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Short descriptions of Seven Temple's ever-changing collection of companions can be found here.

Blanche, the beguiling witch

Blanche was rescued from execution by Maximus, who used his position as magistrate to overrule a local knight who was bent on hanging her for witchcraft. A striking woman, Blanche proved popular with the covenant's menfolk before she settled down with Constantius, though the womenfolk have nothing good to say about her. Blanche is the covenant's pre-eminent healer, and she sometimes has prophetic visions of the future. Rumours has it that she has a vindictive steak, and her enemies complain of their ill-luck after crossing her.

Constantius, the failed apprentice

Constantius was originally apprenticed to Petrus of Durenmar, but a magical accident robbed him off his Gift. He returned to Severn Temple to act as a servant to Medius following the Grand Tribunal where the treachery of House Tremere was exposed. On Medius' death, the Council appointed him to the position of Expedition Captain, where he typically leads any dangerous missions outside the covenant.

An alchemist by training, Constantius also has some experience as a bodyguard. He wears heavy armour and carries a sword and shield, which allows him to defend Magi when attackers get too close. Granted a longevity potion at Medius' bequest, Constantius could potentially live long enough to develop significant skills, assuming he doesn't succumb to accident or violent death.

Girardino, the criminal gang leader

Girardino was once a spy in the employ of Ezzelino of Verona, a fearsome warlord with a terrible reputation. Assigned to asset Husam on an assassination attempt in Venezia, he returned to England with the magus rather than rejoin his former master. After the death of Husam's friend, Vincent, Girardino was given the task of assembling a gang in Bristol to watch for the possible re-emergence of the Black Knives. He has proved to be a skilful operative, and he now commands one of the city's major criminal enterprises.

Guido, the brilliant mathematician

A former pupil of Fibonacci, Guido is a quiet soul with an exceptional talent for mathematics. He is somewhat obsessive of his craft, and he has recently become interested in rediscovering some of Pythagorus' lost works, despite warnings from Lysimachus that this may be part of an infernal plot by a demon that seems interested in ensnaring unwary academics at the King's college.

Njal, the Orkney skald

Njal was first encountered by Idolon in an isolated wood in the Marches, having journeyed all the way from the Orkneys with his kinsmen to pursue a blood feud with a dangerous Trow. Idolon was able to assist with the defeat of the creature, and Njal pledged to repay his debt through future service.

Njal is a poet specialising in eddic and skaldic verse. He is a fine orator, with a keen intuition about his audience's mood and how to create and manipulate emotions. Like all men in his former clan, he is also a tough warrior, dressed in heavy armour and wielding a two-handed axe to deadly effect. A swift learner, Njal picks up new skills and knowledges quickly, which makes him useful in a wide variety of situations.

Philippe, the gregarious philosopher

Philippe accompanied Lysimachus on his journey from Provence to England. Trained in philosophy at the university of Paris, Philippe is thoughtful and quick-witted, and he quickly settled into the position of master at the newly formed King's college in Gloucester. He has something of a friendly rivalry with Lysimachus when it comes to debating the merits of Plato and Aristotle, but the two share a desire to uncover the universe's hidden truths. No ivory tower academic, Philippe can often be found propping up the bar at one of the city's more salubrious taverns.
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