Other covenant records

Most of Severn Temple's history is set out in the covenant journal, which serves as the official (if somewhat biased) record of events. However, not everything makes its way into the main journal, and this page provides links to a range of other documents. Some of them are stored in the covenant's library, but others reside in private journals that are not available to all of the Magi.

A list of Faerie Sites includes Tiarnan's records of the main areas of faerie power known to the covenant.

The Bestiary of the Dean provides Astrius' descriptions of magical creatures that have been encountered in the Dean.

Radulfus' journal records the thoughts and activities of Radulfus, a Magus who once dwelt at Severn Temple, as he slowly lost his mind after he was possessed by a demonic spirit.

The first incarnation of Severn Temple covenant provides details of the covenant prior to the beginning of the current Ars Magica saga.

The wolves of Mynydd Myddyn records Theo's dealings with a pack of werewolves that inhabit the forests close to one of the covenant's most important magical sites.

The Alliance between Severn Temple and Blackthorn sets out the terms of an agreement reached between the Magi of the two covenants in years gone by. The alliance is no longer active.

The Gloucester Chronicles record the activities of a gang of thieves and murderers that the covenant once had dealings with.

The Hunt for Caelestis (also known as the Middle Eastern Adventure) recounts the travails of Medius and Astrius as they journeyed to the Country of Tripoli in search of the renegade Magus Caelestis.

The House Flambeau meeting of 1178 AD records Astrius' experiences in Iberia.

Journey to the Northern Giants of 1184 AD records Cormoran and Astrius' journey to Novgorod.

Speculations on the Mystical Powers of 1217 AD contains Tiarnan's musings on faerie and pagan powers.

Husam's Levantine Adventure is a private journal that contains details of his adventures in 1221 AD.

Journey to the Order of Suleiman records Astrius and Maximus' failed diplomatic mission in Syria in 1239 AD.

The results of Certamen involving the Magi of Severn Temple are recorded in a dusty ledger.

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