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Oratio, fillies Olafsson, member of House Ex Miscellanea

Once portly the lost of his weight seems to throw his face into shadow, indeed as he ages he grows sallow and hunched,pacing slowly and listlessly., If one word describes him now it is sad, indeed even his gift magnifies it as mundanes see him and feel pity. He appears in a trough of his life listless and weak, to afraid to reach for the sunlight for the surety that events will conspire against him and his loved ones to leave him bereft of joy again. His hair black but now greying at the temples still spikes in the middle an affectation he inherited from his current familiar , the only thing that motivates him now is his feeling of protecting the innocent from harm.

Oratio's views on the other Magi at 1285 AD

He appears a frivolous individual but I see the darkness that lurks beneath, his faerie blood obvious to any who see him, he is like a cold sunny winters day, beautiful to look at but dangerous if you let your guard down. I see him as a self serving man always looking out for himself and his viking companions, would I trust him with my life? only in the direst of circumstances.

A moderating voice at council he seems like a good sort, I like his passion for the order but pity him for the realisation that will come that not all share his passion and work to destroy all he holds dear. He rushes around the country making acquaintances and trying to create a union from a slowly separating group of wizards whose trust has been eroded and fear for their own safety with the attention of the church falling on our country.

An odd sort, I'm not sure I like him very much, I tried to engage with him as Pontifex but he basically never seemed keen in taking responsibility. His passion seems to be keeping entanglements at a distance, which makes me wonder why he wants to live in a covenant where alliances and agreements with powerful creatures is common. I also wonder that when his domus magnus comes to the tribunal where his loyalties will be to us or to his Primus. I will be very careful of what I say at council to ensure my activities are not reported externally.

He is kind and considerate and he is welcome to the burden of being pontifex. To be honest apart from extracting vim vis and the occasional potion being created I don't know what he has really contributed to the covenant. He is like a tapestry on the wall, a fixture and fitting of the covenant and now we are led by him. His fascination in time is strange and I don't really understand him when he babbles on , but I nod and grin hoping i can pick up one or two concepts from his stream of consciousness.

A lovely, kind child may have turned into a dangerous and temperamental woman. Her reaction to my obtaining the sword shows how mercurial her temper can be. I had hoped that Lysimachus would have raised a more stable apprentice but it seems that was not to be and now we have a wizard, with the ear of the king, who is attracting all sorts of unwanted attention to our covenant. She is away at court more than in covenant and I wonder what sort of wizard she will turn out to be. Surely it cannot be long before someone raises a charge of being a court wizard against her.

Maximus' views on the other Magi at 1251 AD

He has decided to take umbrage with me and it is very hard to like a man who dislikes you and shows it at most council meetings. I fear the anger in his soul lies not far from the surface , It is as if there is a pot of boiling water in his heart which heats his head and like a boiling vessel he must vent that steam on a regular basis, normally in my direction. I try and offer the moderate approach but because of his pagan beliefs and his house leanings he would rather kill first and suffer the consequences later. I pray for his soul, so that maybe God in his wisdom can mellow the fire inside Astrius, but it burns so hard I fear for him, I really do.

My closest companion in the council, He and I debate till the morning hours over philosophy, magic and politics. He nearly always runs me into a debating situation where I am undone but then with a smile and a laugh we drink and start again, he is never smug in his mental victories over me and I learn some of what he means. Although I often make decisions guided by my heart and thus by God, It is Lysimachus that makes me think about my actions and the ramifications of such, he supplies much needed cold analytical skills to a problem that confuses me through the emotional lens I observe it through.

I made a mistake, I know I know , I should have known better but she seemed so hopeless and alone when she applied for membership it nearly broke my heart. But she is a selfish, secretive and cunning person who would steal the food off my plate if i was not looking. Maybe that was a bit harsh, maybe through showing her kindness and compassion we can steer her back into the fold of societal normality. she seems to have been taught to fear my house and that fear turns to anger. I am sure in time she will see that the oath is there to protect her from all bullying and thus she does not have to snatch at crumbs and can wait her turn.

Here is a man who is ruled by process, there seems little leeway in his spirit and I hope that he will learn that not everything in life is black and white. Sometimes like the willow you bend rules to avoid breaking them. He obviously comes from a strict house and a strict upbringing for he constantly keeps an eye on the proceedings of the council and wishes them to be run exactly to the rules. When you get him talking about his magics however he is very passionate and keen to advance his knowledge of wards and I can see him becoming a good asset to the covenant.

He trusts no man, and currys favor with the council by working against the infernals. I applaud the aim but he is a rubbish shot. His investigations I Bristol have led to him ‘accidentally’ setting up a new infernal gan, who worst of all know virtually everything about us. Although his pater is obviously an infernalist I would like to think that Husam is just incompetent rather than a willful ally of the devil, maybe his upbringing has cursed him in some way? If only he would accept the lord Jesus into his heart he might be saved the infernal tortures that await him. In the mean time I watch and wait and record his actions. only by my vigilance can I protect my sodales and my soul should his failings lead to his own damnation.

Maximus' views on the other Magi at 1225 AD


Our pontifex is a very brave and loyal man, He protects the order, his covenant and his house with all of his mighty skills, but at times he is a very angry man and at council and tribunal that angry man has surfaced and the fires that burn within him have ignited his words and actions so that all who are sensible should retreat from the furnace of his temperament until he has cooled down. I used to trust him implicitly but since his massacre of a village, priory and manor house I cannot in all good grace state that I would happily sleep in his presence. He seems to have favorites and if you are one of them he will defend you to the ends of the earth, If you are not his seems a little more ambivalent towards your well being. As Cicero once said “A happy life consists in tranquility of mind” and at the moment I cannot say that our pontifex is a happy man.

A very fascinating fellow, Intelligent as are all from his house, he can discuss the classics and runs rings around me with his logic, he seems very interested in the mundane writings and thoughts that are studied in the colleges of the land and I agree with him in the value of such. He seems a friendly enough chap and very resourceful, I already class him as a friend. He speaks of Constantinople a place that seems to have fallen from grace, and I grieve for him that his home city has been so ill treated.

A fun fellow and an amazing hard worker for the covenant, he does many covenant services and never seems to grumble about the extra work our pontifex assigns him. He has a good sense of humor and likes a drink in the tavern with me and Lisimachus, He has a very good understanding of magic theory and often opens my eyes to the fundamentals of magic. Due to his friendly demeanor I already class him as a friend, and would willingly do the man favours if he were to ask for such.

A king, an archimagus, A member of this council? we rarely see him and it seems that he is living a totally separate life from us. As for his personality he obviously thinks himself superior, and maybe that is the way he treats mundanes leaking into the way he treats magi. As he is seldom in the covenant I have not been able to form a friendship with the man and I sometimes feel he keeps me at arms length because of his audacious path and my quasitorial role.

He seems to work hard for us, improving our network of spies and informants but with his heritage is he hiding something from us, some secret plan or mission to murder or sabotage. I hope I am mistaken but I will for the good of the order keep a close eye on Husams comings and goings to ensure he does not break the code and thus bring death down upon his head. He definitely keeps me at arms reach and as he does not drink I find it hard to have a pint and a chat with him.
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