina roll which depends on his level of activity. Passive 12+, Active 9+, In Combat 6+.
Invented by Ruaridh.

Aura of Inconsequence
Rego Mentem 20, Spell focus: a piece of beggar's clothing +1, R: Touch/Near; Scene/Sun
This spell simply deflects casual attention away from the recipient. Unless the recipient calls attention to himself or an observer is actively watchful, people will pay him no mind. If a character has some reason to be alert they are allowed a Per+Awareness roll of 12+ to noticed the recipient. If the magus takes care to be inconspicuous this Ease Factor may be increased.
Invested into a cloak by Fabius for Lysimachus.

Enforcing the Wizard's Will
Rego Mentem 35, Spell Focus: violet amethyst +3, R: Far/Sight, D: Sun/Moon
Gives the subject one complex instruction to fulfill. Int roll of 12+ to resist. Actions which run contrary to the victim's personality will give the victim a bonus to his resistance role.

Terram Spells

Peering Through the Earth’s Pores [InTe 25; Near/Sght, Con/Sun, Focus: The eye of a faerie of the undermountain (+2)]
The caster is able to see through up to a pace of intervening earth or stone (but not metal) as though it was not there. Can be used to peer through most walls, though castles and other very imposing structures may have walls too thick to pierce.
Created by Lysimachus.

Create the Airy Passage [MuTe(Au) 25] Reach/Near; Conc/Scene, Spell Focus: The claws of a mole (+1)]
Temporarily transforms metal or stone into air, allowing movement through a barrier. Works on up to three paces of metal or stone.
Created by Lysimachus.

Application of Unseen Force

Rego Terram 25, Spell Focus: a silver shaving +1, R: Near/Sight, D: Scene
As the Unseen Porter, except the caster can control horizontal and vertical motion (which requires temporary concentration, but does not require further concentration while the actions are being carried out, unless the caster wishes to change them). The object(s) being carried cannot move more than the range of the spell from the caster at any point. Living beings cannot be moved, and casting requisites are required for other Forms.
Invented by Lysimachus.

Vim Spells

Parma Aurae

Perdo Vim 30, Spell Focus: a bag +1, R: Self, D: Sun/Year
Spells of Self or Body range cast by the target are unaffected by whatever aura he or she may be in.
This spell was created by Petrus after he made his first magical breakthrough in his study of auras.

Discern the Threads of Faerie Power
Intellego Vim 35, Faerie, Spell Focus: a piece of crystal +1, R: Near/Sight, D: Conc
Provides detailed information of the various faerie powers affecting a place, including which faerie lords or ladies currently control the area.
This spell was created by Tiarnan after he witnessed Archimaga Sylvania use a similar effect.