Magical Texts

Severn Temple's magical library has expanded significantly over the past few years. Only three sets of magical texts survived the destruction of the previous incarnation of the covenant. Now there are several volumes on every one of the Arts. The other books were either traded for with other covenants or scribed by the new Magi. The books are all in good condition, having not suffered from the water damage that affected the mundane library.

Cr: 15 (Original Severn Temple text)
In: 20 (Original Severn Temple and Cad Gadu texts)
Mu: 9 (Scribed by Ruaridh)
Pe: 19 (Scribed by Audacia)
Re: 14 (Original Severn Temple and Black Road texts)

An: 10 (Scribed by Idris and Lothar)
Aq: 8 (Original Severn Temple text)
Au: 15 (Scribed by Jean and Ruaridh and from Black Road)
Co: 14 (Original Severn Temple text)
He: 12 (Original Severn Temple and Black Road texts)
Ig: 12 (Original Severn Temple text)
Im: 14 (Original Severn Temple text)
Me: 18 (Original Severn Temple text)
Te: 8 (Obtained from Scarfell)
Vi: 20 (Original Severn Temple and Blackthorn texts)


The covenant spell library is also growing. Many spells have been bound into related collections with a few others written on separate pieces of parchment, and stored in scroll cases.

Selected Helpful Incantations: Aelfwin

Restoration of the Defiled Body [CrCo 25]
Soothe the Pains of the Beast [CrAn 20]
Rise of the Feathery Body [ReCo 10]
Touch of Pearls [InAq 5]

The Physician's Art: Aelfwin

Gentle Touch of the Purified Body [CrCo 15]
Chirugeon's Healing Touch [CrCo 20]
Bind Wound [CrCo 10]

Assorted Magics of Destruction: Audacia

Wrench the Assailant's Mind [PeMe 45]
Bane of the Decrepit Body [PeCo 25]
Crack of the Splintered Bone [PeCo 25]

Spells to Aid the Traveller: Ruaridh

The Seven League Stride [ReCo 35]

Spells for Mastery over the Undead: Audacia

Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit [PeMe (50)]
Vision of the Haunting Spirit [MuMe (5)]
Charm Against Putrefaction [CrCo (5)]

Enchantments that Ward: from Blackthorn

Ward against Beasts of Legend [ReAn (25)]
Circle of Beast Warding [ReAn (20)]
Ward against Faeries of Water [ReAq (20)]
Ward against Faeries of Air [ReAu (15)]
Ward against Faeries of Air [ReAu (50)]
Ward against Faeries of the Wood [ReHe (25)]
Ward against Faeries of the Mountains [ReTe (10)]
Ward against Heat and Flame [ReIg (25)] x2
Ring of Warding against Spirits [ReMe (45)]

Magics of the Human Mind: Ruaridh

Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived [MuMe (20)]
Oneiros' Curse [ReMe (20)]

The Book of the Magus Defended: Ruaridh

Circular Ward Against Demons [ReVi (40)]
Gift of Achilles [MuCo (25)]

Spells of Perception and Revelation: Ruaridh

Eyes of the Past [InIm (20) Ritual]
Sight of the True Form [InCo (15)]

Magics for use against the Dead: Ruaridh

Dust to Dust [PeCo (15)]
Lay to rest the Haunting Ghost [PeMe (25) Side Effect]

Applications of Elemental Forms: Varsavia

Ball of Abyssal Flame [CrIg (30)]
Circling Winds of Protection [ReAu (20)]
Cloak of Duck's Feathers [ReAq (10)]

Magics for Defence Against Arms: Idris

The Treacherous Spear [ReHe (20) Au]
The Turncoat's Steel [ReTe (20) Au]
Warding the Deadly Blade [ReTe (20)]

Principles of the Detection of Truth and Magic: Petrus

The Invisible Eye Revealed [InVi (25)]
Discern Images of Truth and Falsehood [InIm (25)] x2
Perceive the Magical Scent [InVi (20)]
Sense the Nature of Vis [InVi (10)]
Scales of Magical Weight [InVi (15)]

The Book of the Aegis: Petrus

Aegis of the Hearth [ReVi (25) ritual]

Potent Magics for Control: Jean de Caen

Wings of Soaring Winds [ReAu (25)]

Magics for Scrying: Antonius

The Inexorable Search [InCo (20)]
Ear for Distant Voices [InIm (20)]
Wizards Sidestep [ReIm (20)]

Enchantments for Concealment and Disguise: Ruaridh

Veil of Invisibility [PeIm Co (30)] x2
Invisibility of the Standing Wizard [PeIm Co (15)]
Disguise of the Transformed Visage [MuIm Co (15)]

Controlling the Essence of Art: Petrus

Rend the Magic Veil [ReVi (30)]
Open the Intangible Tunnel [ReVi (30) ritual]
Glimpse Through the Mystic Veil [InVi 30]
Treading the Silver Pathway [InVi25 ritual]
Wizard's Subtle Touch [InVi 5]

Magics which relate to Aurae: Silaxias of Bonisagus

Suppressing the Infernal Aura [PeVi (50) ritual]

Spells for Track and Road: Daffyd

Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain* [InTe 15]
Intuition of the Forest* [InHe 10]

Simple Applications of Fire and Air: Radulfus

Prison of Flames* [MuIg 15]
Whispering Winds [InAu 15]

Magics for Controlling Spirits and Beasts: Radulfus

Incantation of Summoning the Dead [ReMe 25]
The Gentle Beast [ReAn 20]

Grimoire of Water Magics: Beortmaer

Wrath of White Water [ReAq 40]
Ward Against Faeries of the Waters [ReAq 30]
Voice of the Lake [InAq 25]
Lungs of the Fish* [MuAq10]
Pail of Clear Water* [CrAq 5]

Magics of Changing: Beortmaer

Transform to Water [MuCo Aq 45]
Form of the Rainbow Scale [MuCo (An, Aq) 35] x2
Twist the Living Tree [MuHe 15]

Transformation and Conjuration - Terentius

Shape of the Woodland Prowler [MuCo(An) 25]
Form of the Winter Selkie [MuCo(An) 25]
Conjure the Swordsman’s Blade [CrTe 10]

Destruction of the Bodily Form: recovered from Audacia's sanctum

Wound that Weeps [PeCo 15]
Dust to Dust [PeCo 15]

Winds of Silence: recovered from Audacia's sanctum

Silence of the Smothered Sound [PeIm 25]
Disenchant [PeVi 30] x2

Gifts of the Giant: Cormoran

Gift of the Bear's Fortitude [MuCo 30]
Preternatural Growth & Shrinking [MuCo 20]
Eyes of the Cat [MuCo (An) 10]
Ward Against Cold and Ice [ReIg 25]
Gripping Gaze [ReCo 15]
Disguise of the New Visage [MuCo 15]

The Forester's Tome: Theo

Tongue of the Beasts [InAn 20]
Converse with Plants and Trees [InHe 25]
Repel the Wooden Shafts [ReHe 15]

Original Spell Tomes:

Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork [ReVi (25)]
The Beast Remade [MuAn (25)]

Spells from the libraries at Durenmar: Dialectica

Sight of the Active Magics [InVi 35]
Incantation of the Body Made Whole [CrCo 45]
Cloak of the Raven's Feathers [MuCo (An, Au) 35] **
Conjuration of the Speedy Retreat [CrAn 35] x2
Stone Tell of the Mind That Sits [InTe 30]
Haunt of the Living Ghost [ReIm (Co) 40]
Free the Accursed Body [CrCo 35]

Spells from the libraries at Carrion Moor

Leap of Homecoming [ReCo 35]
Ring of Warding Against Spirits [ReMe 20]
Incantation of Lightning [CrAu 35]
Coerce the Spirits of the Night [ReMe 35]
Posing the Silent Question [InMe 25]
Charge of the Angry Winds [CrAu 30]

Spells of Personal Enhancement: Cormoran

The Swift Swordsman's Arm [MuCo 25]
Fleetness of Mercury [MuCo 25]
Transformation of the Thorny Staff [MuHe 5]

Enchantments of the Mind: Dialectica

Tongue of the Folk [InMe 20]
Loss of But a Moment's Memory [PeMe 20]
The Call to Slumber [ReMe 15]

Selected useful spells: Tiarnan

Confusion of the Numbed Will [ReMe 15]
Mighty Torrent of Water [CrAq 20]
Stalwart Heart of Cuchulainn [MuCo 25]
Sense the Lingering Magics [InVi 30]
The Bountiful Feast [CrHe 30]

Spells from the libraries of Solis Castle

Keen Intuition of the Magical Veil [InVi 25]
Sense of the Magical Presence [InVi 10]
The Severed Limb Made Whole [CrCo 30]
Incandescence o/t Escaping Wizard [CrIg (Re, Co) 25]
Wall of Protecting Stone [CrTe 25]
Eyes of the Bat [InAu 25]
Demon's Eternal Oblivion [PeVi 35] x2
Discern Own Illusions [InIm 5]

Spells from the libraries of Cad Gadu

Trust of Childlike Faith [PeMe 10]
Stir the Slumbering Tree [MuHe (Me) 25]

Idolon's Grimoire

Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit [PeMe 15]
Coerce the Spirits of the Night [ReMe 20]
Enchantment of Detachment [MuMe 15]
Sight of the Transparent Motive [InMe 10]

Spells from Husam al'Alim (all incomprehensible)

Incantation of the Milky Eyes [PeCo 20]
The Smothered Footsteps [PeIm 15]
Soothe the Ferocious Bear [ReAn 10]
Conquering the Locksmith's Art [ReTe 5]

Spells to Enhance the Capabilities of Others: Cormoran

Grant the Strength of Hercules [MuCo 30]
Grant the Endurance of Pheidippides [MuCo 30]

On the Inquisition of Spirits: Maximus

Whispers Through the Black Gate [InCo 15]
Summon the Haunting Spirit [ReMe 25]
Ring of Warding Against Spirits [ReMe 20]

The Elementary Elementalist: Lysimachus

Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years [PeTe 15]
Conjure the Indubitable Cold [PeIg 20]
Wreaths of Foul Smoke [CrAu 15]

Spells from Trevalga

Illusion of the Misplaced Castle [ReIm 30]
Sense the Elusive Boundary [InVi 15]
Aura of Enobled Presence [MuIm (Co, Me) 10]
Moonbeam [CrIg 5]

Spells from Blackthorn

Open the Intangible Tunnel [ReVi 45]
Eye of the Sage [InCo (Im) 30]
Opening the Tome of the Animal's Mind [InAn 25]
The Falcon's Hood [PeAn 20]
Greeting the Maker [InTe 30]
Strings of the Unwilling Marionette [ReCo 30]

Spells of Creation: Astrius

Restoration of the Lost Digits [CrCo 25]
Bolt of Abysmal Flame [CrIg 35]
Spear of the Glacier’s Heart [CrAq 40]

Black Road texts

Thoughts Within Babble [InMe 25]
Panic of the Trembling Heart [CrMe 15]
Rising Ire [CrMe 15]
Memory of a Distant Dream [CrMe 20]
Incantation of the Putrid Wine [PeAq 15]
Gathering of the Stormy Might [ReAu 30] - Pest. chills
Shape of the Loyal Hunter [MuCo(An) 25]
Free the Standing Tree [ReHe 30] - R/N; S/S
Curse of the Rotted Wood [PeHe 5]

Miscellaneous Spells

Feast of the Wizard's Solstice [CrAn He (25)] - From Cad Gadu
Aegis of the Hearth [ReVi (45) ritual] - by Xeros
True Sight of the Air [InAu (15)] - by Ospectus
Conjuring the Mystic Tower [CrTe 50] - From Blackthorn
Ward Against Beasts of Legend [ReAn 30] - From Cad Gadu
Beast of Outlandish Size [MuAn 20] - From Cad Gadu
Commanding the Harnessed Beast [ReAn 30] - From Cad Gadu
Shriek of the Impending Shafts [InHe 25] - From Carrion Moor
Ward Against Wind and Lightning [ReAu 25] - From Solis Castle
The Unicorn's Touch [CrAn 40] - From Lear Valley
Vision of Heat's Light [InIg 20] - From Astrius
Sight Through the Eyes of the Ally [InCo(Im) 35] - From Medius
Unravel the Entangling Threads [PeAn 20] - From Astrius

* water damaged versions of these spells are also available.

** Side effect: the caster gains the intuition and appetite of a raven.

A list of unique spells invented by the Magi of Severn Temple can be found here.