Pyrrhus, filius Laurius, discipilus Flambeau

A man of average size, he has a black beard trimmed neatly and black hair combed back into a small ponytail. He has brown eyes, a firm jawline, a straight nose and he has a cleft in his chin. Phyrrus is learning what he must to provide the covenant with a defence against its foes, he has realised that to adventure is exciting but the primary goal should be to create his longevity potion, increase his skill in alchemy to provide mundane defences against magically resistant foes and to increase his skill in Ignem as befits a member of the house of flame. He often wears his heart on his sleeve and his pater used to tell him to calm himself, his mercurial temper often spilling over in his experiments as an apprentice and one such incident causing the accident which affected him greatly. His master taught him to practice practice practice and so even though he has passed his gauntlet he will often be seen outside of his laboratory throwing balls of fire at targets. He wears robes as standard masquerading as a scholar when in mundane circles and when in the covenant, these are fine robes with a warm lining in winter and a hood when needed to protect himself from the rain, he is obviously proud of his appearance and rarely would appear scruffy or unkempt. One of the few things that obviously annoys him is when someone is rude as he sees no need for it and in educated society should not be needed for intelligent conversation, when in a tavern and a lout is swearing vociferously, or if a whore is obvious in her entreaties he will ignore them as best he can as to take offence might cause more harm than good but in council he expects better.

Views of the other magi at 1297 AD:


Typical Merinitan, as my Pater warned me, He plays the fool but if push came to shove I’m pretty sure he would slip a knife between my ribs if it would profit him and he could not be found out. He has his own agenda and although he needs the covenant as a place to study and live he treats his sodalis as lesser’s, who just deserve his disdain and wit. He can be funny but it's a biting wit and I understand the humour of a cruel joke but when he turns in on his equals I rankle.His house has always been more self-absorbed than working for the good of the order and it's interesting how its always his house that schisms. I'm trying to work out what he has added to the covenant but can not think of anything, he has even lost the vis source that his obsequious pandering to the ice queen won us. I will leave him to his fae and not bother them again, as long as his actions don't bring harm to me or mine.

Because of the problems she has had in the past Hypatia is very secretive of her actions, She is a calming influence in the council however and she brings in a lot of mundane news. She has access to many resources and her largesse to the covenant is well regarded but I wonder if one day it will come back to bite us when the remainder of the orders quaestors investigate our finances and discover that the crown has paid us a quite considerable sum. I like the woman and she appears kind on the surface but she seems torn three ways between the order, crown and the old magic she wields as queen of the land, and I'm not sure that the order will come top of her list of priorities if push comes to shove. I sometimes wonder if the old wizard that taught her might still influence her subtly and that possibility worries me.

I like Terentius, yes he is a moody magus but he is good in a fight, decisive and seems to make the correct choices. If only he were not a Tremere and thus a pawn of whoever holds the primacy of that house, he seems to be called often to the Domus magnus of house Tremere now handily in the north of Stonehenge, but what does he report? Does he recite our covenant business or does he have some honour as he seems to show in council and out and about. When it comes to scouting I have never met a better man and he seems to spot things that are invisible to me, oh I wish I was as perceptive as he is but I suppose that is the benefit of covenant and the mix of skills we all have. With his Primus being killed who will now grasp the reins of his house and what direction will they lead it and might he influence that direction.

Volutus is a good peacetime leader, he listens to all and considers his responses to avoid upsetting anyone. He is very keen to maintain communication with all the other magi and covenants in the tribunal knitting us closer and more coordinated as a result. I am glad he is here in Severn Temple and hope he can continue as leader for a long time as it will mean we will have peace for a long time, come the battle that people have had visions about we might want to consider a more decisive leader who is not scared of upsetting people. It will be interesting to see where this man ends up as his politicking in a world now bereft of leadership may mean rapid promotion in the remnants of his house, indeed I wonder how many of house Bonisagus survived the apocalypse of Durenmar?

Personality traits
Honourable +3; Prudish +2; Brave +2; Proud +3; Cruel (to prisoners) +2