Constantius recovers his wits and tells of his visions.
The Magi visit Mynydd Myddyn and enter into a deal with the lord of the dead, Caranog.
First news arrives of the a great war leader rising to the east of the Levant.
The Erechwydd invites the Magi to celebrate with her at midwinter.

Astrius visits Loch Leglean on unknown business.
Ponrius passes into final Twilight.
Marius is appointed to rule Gloucester until the former Earl’s son reaches his majority.
Tiarnan and Idolon find evidence of the profits of banditry at Carl of Epney’s manor.

Cormoran learns from Jack O’the Green that Ieuan has enslaved the grandfather wolf.
Frioc passes his gauntlet.

Cynfelyn and Cormoran journey to Novgorod to investigate the Order of Odin.
The new Praeca, Edith, makes changes to Tribunal tithes to favour those outside covenants.
Idolon discovers agents of the Black Knives in the villages in the south of the Dean.

Cormoran conducts a survey of lost vis sites in the faerie regio.
Cormoran sets up a shrine to the Erechwydd in Lydney; he is ordered to move it Blackney.
Tiarnan discovers that the other faeries are angry at the Erechwydd is being worshipped.
Marius suggests that the faerie courts may be opposing his military activities.
Tiarnan and Idolon investigate the Black Knives in Bristol.

Cormoran and Cynfelyn once again travel to battle the Order of Odin.
Idolon is killed by the Unnamed House in Bristol.
The King’s Council rules that Marius should take the throne of England.
Llanoddwyn is tasked by the King’s Council with setting up shrines to other faerie powers.

Serenia investigates Idolon’s death and find evidence of the Unnamed House.
Marius is appointed Regent during Henry’s minority; he also becomes an Archimagus.
Jolyon resigns from the King’s Council after he realizes that Gofannon can affect his mind.
Oakham Vale covenant is established.
Marius uses a royal charter to provide legal protections to members of the Order.
Husam joins the covenant.
Prima Amanita reports a vision of her death.
Cormoran quarrels with Frioc and steals a holy relic from him.

Amanita asks the Cormoran and Husam to look after four local Ex Miscellaneans.
Cormoran and Husam are attacked by a wyvern and the brood in Mynydd Myddyn.

Cormoran and Husam discover signs of a ritual having been conducted at Stonehenge.
News of a conflict between Lambert and Gerald in Bristol is received.
Cormoran becomes part of the Wild Hunt forever, chasing Ieuan’s spirit to destruction.
Cynfelyn returns from a trip to Novgorod; Shining Light covenant is reestablished.

Rumours surface that Benedict the friar has been seen near to Oxford.
Tiarnan investigates Glastonbury Tor.
Marius decides that he will accuse Prince Henry of being a bastard.