Scribed by Husam

Spring 1263 AD

As our council met for the first time this year I sensed a feeling that perhaps, with the immediate threats of Damhain-alladh and the members of the un-named House he had spurred on to attack us now diminished, there would be some time for us to build, to further strengthen the covenant. There are still many difficulties to face and there is much to do but I sensed an air of optimism that has been sadly absent at too many of our council meetings in recent years. Astrius suggested that given the changing situation he could no longer see a need for a magus to be present in Lydney every season but felt that it would be best if a presence was maintained there for perhaps one season each year and the council readily agreed.

There was much discussion about those items that could be manufactured to better protect the covenant from attack. We discussed the possibility of creating more wards for the grog turb but the agreed priority was an item to suppress fires within the covenant, which Lysimachus will create and an enchantment to strengthen the doors to the great hall, the first of which Maga Erla agreed to bring her art to this season. Maximus informed us that he plans over the next few years to turn his arts increasingly to battling demons and it was agreed that as his proficiency rises then he might perhaps enchant the diamond tipped wand with a spell to harm such entities as well as the protection ring already contained within it. He chose to learn that spell from the library this season.

Astrius felt that as we have two floors of the tower unoccupied, and one full set of unused laboratory equipment, that it would be a good time to seek applications for membership to the covenant from other magi. William and Constanza have returned to us, now the enchantment that had been placed upon them has faded, and hopefully they will both soon successfully take their place as magi and further strengthen the tribunal, although I do not believe that either will remain within Severn Temple. All those of us with apprentices announced we would be providing them instruction this season.

The season passed quietly. Maga Acerbia visited the covenant, and despite her burden having greatly increased due to the sad loss of Zephyrus at the hands of Damhain-alladh she had brought good intelligence of the mundane news from around the order. Overseas there has been much upheaval with the Mongols taking the great Egyptian city of Alexandria. They are said to have slain the Caliph and burned the mosques to the ground.

Husam’s Private Journal: Such news is a bitter reminder of my failure to understand my Pater’s message before it was too late. My people are sadly beset and our faith challenged. Still I am not without hope however, remembering the words of Kernow. I must strengthen myself and then travel east once more to seek Hashim out in the ruins of Masyaf. A few years more then perhaps I may atone for my sins.

The nation of Iceland has entered into a political union with Norway, acknowledging King Hakkan as their ruler, the city of Strasbourg has angered the French King and declared itself a free city of the Holy Roman Empire and the King of Lithuania has declared that he has renounced his ties to Christianity and once more the old pagan faith of his land will be recognised.

Acerbia told us that within our own shores the Welsh have taken Worcester without a fight, the noble families of that city surrendering in exchange for free passage away. This left no defences between that army and Gloucester and as the season passed we made good assay of their movement. Gloucester is well fortified with goodly numbers of men and they brought many supplies in before burning many of the fields to make it harder for the Welsh to support themselves. As the season drew to a close the siege of the city had commenced. This will have an impact on us and we discussed it at some length. Food will be scarcer and we can be glad that we had begun some time ago to strengthen our own stores. Our iron ore can for the time being be diverted to Chepstow and Bristol but if the Welsh take Berkely castle then we risk losing access to the river for such trade and we must be cautious of the risk that raiders seek to attack Lydeny. It is not easy to reach from Gloucester but if they gain control of the severn it is likely that they will roam far and wide to support their siege of Gloucester.

The final item worthy of reporting this season is that Astrisu announced he had formally severed the bonds of his status of Amicus with Idnerth.

Husam’s Private Journal: Astrius spoke with me towards the end of the season about Cad Gadu. He said that some pagan spirit called Jack of the Green is present in the wood there and he has no fondness for those who are not his allies. Astrius thinks there may be rites that can appease him but in the meantime suggested that if I plant that acorns I have received from the Heart of the Forest here into that new wood then it is likely to ease some of the entity’s anger. In truth I am not sure what decision I will make. I am concerned that events have led to such rapid increase in the strength of these beings and the power that they hold in this isle and had for the first time not planted either of the acorns that I received last Autumn. Yet I need to be able to make my way to the newly re-founded Domus Magnus of my House. I shall think on it over the summer.


At our council there was little to discuss save the siege laid upon Gloucester. We determined to take further arcane connections around the city and Berkeley Castle to ensure that we were well appraised of events but beyond that there seems little else that we need to do at this time. Erla agreed to set herself on a second season of service by completing the enchantment upon our doors and thus Maximus was asked to extract vim vis for the covenant for it will be needed.

I had committed to spending the season at Oxford, further strengthening my ties with the merchants of that place in order to bring us greater income in the future. The effort was well worth it for I have ensured that during this time of war we will continue to bring in food and have markets for our ore. In future years to come I hope this trade will bring us at least 30 pennies a year, perhaps more as it grows. While I was abroad there was much discussion of wider events in the realm. At court both the Marcher Lords and the Earl of Gloucester are keen to raise army to see off the Welsh but the Queen is more wary, the threat of De Montefort’s forces one that she would deal with first. Neither side has gained the advantage in their negotiation so nothing happens save an army sits in London. Within the university I learned that many former residents of the King’s College have fled Gloucester and taken refuge in Oxford. They have taken much of the resources of that place, reportedly for safekeeping, although I suspect that Lysimachus will need to be careful to ensure that everything returns safe when the siege is lifted.

Husam’s Private Journal: Before I travelled to Oxford I decided it was now time to test William and thus set him his formal gauntlet. He is to learn the identity of the executioner who slew his father, find him and take such action as he deems appropriate. It is a challenging task but one that I believe he is ready for. I have given him a period of one year to achieve this.

Lysimachus himself travelled down to the King’s College during the Summer, to learn that his consors Philippe had died. Strangely his passing was not well known and Lysimachus learned of it when Philippe’s ghost appeared to him, seemingly in some kind of dream. My sodalis made some study of what had occurred but was unable to visit his old room in the college as there is some sort of regio boundary around them. He was able to determine that there is no trace of Philippe’s body, the plot laid aside for him at Gloucester cathedral still empty, and that magic is unable to trace it. It appears that the ghost of Philippe is attached to Lysimachus in some way still, though I am not sure that I truly understand how.


Once again our council was a short affair. There has been some raiding in the area by the Welsh, primarily in the northern part of the forest around Huntley and the north road. As a result Ross on Wye has been reinforced by a levy from Monmouth. Our own lands remain unmolested but we will continue to keep careful watch on events.

All the magi turned their time this season to making further study of art and spell, save for Lysimachus who had some business that took him to the south of France. It seems that the straits of Gibraltar are still said to be dangerous due to the threat of Moorish pirates but he was unmolested on the journey both there and back. In Marseilles there has recently been a rebellion, forcefully put down by the local rulers, but again it was of no consequence to my sodalis’ journey.

I am glad to report that at the end of the season my apprentice William after successfully completing his gauntlet. He swore the oath before Quaesitor Maximus and shall henceforth be known as Magus Karim, my filius now rather than apprentice. It is my intention to travel with him to Cad Gadu next season to formally seek his entry into House Ex Miscellanea. He had some news from Bristol that he had gathered while he was away. It seems that there are now three gangs in the docks and that there is no longer any overlord to the criminal activity in the city. There is no word of the Italian but I suspect it likely that at least one of those groups must contain those who previously served him so there will be value in returning there as soon as I have time so that I can determine if he is still in the city or if he has fled.


This season both Astrius and Lysimachus have agreed to craft enchanted items for the covenant, the former a ward against heat and flames and the latter a wand to extinguish fires. They also agreed that they would travel to Mynydd Myddyn to harvest vis prior to commencing their time in their laboratories.

I travelled to Cad Gadu and once again the forest around that covenant had a dark, brooding aura upon it. I had brought with me all the acorns that I have received from the heart of the forest and planted them in places around the fringes of the forest, calling out to Jack of the Green as I did so that I was not an enemy of this place. That night I had a dream that initially was greatly disturbing, myself lost in a dark forest, but after some time changed its tenor, as the trees appeared to glow silver with the moonlight and a path became visible. I awoke to find that the forest had lost much of its threat, although I still sensed that there was an angry presence somewhere beyond the boughs. We were able to make our way through to Cad Gadu, although it was not easy to find, the forest perhaps protecting something of the location of that place. Once there we were soon met by the Primus and he gladly welcomed Karim to the House. It seems that four more magi have joined the Domus Magnus; Maga Beatrix has travelled from Normandy, Magus Anselm from Hibernia, Maga Harriet from Loch Leglean and a redcap Magus Cyrillus has journeyed from Provencal. I spoke with them all during a feast to welcome Karim in the evening, save for Beatrix who kept herself to herself. Maga Harriet has a brother, Cathal, who is surely touched by the blood of giants. She introduced him to me and he told me that a seer had told him to find his own path and seek a home in a place by a river. I sensed that this was a good omen and invited him to return with me to Severn Temple to see whether he felt he could make a home there. He readily agreed but Magus Karim decided not to return. The Primus has invited him to consider a place at Cad Gadu, but in a manner that will allow him great freedom to pursue his affairs in the wider realm beyond. He wished to spend some time at Cad Gadu to determine what the best decision was for his future.

About a month into Winter the redcap Maga Acerbia visited Severn Temple. She brought letters for Astrius and Maximus and also the news that Magus Moravius had passed into final twilight. She also had much news from the mundane sphere. While the bulk of her forces are still in London the Queen has seized £10,000 from the Knights Templar. Oxford has founded a new college called Balliol. To the north war has broken out between Scotland and Norway, Hakkan IV having sent forces to defend the Hebrides from an invasion by Alexander III. The doctrines of a theologian named Joachim of Fiore, a name that I seem to recall having heard at the Grand Tribunal but in what context I cannot put my finger upon, have been condemned by the Pope as heresy. Venice has rstored its naval superiority in the Mediterranean after winning a great sea battle with forces from Genoa and Byzantium. There has been much fighting also in Iberia with James I of Aragon taking Crevillant, and Alfonso X of Castille capturing Nibela which leaves no Moors in the west of the peninsula.

The rest of the season passed without event, even the weather being milder than in recent years.