Current vis sources

Cr: 5
In: 1
Mu: 0
Pe: 0
Re: 5

An: 0
Aq: 3
Au: 0
Co: 19
He: 4
Ig: 7
Im: 0
Me: 0
Te: 0
Vi: 18 (acorns) + 20

Aegis of the Hearth

The Aegis is currently cast on the first day of spring.

Magic Items

The Magi have found or created several magic items during their time at Severn Temple, though a few have since been lost. They are listed below. In addition, some of the Magi possess personal items.

1. Items typically used for expeditions

The Forester's Wand
(Ease the Forest Path [ReHe 15]; 1 and 12 uses per day; item maintains concentration), (Part the Yielding Boards [MuHe(Te) 15]; 12 uses per day) and (Intuition of the Forest [InHe 10]; 12 uses per day; range can be extended with vis) . Volutus created this hazel wand set with a sapphire to permit the magi to move more swiftly through the dense undergrowth of Mynydd Myddyn. Terentius augmented it to allow free passage through wooden doors and gates, and Branwen added the Intuition of the Forest to aid travellers through the Dean. 60 levels of space left.

The Intriguer's Pouch (12 pawns of vis invested). A leather pouch with a rock crystal embedded in the buckle.

The Traveller's Tongue (Tongue of the Folk [InMe 20]; item maintains concentration; 24 uses per day). Oratio crafted this otherwise nondescript brooch to aid expeditions to foreign climes.

The Light of Myddyn
(Lamp Without Flame [CrIg 10]; Unlimited uses per day), (The Reflected Regio [InVi 20; Item maintains concentration; 24 uses per day) and (Summon Starlight [CrIg 5]; Unlimited uses per day). This lamp was created to aid exploration of the caves beneath Mynydd Myddyn. 60 levels of space left.

Orb of the Mind’s Eye
(Peer into the Mortal Mind [InMe 30]; 6 uses per day). Justinian created this rock crystal globe to allow interrogation of enemy agents during spying missions.

Inimicum Ignem
(Pilum of Fire [CrIg 20; Penetration 35; 50 uses per day). A brass wand created by Pyrrhus to arm those who lack offensive magic.

Maximus' Brooch
(Discern Images of Truth and Falsehood [InIm 15]; Near; Scene; 50 uses per day). Maximus crafted this hazel amulet to pierce low-magnitude illusions, such as those used to disguise people.

Ward Against the Noxious Fumes
(ReAu [Ig, Aq, Te] 15; Touch/Near; Sun/Moon; 24 uses per day). Lysimachus created this necklace with a lead pendant to allow easy access to the Ignem and Perdo vis sources.

Ward Against the Woodland Prowler (Circle of Beast Warding [ReAn 20]; 6 uses per day). A lead spike created by Daedalus to keep camps safe from wild animals.

Tiarnan's Brooch (Gift of the Bear's Fortitude [MuCo (An) 30]; Touch range; 2 uses per day). This small lead brooch is embossed with a delicate carving of a bear. It is activated by tracing around its edge with a forefinger.

Dealg de na Laochra (Gift of the Bear's Fortitude [MuCo (An) 30]; Touch range; 12 uses per day). Tiarnan created this close replica of his first brooch to protect the covenant's warriors. It is identical to its sister brooch, save that its outer edge is lined with bronze.

Twisted Steel Wand (Ease the Arduous Climb [CrHe 20]; 6 uses per day). Created by Cynfelyn, this wand can be used to create a simple rope ladder with wooden struts. The ladder stretches up to a hundred paces in length. In normal circumstances, the ladder makes climbing a trivial exercise, though Dex + Climb rolls may be needed in stressful circumstances, such as during high winds or if under attack.

Saddle of the Steed Created (Conjuring the Swift Retreat [CrAn 35]; 3 times per day). 45 levels of space remaining.

Garius' Wand (Ball of Abyssal Flame [CrIg 35]; +30 damage; 24 times per day; far range; vis can be used to extend range to sight; penetrates at +84; restricted to Astrius, Aelfwin, Theo, Garius and Jordael). Created by Garius to assist covenant defence. On loan to Astrius.

Gofynwy's Brand. This brand, created by the fae stonesmith Gofynwy, radiates a constant heat that keeps the bearer warm and helps part the snow in front of them.

Diamond tipped wand (Circular Ward Against Demons [ReVi 40]; 6 uses per day; Ring of Warding Against Spirits [ReMe 30]; 12 uses per day; Coerce the Spirits of the Night [ReMe 30]; 6 uses per day; and Passion's Lost Feeling [PeMe 20]; 12 uses per day). Originally enchanted by Tiarnan as a weapon against the Infernal, Oratio extended its powers to also cover spirits.

Pallium de Nubibus (Veil of Invisibility [PeIm(Co) 30; unlimited uses per day; softens the wearer's footfall; and Wings of the Soaring Wind [ReAu 25]; unlimited uses per day; item maintains concentration; side effect: rain). Cloak with opal pin. There is still space for 70 levels of spells.

Bracer of the Unseen Servant (The Unseen Porter [ReTe 15]; 6 uses per day). A bracer created by Gnaeus to aid the investigation of the crypt in Ipswich.

2. Items that are typically used on the ship

The Aegis Against Storms (The Cloudless Sky Returned [PeAu 30]; 24 uses per day). An oak wand created by Lysimachus to protect the covenant’s ship against foul weather.

The Wand of the Compliant Seas (Raise the Mighty Wave [ReAq 25]; item maintains concentration; one additional magnitude for speed; 50 uses per day). Lysimachus created this wand set with a beryl to propel the ship even when there is no wind.

Merardus’ Insight (Sailor’s Foretaste of the Morrow [InAu 20]; 12 uses per day). Justinian created this hazel rod to provide the ship’s crew with warnings about future storms. It is an arcane connection to Justinian due to the vis used.

Twach Tram (True Sight of the Air [InAu 15]; item main concentration; penetrates at 44; 12 uses per day). Cynfelyn created this simple chain to allow members of the Severn Star to see through fog banks. The additional penetration was added to increase the chance that it may be of use against the weather effects used by the Unnamed House's ship.

An Loinge Slan (Save the Stricken Ship [ReAq 20]; near/sun, six uses per day). Carved from a piece of driftwood washed up on the banks of the Severn, this staff allows the captain of the Severn Boar to prevent water rushing into the ship should the hull be breached. Although the enchantment will eventually fade, it is designed to give enough time to make more mundane repairs.

Two Rings of the Deep. (Intuition of the Open Seas [InAq 10]; 1 use per day). Enchanted by Tiarnan, these rings assist understanding of the currents of the seas. One is worn by the captain of the Severn Boar; the other remains in the treasury and is typically used by Magi travelling on long sea journeys.

Tonn feargach (Waves of Drowning and Smashing [ReAq 20]; unlimited uses per day; penetration 39). Tiarnan created this item to protect voyagers on the Severn Star in case of pursuit by enemy ships. It takes the form of a large sea shell that might once have been home to a hermit crab. Blowing into the shell activates the item.

Aeolus' Fan (Conjure the Sturdy Winds [CrAu 25]; six uses per day; item maintains concentration). Enchanted by Cynfeyn, this item conjures a wind sufficient to move a ship quickly. The winds last for a further five rounds even once concentation is broken.

3. Items that are typically left in the covenant

The Ingenious Papermaker (Sift the Woody Pulp [ReTe 20]; unlimited uses). Lysimachus created this device to create a fine wood pulp to assist paper making.

Wand of Flames Extinguished
(Protect the Burning Wood [Pe 30]; 50 uses per day). Lysimachus created this black wand with a fired clay bead in the pommel to protect the covenant’s trees from fire. It destroys all flames within sight range.

Campana Monitionis
(Ring the Warning Bell [ReTe 20]; 6 uses per day). Daedalus created this bell to send a rapid warning to the covenant if Lydney is attacked.

Mirror of Far-Seeing (Summon the Distant Images [InIm 35]; 24 uses per day; item maintains concentration). Tiarnan crafted this mirror of burnished bronze, framed in hazel to allow the covenant to scry on its enemies. The mirror requires an elaborated series of gestures to activate.

Atal Newyn (Preserve the Bounteous Harvest [CrAnHe 15]; constant effect). This stylised steel shield pendant is hung inside a building to preserve all stored food from pests and disease.

Tarian Rhew (Ward Against Cold and Ice [ReIg 25]; unlimited uses). Astrius created this lead horseshoe to protect the covenant's inhabitants after the Erechwydd laid a curse on Severn Temple.

Tarian Draig (Ward Against Heat and Flame [ReIg 25]; unlimited uses). Asturias created this small stylised steel shield with a fire-breath dragon design to protects the covenant’s inhabitants from fire.

Nuada's Breath (Heat the Workman's Forge [CrIg 20]; Scene duration; unlimited uses per day). Cynfelyn created this set of bellows to raise the temperature of the forge at Lydney, allowing the smith to produce high quality metal items.

The Bell of Watchfulness (Invisible Eye Revealed [InVi 35], constant, near). Crafted as an aid to the security of council meetings this bell will ring if any attempt to scry on the concilium.

Ruaridh's hammer (Rock of Viscid Clay [MuTe 15] twice per day). An otherwise unremarkable stonemason's tool, this hammer has the power to soften rock and stone, allowing it to be worked with relative ease. The enchantment wears off when the sun next sets or rises, and the material returns to its former hardness.

Clifford's Continuous Clarifier (Sift the Shifting Sand [ReTe 10] continuous). Sifts sand to remove impurities. Very useful for glassblowing.

Comoran's pearl. Protects against poison and disease. Currently at the bottom of the covenant's well.

Two Lamps of Protecting Light (Illuminate the Darkened Room [CrIg 20]; creates light in and banishes all shadows from a room-sized area; constant duration). Created by Astrius to bathe a room once used by Radulfus for diabolic rituals in constant light and to light Turold's former sanctum.

Cuick Calbh. (Catch the Rushing Waters [ReAq15]; draws water into it at Near range; 2 uses per day). This bucket, which is adorned by celtic carvings, was crafted by Tiarnan to make collecting the waters of the Boar Tide easier for those who wish to avoid the onrushing deluge.

The Covenant Bell. (Ring of Piercing Sound [MuIm 15]; 24 uses per day). The bell was created by Cormoran to warn of intruders, most notably Ieuan. The enchantment was needed to esnure that the ring carries far enough to reach the Magi and grogs, as the magical aura at Severn Temple tends to deaden sounds.

The Erechwydd's Enhancement ([MuAq 10]; 1 use per day). The barrel, which was created by Cormoran, freezes any liquid poured into it. In the hands of a skilled brewer, it can be used to produce potent alcoholic drinks such as applejack.

The Brewer's Mesh ([PeAq 10]; 1 use per day). Another brewing item created by Cormoran, this mesh can be used to remove impurities from liquids, reducing the chance of a brew causing a nasty hangover.

Neithir's ring (Discern Images of the Truth and Falsehood [InIm 30]; 24 uses per day; Unknown faerie curse). This bronze ring set with a sapphire was recovered from the body of Neithir, a former member of House Merinita who sided with the Erechwydd against the Order. Maximus determined that it bears a faerie curse that could affect the wearer.

Granite block. Given as a gift by Sir Turold on the covenant's 200th anniversary, this block sharpens blades.

Quiver of 12 arrows. Given as a gift by Lothar on the covenant's 200th anniversary, these arrows are said to never miss their targets.

Silver bowl. Given as a gift by Tiarnan on the covenant's 200th anniversary, this bowl cures poison, disease or premature ageing if filled from the waters from the spring. It must be recharged under the light of the new moon between uses.

4. Items yet to be investigated

Black torc. The Magi recovered a torc made of smooth black metal from Radulfus' sanctum. Petrus' investigations have revealed that it is a device used for warding spirits, though given the nature of its former owner, it is perhaps unsurprising that no one has volunteered to try it on.

Shortsword (unknown powers). Discovered at Swallowcliff covenant by Madoc.

Silver ring (Intuition of the Forest, The Trackless Step, Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain, True Sight of the Air; 24 times per day). Discovered in the ruins of Swallowcliffe. Bears the crest of House Diedne.

Dialectica's glove. A glove made for a woman's left hand stitched with fine silver thread. Properties unknown.

Neithir's silver ring. Recovered from Neithir's body.

Neithir's sheath. A sheath for a knife made from black scaly leather, possibly from a great wyrm. Squeezing the scabbard deploys a blade venom that has a Perdo Corporem effect of the seventh magnitude (Sta roll 15+ or die). It has three uses a day and needs to draw blood for effect to activate. It is tied to Magi of Nethir's bloodline.

Opal inherited from Gnaeus (detects as magical)

* hidden in the wall of the treasury.

5. Items we should probably break down into vis

Giant's heart. Contains 5 pawns of Corporem vis, but may also be useful for magical research.

Giant's Staff of Blades. Recovered by Cormoran from the body of giant he slew in the fens, this fearsome weapon comprises a stout staff in which several sharp swords have been embedded, hilt first.

6. Potions and Poisons

9 potions that act as a (Sun duration) preventative against the poison of giant spiders. Also acts as an anti-venom.

15 Giant spider poison sacs.

4 small bottles of paste that smeared on a weapon have the effect of 'The Wound that Weeps'

1 pot of a musky balm that act as the spell 'Soothe the Pains of the Beast' that have had vis invested.

2 bottles of black powder that can be poured onto a dead body with an effect akin to 'Awaken the Slumbering Corpse'

1 dose of the antidote to the Curse of the Waiting Death (PeCo 40 - Herbalistic), a poison whereby the drinker has a day and a night to receive an antidote or they die at dusk.

14 potions of Gentle Touch of the Purified Body (2 with vis invested).

1 potion of Gift of the Bear's Fortitude [MuCo(An) 30].

1 potion of The Hunter's Sense [InAn 30].

2 herbalistic potions of Gentle Touch of the Purified Body that has a permanent effect.

2 herbalistic potions of Restore the Wizard’s Vigour [CrCo 20; Sta-Fat stress roll of 3+; gain one fatigue level] - one carried by the ship captain.

1 potion of Form of the Timid Harvester [MuCo(An) 30] - transform to mouse

2 potions of Form of the Lofty Wanderer [MuCo(An, Aq, Au, He, Te) 35] - transform to swift, including belongings

2 potions of Demon's Eternal Oblivion [PeVi 40]

4 potions of Seven League Stride [ReCo 35]

1 potion of Leap of Homecoming [ReCo 35]