Houses Flambeau and Tremor assist the Bulgarians to repulse a Mongol attack
Hussar discovers that the An Fiann has been regularly docking at Deptford

Gnaeus is attacked by wolves near to Grey Hill
Justinian is convicted of Delictum for taking an apprentice without permission
Husam kills the White Lady
Simon Fitzwilliam attempts to assassinate King Theo

Justinian investigates rise corpses at Bori-Tor
Justinian has a vision about the purpose of the Holy Inquisition
Astrius is appointed as Praefectus of the Stonehenge Tribunal
The Tribunal votes to investigate Lysimachus for being a court wizard
Husam is interrogated by Guyere and reveals many of our secrets

Lysimachus and Justinian encounter the risen Black Hugh near to Ipswich
There are signs that the Baron of Ipswich has fallen under infernal control
Lysimachus and Husam attempt to thwart Guyere’s plots, but Theo is possessed by an infernal spirit

Ptolemeus is captured by the Inquisition
Emma frees Theo from Guyere’s clutches
Lysimachus makes arrangements regarding the succession at the King’s College
Senior Quaesitor Octavia begins an investigation into recent events

Astrius, Husam and Lysimachus are killed in Tomar
Justinian becomes Pontifex
Terentius joins the covenant

Volutus and Jari join the covenant
Justinian joins House Ex Miscellanea, becoming Oratio filius Olafsson
Terentius and Jari inadvertently become guardians of the Dean
The Pope excommunicates the Order
Oratio reveals that he is labouring under an infernal curse

Jari returns from the faerie regio, having been granted the key to Cormoran’s tower
Oratio completes a ritual to remove his infernal curse, though at the cost of his divinatory powers
Stonehenge Tribunal reluctantly rules that Olafsson was responsible for the attack on Tomar

Hypatia returns to the covenant, having been trapped in the faerie region by Jari’s actions
Terentius locates a cave near Ipswich where Black Hugh may be lurking
The Iberian Tribunal condemns Olafsson, who flees from Duresca
Oratio is tricked by an infernal spirit near Coleford, resulting in the deaths of several villagers

Three templars disguised as monks are spotted near Tintern
The Queen of Snakes forces Laurent to carry a spy into the covenant
Sigurd helps to win Stonevale for the Erechwydd