Astrius uses a ritual to flood the Severn, cleansing infernal taint at Lydney.
Tiarnan, Cormoran and Medius assist Linaris in her investigation of Sir Turold.
Cormoran’s father takes up residence in Raegwulf’s cave.
Tiarnan establishes a laboratory in Palug’s glade.

Astrius finds his future familiar, Drudwhil.
Theo returns after over a year’s absence, having spent time in the lands of the dead.
Rumours surface of Levantine sorcerers, possibly including Caelestis, near Southampton.
Giovanni is captured by the knight of Huntley, but he is rescued.
Theo concludes a non-aggression pact with the werewolves of Mynydd Myddyn.

Cormoran skirmishes with Sir Turold at the bidding of the Erechwydd.
Theo discovers a shroud of darkness in the otherworld as someone tries to scry on him.

Emyr the owl arrives at the covenant.
Zedekiah undertakes an augury that covers Medius’ future role in battling Caelestis.
Cormoran slays two moors in the forest; the Erechwydd makes him knight of Stonevail.
Caelestis invades the covenant, stealing our copy of the Almagest.
Theo bargains with Myddyn’s brood, gaining free passage through the forest.
Cormoran is found guilty of Delictum for abandoning his post.

Astrius and Cormoran battle a griffon in Mynydd Myddyn.
Cormoran creates problems for Dialectica with the Erechwydd; she flees the covenant.
Cormoran assists Sir Turold to recover Stonevail for the court of stone.

Medius and Astrius apparently slay Caelestis at Morstow, but his body then disappears.
Cormoran survives a vote of Exilium by the narrowest of margins.

Medius and Astrius travel to the Levant in an attempt to put an end to Caelestis’ plans.
Aeddan goes missing, but is recovered in mysterious circumstances.

Dialectica leaves the covenant to protect Aeddan from the Ceridwen’s clutches.
Theo poses as the black knight to save Rachel of Huntley from her diabolist brother.
The faerie season turns to spring.
Medius and Astrius return from Levant, having slain Caelestis once and for all.
On the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Order, shades of past Magi visit the spring.

Cormoran admits to eating human flesh, and survives Exilium only through Aelfwin’s veto.
Medius and Astrius travel to Mynydd Myddyn with Galfredus, who captures the celts’ druid.
Theo assists Baron Martin to protect Gloucester from attack after the Earl dies.
Medius, Theo and Astrius encounter a powerful demon at Snig’s End.
The infernal wolves from the dell relocate to Snig’s End.

Medius and Astrius find demonic paraphernalia in the laboratory of Edwin of Huntley.
Aelfwin departs for a year to learn Erin’s breakthrough concerning longevity potions.
Theo is granted Skenfrith after the werewolf-cursed Sir Lionel flees.
Baron Martin is appointed as the new Earl of Gloucester.
Cormoran is attacked by the Mynydd Myddyn werewolves for straying into their forest.
The Dean werewolves warn of a likely attack by bloodwolves over the coming months.
Eloria warns the covenant not to battle the werewolves so close to Blackthorn.