Astrius slays Amabilia with the aid of the Erechwydd.
Husam encounters a member of the Kabbalah in Bristol.
The War Council meets at Cad Gadu to discuss how to defeat Damhan-Allaidh.

Lysimachus communicates with Myddyn about Davnalleous.
Astrius visits Myrnaddyrn's castle.
Davnalleous destroys Cad Gadu.
Astrius is overcome by one of Davnalleous' spirits.
Lysimachus teaches Emma the spell to release the crown's hidden powers.
The pagan powers increase in strength, banishing Davnalleous' spirits.
Arcanus is elected Praeco of the Stonehenge Tribunal.

Siobhan ensorcels the two apprentices in an attempt to steal the crown.
Cad Gadu is restored.
Husam slays Davnalleous.
At the Grand Tribunal, Corpus Domini joins the Order.

The Welsh lay siege to Gloucester
Philippe dies, but his ghost seems bound to Lysimachus by some strange art
Williams passes his gauntlet and becomes the magus Karim, fillies Husam

The siege of Gloucester is lifted, but the Earl of Gloucester dies
The Queen Regent is defeated near London and captured by Simon de Montfort
Constansa completes her gauntlet and becomes maga Justicia

Queen Regent Eleanor and Prince Theo escape Arundle castle
Maximus joins House Corpus Domini as Magus Justinian
Hadrianus is discovered to be a member of House Corpus Domini
Simon De Montfort is defeated in battle and executed by Eleanor

Emma has a dream about a great wyrm awaking in the hills
Lysimachus discovers more about the Septem Sancti
Astrius locates a new familiar, Cadwgan
The great wyrm moves into Mynydd Myddyn

Justinian investigates diabolists hiding in a nunnery south of Dublin
Ghosts appear at the spring on the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Order
Lysimachus discovers that Myddyn is communicating with Emma in her dreams

Prima Hastia of Bjornaer agrees to a limited investigation of her House
Justinian is turned down as Quaesitor by Primus Guernicus
Justinian tips Primus Ptolomaeus off about the covenant’s knowledge of Marius’ assassins
Astrius and Lysimachus contact various pagan and faerie powers about Middy’s actions
Lluddwyn the bard visits the covenant
Astrius and Husam rescue Lysimachus from the lair of the Queen of the Dark Waters
Gnaeus joins the covenant
Lysimachus meets Myddyn in the crystal caves

News arrives that the diabolists south of Dublin may have fled to Normandy
Work starts on a great church at Tintern
Husam slays a demon plaguing Magus Brichan