Scribed by Husam

Spring 1252 AD

As our council met, the cold weather still surrounding the covenant was a potent reminder of the threats we had faced in the winter recently passed. There was much discussion of the vision that Maximus had experienced and what the best course of action would be. We agreed that we would cast the next Aegis of the Hearth at the start of Autumn and turn our thoughts to how we might best lay a trap for our assailants. The council also agreed that we should ask for a formal investigation into the renegade magus of House Merinita that currently plagues us and Daedelus suggested that we ask the Praeca for a reassessment of our tithe given the great damage that has been done to our vis sources due to the war with the fae. Lysimachus informed us that he would be learning a ward against faeries of the water this season to help in future battles.

Maximus told us that his pater has learned of the possible location of a sect of the Brothers in Christ, the lost covenant of Morstow somewhere in the south west of this island. They planned to travel there this season with Astrius asked to accompany them as a hoplite. Astrius asked that I might also attend but Maximus stated such would depend on the word of the Senior Quaesitor. We had some discussion about why these christians may have chosen such a place to base themselves but no firm conclusions were reached. Daedelus' questioning forced Maximus to reveal that Trevalga covenant had not been informed of this threat that does not lie so far from their own borders and while he would not reveal the reason it sounded likely that there was some suspicion regarding a magus of that covenant and their dealings with the sect. As Astrius would be spending time with Qauesitor Luvidicus the council called a formal vote to allow him to raise the matter of the Crown of Math and the three wizards we suspect to be behind its theft. Erla was concerned that if we discuss it further then word will surely leak and warn our enemies but despite her and myself opposing the motion it was passed by the remainder of the magi. Astrius assured us that he would be careful of what he discussed.

With our resources so much weaker than before Daedelus agreed to extract vim vis as a service for the covenant this season and we will all look to how we can diversify our means of bringing in an income as the arrangements that we currently have with the usurper Queen of England seem all too fragile. When time allows I will seek to identify trade opportunities from some of the contacts that I have developed over the years and we will also ask some of those covenants we have good relations with whether they might be interested in shared commercial ventures.

The snow did not end its fall until three weeks had passed and shortly afterwards we received news from the redcap Zephyrus that the trip to Morstow covenant had been cancelled as a fell event had drawn all of Luvidicus' attention. It appears that there has been a faerie attack, with hermetic magic reportedly involved, upon the covenant of Oakham Vale and that it has fallen, with all three magi who resided there slain. There have been other attacks upon Borri Tor and Trevalga, but none resulting in such a grave outcome. The magi within that covenant, all of my own House, do not deserve to have suffered so and our vengeance as a tribunal must be decisive once we are certain of the guilty parties. Apparently the investigation in Cornwall will take place when he is able to spare the time. Both Astrius and myself had started the season instructing our apprentices so we were able to continue such for the remainder of spring. The redcap also informed us that war had broken out in southern Wales, with the Welsh armies occupying Powys and the English heavily mustered in Gwent and digging in to defend Abergavenny. Chepstow and Monmouth have also been reinforced while the Marcher Lords continue to decide whether to commit their forces. There is a great deal of raiding and travel will be dangerous in the lands about. Astrius was also able to tell us at this informal meeting that he had ventured to Blackney after the winter broke and there found it abandoned, those traitors who had sworn to the Erechwydd having disappeared sometime over winter. He believed that he was observed from the woods round about that village but saw nothing himself.

The remainder of the season passed without event although there was a subdued mood within the covenant.


The focus of our discussions in council were about the tribunal that was to meet at midsummer. After some discussion Maximus, Daedelus and Erla all decided that they would remain at the covenant with the rest of us journeying to Mynyyd Myddyn before heading to Blackthorn. Most of us chose to sturdy from texts in the library although Astrius decided to extract more vim vis from our aura as service.

As we drew towards the middle of the season I flew as an owl overnight to Mynydd Myddyn and could see the lights of many troops mustered in the lands below. I was joined the following morning by Astrius and Lysimachus and as our Pontifex made investigation of the Awakened Forest and the Hidden Pool, I and my sodalis travelled to the caverns. There is still a faint magic aura there but the place is much diminished, seemingly aged many years since last we ventured there, and we found no vis save a little of the Muto within the clay. There was however an infernal aura still lying further within and we decided not to press further. The Pontifex reported news no better, with no regio at the pool and no vis to be obtained.

We arrived at Blackthorn to the sad news that Primus Erin of my House had passed into final twilight. He had done a fine job in steering the House in his years of leadership and will be sorely missed as a good man but I believe that it is likely that Edith will succeed him and I am sure that she will further strengthen House Ex Miscellanea. The tribunal was very sparsely attended with only two magi from outside covenant and none from Borri Tor. The news was similar from all with vis sites drying up and auras declining. Indeed it was said that Solis Castle now has no magical aura remaining at all and that the Great Oak of Cad Gadu no longer bears magical acorns. Of House Merinita only Syrentia attended but we were able to learn good intelligence from her regarding the renounced former members of her House that are plaguing the tribunal. They are Maga Fausta of Hibernia, of great age and aligned with the fae of the dark earth, Magus Fionuir of Hibernia who is over a century old and allied with the unseelie court of wood, and finally Magus Neithir who is said to be 130 years old and sets himself with the unseelie court of the air. We heard that Fausta had slain Syrentia's familiar at the House meeting. She has a sigil of the cracked earth and is strong in the arts of corporem, terram and aquam, with spells that can turn a man's blood to poison or his flesh to earth. Fionuir's sigil is spores of brown fungi and he is strong with glamour, practising muto and corporem most strongly and with spells of subtle but invidious effect such as disease and decay. It appears that it was Neithir who assailed us as he bears the sigil of a spiral of blue flame. He is also strong in glamour and faerie magic and has an affinity with mentem as well as many spells of ignem and auram. We learned that all three had been involved in the attack upon Oakham Vale. There is a suspicion that they may have been in the vicinity looking for something when Justin and Oscar came upon them. They did not return so Dallen left to seek help but they came upon him on the road north, heading north towards Solis Castle, and he was slain also. Syrentia does not believe that the fae will be long for this world with the loss of the Crown, except maybe in the most wild places, and that the unseelie courts are committed to attack wherever they find the opportunity. The seelie courts are likely only to attack if provoked but what constitutes such an offence may be far more broad than it has been before. She reminded us that where the fae had retreated in the lands on the continent then the Dominion and the Infernal had often swiftly filled the space created.

Before the tribunal proper began we also learned that there had been an assassination attempt upon the Mongol horde shaman Latoo, but this had ended in abject failure with the bodies of all involved found with their heads removed. The kingdom of Hungary has fallen to these raiders and without the support of the still missing House Bjornaer the east looks highly vulnerable to further losses.

The formal tribunal began with the Praeca's opening address and she started by highlighting the many threats besetting the order in Stonehenge. Chief among them she named the Brothers in Christ and reminded us all that we had committed to destroying them. She also urged that we consider how best we can strengthen co-operation between our covenants and intimated that she would have more to say on this subject later in our gathering. Magus Zephyrus brought us news, beginning with a recap of the failed attempt to slay Latoo. It seems that House Bjornaer was originally part of this plan but it was pursued even after their disappearance and as a result of the failure Thebes, Transylvania and the east of the Rhine are threatened as the Levant. He also reported that the declaration of war from the fae had resulted in two covenants in Hibernia falling, Crannagh Tomb and Muinner Carn. Pitfichie Forest in Loch Leglean has rebelled against the tribunal with their one non Merinitan magus, from my own House, missing. It seems likely that there will be a Wizard's March in that tribunal next year. Zephyrus also had news from the non magical world. The French King Louis is mustering his forces, presumably to strike against the rich English lands on the continent. With Eleanor forced to split her forces this could well prolong the travails in Wales. The pope has issued a bull authorising the use of torture of heretics by the Church's inquisition. Primus Guernicus has sent word reminding all to be careful in their dealings with the church and monastic orders. This hardly comes as a surprise given some of our suspicions of his role in the events that befall us now.

For several hours we were then subjected to a litany of the losses that have befallen the tribunal in terms of vis sites, aurae and members of the order. It was grim listening and not lightened by Luvidicus revealing the results of his investigations into the fate of Oakham Vale last autumn. He repeated much that Syrentia had told us but also revealed that Fausta had been involved in the death of Primus Palleus. He ruled that the evidence against the three magi made it clear that they had stepped outside of any protection they may once have had under the Code of Hermes and suggested that we declare them enemies of the tribunal, a motion that was unanimously passed. He also advised that we should not seek to bring battle against the fae but that defence against their attacks was most unlikely to be considered molestation. The first day ended with Edith announcing that given the scale of losses the tribunal tithe was waved.

The second, and final, day of the tribunal began with a proposal from Theophilus that Edith clearly supported. He suggested that the loss of vis sites may be a long term fate and that we should make plans to ensure that within Stonehenge some of the resulting effects of such loss that had been experienced on the continent, such as the jealous hoarding of scarce magical resources and resulting suspicion and conflict, be mitigated against. His idea was that the tribunal sponsor a great library with all covenants contributing books of art and spells, access to which would be freely given to all members of the tribunal. Such a noble idea quickly came up against the petty bureaucratic objections that often seem to be a principal of magi of our order but his measured responses to the issues softened the worst of the concerns. After much debate a vote was cast that the tribunal supported the proposal in principle and that Blackthorn would be home to the new library. Theophilus and Luvidicus will draft a charter for how this resource will be managed to be ratified at the next tribunal. It was agreed that in anticipation of this all covenants would spend one season in the next seven years to provide the first resources for this endeavour.

Edith ended the tribunal by reminding us that it was vital that all magi within Stonehenge look to the safety and security of each other, and that where there was news this be swiftly disseminated. Those few magi present then swiftly departed and the remainder of summer passed peacefully.


Our council in autumn was initially a mixture of common resolve to take action regarding the Crown of Math but differing views on how best this be achieved. The tenor of the argument was changed however by a significant revelation from Maximus who revealed that Primus Guernicus has forbidden any investigation into the murder of Aeddan, a fact that he told us despite having apparently been sworn to secrecy by the leaders of his House. Given that this seems to prevent any attempt within the code to recover the Crown our conversation turned to whether it could be stolen back. Given the dangerous nature of such an attempt, both due to the potential breach of elements of the oath and the practical difficulty that we believe it is held in a covenant within Iberia full of those magi who have waged long war against the moorish sorcerors, it was agreed that before pursuing the matter further we needed to know with greater certainty that the return of the Crown will stop much of the harm that has been done or whether there is more that the fae will demand. Astrius was charged with speaking to Syrentia to see whether she could bring greater understanding.

We then turned our attention to the matter of the forthcoming winter and what we might do against the former Merinitan Neithir. While we swiftly agreed to raise the aegis this season with a view to faking such an act in Winter, to lead that wizard to believe we were as vulnerable as the attempt last year, there was less agreement about whether to cast it within or without the treeline that surrounds us. Within makes us more vulnerable during the attack that we expect but if it is cast without then the trap is more likely to be detected. An ambiguous vote failed to settle the matter so Daedelus challenged Erla to certamen, swiftly defeating her and establishing that the aegis would be cast without the trees. The council was adjourned until she had recovered but that evening when we returned Maximus then challenged Daedelus to change his vote. Despite the Pontifex ruling that this matter had been concluded at the earlier meeting some matter of pride from the Tremere apparently meant that despite nothing being staked on the outcome the certamen went ahead anyway. After perhaps a minute Daedelus won and we once more adjourned until the following morning. The discussion continued into how best we might find and defeat our enemy. It was agreed that Maximus would craft an item as a service to discern illusions and that Lysimachus, also as a service, would develop a spell to destroy snow and make it harder for the fae to approach us unseen. It was also agreed that when Astrius visited Syrentia he would see if Neithir was known to have any vulnerability to cold iron.

I had agreed to spend the season in Bristol establishing the current disposition of the fells. There was surprisingly little rumour of gang activity leading me to wonder whether Girardinho has strengthened his grip on the city. Watching the dock I was able to observe some of the hands that I know to work for him pass off some stolen barrels of wine to a sheriff’s clerk named Albery. I was able to interrogate this man and learned that he worked for Roger, one of Girardinho's confidantes, dealing with paperwork on behalf of the gang. This gave me four addresses within the city that I was able to take arcane connections to and later set Constantius to observing to see what he may learn. I also discovered that Roger frequented a particular tavern and I resolved to remind the Italian that we were still around by fulfilling a promise to that man that his life was forfeit should he betray us. It was a simple enough matter to follow him to his home and having determined that he did not know where Girardinho could be found, apparently he moves between a number of safehouses and summons those to him when required, I ended his life.

Astrius spoke with Syrentia during the season as agreed and learned a little more of Neithir. Apparently he does not have any familiar but also no known weakness to cold iron; his supposed glamour is some sort of hedge magic allowing him to entrance those he speaks with rather than a faerie gift although the Erechwydd may have gifted him the ability hide when on snow. When Astrius told us this there was also a short discussion on why the three wizards may have been near Oakham Vale and we learned that there is said to be a lost covenant near that place. Perhaps this was why they were there. Syrentia also had some knowledge on the Crown of Math. She believes that the return of the crown is not in itself sufficient to placate the fae. Slaying Aeddan's killers might keep the Seelie out of the war and may placate the unseelie somewhat but to restore the magical power that has been lost will require a new King. This of course would require both the Crown of Math and one of the bloodline to wear it so there is much that we must consider. She was surprised that the Gofannon had interceded on the matter of the stones near Lydney and she suggested that maybe others, including him, might also be being worshipped there. We will need to check this at the earliest opportunity.


The snow had already started falling some days before we met at the start of the season. All were present and our immediate concern was how best to set the ambush that we had planned as a result of Maximus' vision. After all the debate that we had had earlier in the year regarding the positioning of the Aegis of the Heart, Daedelus reminded us that as the previous casting would not entirely pass until the erection of the new ward then if Neithir crossed it he would have no great cause for concern. Both chagrined and reassured we agreed that our Tremere sodalis would lead us around the boundary pretending to cast the ritual. Close to him would be Astrius, but guised as a shield Grog. I was able to locate a man in the turb who was a good enough fit to be disguised as Astrius and stand towards the back of the group. The rest of us would follow round and at the first sign of any attack it was resolved that Lysimachus would cast his spell to destroy snow, our belief being that Neithir may have been granted some blessing of the Erechwydd to hide on such a surface. The rest of us would strike with whatever offensive spells we had, for many of us the purpose being to help reduce the protection from his Parma Magica while the Archimagus unleashed his more powerful enchantments.

Adjourning the remainder of our council until the evening we set about enacting our plan, not even certain that the attack would come. It seems that Maximus' divinatory powers remain strong however, for some time into the enacted ritual we saw Daedelus fall to the ground. As Lysimachus cast his spell, I felt a rage come upon me that in hindsight can only have been some magical effect upon my emotions, but whatever Neithir had hoped for was lost as the renounced magus was revealed as the snow under his feet disappeared. We immediately took action ourselves but alas, our Archimagus casts his spells so quickly that they were away before any of the rest of us could damage Neithir's magical protection at all and in the first exchange little harm seemed to befall our enemy. Daedelus got to his feet and cast circling winds about himself and seemed to lunge for Astrius but our Archimagus was up to the task of resisting our ensorcelled sodalis and as Neithir failed to penetrate the Aegis with his apportation magics he was upon him. By now earthen hands from the ground had a firm grip of the former Merinitan, who had also been blinded by magic, and in a moment Astrius had struck him down with his blade, a moment before I reached him in my fury. Neithir's head was struck from his shoulders and as we assisted Daedelus, I feeling a sudden calm when set against my earlier anger, made assay of our enemy's corpse. Maximus swiftly confirmed that it was indeed that man who lay before us and he bore two rings upon his hand that gave off the aura of magic, a plain silver ring and a bronze ring set with a blue gem we took to be a sapphire. He had a simple dagger in some kind of magical sheath that Astrius identified as being crafted from some form of wyrm skin, and also a full two rooks of vis in pouches upon his belt. Preservation magic was placed upon his corpse and the body was brought back to the cell beneath our tower.

As our council reconvened after dusk Maximus used the spell Whispers through the Black Gate to question the renounced magus' corpse regarding his fellow conspirators plans but to little surprise he was resistant to our efforts. Despite threatening him with Christian burial he acclaimed us all as traitors who would eventually fall to the true wizards who did not ally with the church, stating that our adherence to the code was rendered laughable as it had already been broken by the actions of House Guernicus. Realising that our approach was ineffective it was suggested that we summon his spirit and attempt to coerce answers from him but several of our number believed that such an action was too dangerous due to the strong nature of the spirit of a former hermetic magus. Eventually it was suggested that we would seek out Magus McKeith in Spring and see whether he could learn more with his great facility with spirt magic. The debate continued for fear that such a delay would place other magi of the tribunal at risk of the same fate as that which befell Oakham Vale. Maximus proposed that he attempt to divine the actions of the other two renounced Merinitans and Astrius agreed, adjourning the meeting once more until the following morning.

As we gathered once more the Quaesitor told us that he had received a vision of uncommon clarity. In it he saw two figures, a man and woman who seem to be the renounced magi, travelling in a landscape with steep hills of smooth character. They were discussing visiting someone, not necessarily an ally to their cause but an enemy of the order with little love for the church. They seemed apprehensive but resolved and Maximus saw them enter a wooded valley, shrouded with mist. From within he heard the woman scream and the man begging for mercy. Another face then appeared in his vision, haggard and grey with mismatched eyes of brown and green. This face turned directly to Maximus and asked him who he was and why he disturbed Damhan-Allaidh at which point the vision ended. Astrius confirmed that the description matched that of Magus Magnus regarding the wizard who had almost slain him and it was believed that the landscape most likely matched that of the far north, most likely Loch Leglean. Maximus said that the mists suggested a shrouded place, perhaps a regio. We discussed the vision further and agreed that it seems likely that the two former Merinitans have failed in their bid to recruit this legendary enemy to their aid, if indeed it truly is Damhan-Allaidh, and thus there was less urgency to coerce information from Neithir's spirit. So agreeing we determined that we would contact McKeith in Spring as had been suggested.

The majority of our council spent winter within the covenant engaged on personal magical researches. Maga Erla undertook a service to the covenant to try and develop some herbal potions that might have effect against disease for fear that the Erechwydd's curse strikes the covenant repeatedly. Only Maximus was abroad, apparently travelling to Gloucester on personal business for which he made request to borrow the sum of 200 pennies from Lysimachus so that he might pay a tithe to the church. I understand that Lysimachus accompanied him to the city as he intended to spend a few days at the King's College, but as I write this report I have not had a chance to learn anything of his journey.