Scribed by Fabius

Spring 1209 AD

So it comes to me to continue this record of events here at Severn Temple covenant. Having only recently read
the many volumes of history written by the present and former magi of this covenant, I recognise both the
value of having such testimony but also its limitation. There are many events contained within these histories
which make little sense to me, the writer clearly presuming some context already possessed by the reader that
I lack; but despite this there is immense value in these journals to a newcomer like myself. I shall endeavour to
do my part well and note for posterity the events of my years here.

Our spring council met in full with no news of import from the Winter of 1208 to share. Thus Tiarnen turned
the council's focus to plans for the year; specifically covenant services and the like.

With Marius away so often it is clear that we need someone else to help manage the complex spy network
and local mundane affairs. Idolon has already shown great wit and courage when dealing with matters in
the mundane world, though he shall be absent for half the year studying with the magus Fergus of Narwold
covenant. Later in the year, Idolon shall hope to gain greater insight into the ways and motivations of some of
the spirits in our vicinity – especially those that haunt some of our vis sites. Thus it was Constantius, former
apprentice and now a Captain here at Severn Temple, who shall try to take over some of the day-to-day
contacts within the mundane world. Though he no longer possesses the gift, he has the wits and insight to
achieve well at such a task and he enjoys the full confidence of the Council.

Of the rest of us: Cormoran shall look to enchant an item that can be used to incapacitate an individual
through the breaking of a bone. Cynfelyn will extract some more Vim Vis for the covenant. Marius will be
abroad, as usual, dealing with some of the complex affairs amongst the nobility. Tiarnen shall look to complete
an item to ward demons, and I shall look to use my Pater’s insights into Minor Enchantments to construct an
item that can be used to probe the minds of others, to assist Magi and Constantius in the mundane world.


All save Marius were in attendance for Summer; he is still abroad in Wales though it is believed he will return
at some point this season. There was only a little news – from Constantius – regarding events in Gloucester.
It seems that they have a contact in that city, a dwarf named Faulk who has an ear for much news and gossip
plus numerous contacts around the city. It seems that the gangs of Gloucester have been taken over by a new
group led by a man named Rufus; suspected to be from Bristol. Thus, our concern is that the Fells are seeking
to extend their influence back into this region. This man Faulk was able to warn Constantius about the spies of
this group attempting to follow him – though in so doing he came to the notice of this gang and was taken by
them for questioning. He was eventually released again unharmed, but it raises two questions. Firstly, to what
extent can we trust the word of this Faulk – will he simply betray us if offered better coin than we provide
or can he be encouraged to be loyal to us? Secondly, what evidence can be sought that would confirm our
suspicion that Rufus operates as part of the Fells?

Tiarnen announced that we now had a ward against demons in the covenant stores – which will be useful for
any who intend to investigate these potential diabolists further. In the past the Fells have used minor demons
and spirits to watch invisibly and in the future Idolon suggested he might try to espy any of these watchers
upon the roads. For my part, I shall change my covenant service. Constantius suggested that an item that could
be used to pluck a hair from a man’s head would be an invaluable tool in this investigation. I shall construct
such an item – in the hope we can use it to gather arcane connections to our mundane contacts and our
potential enemies.

Marius returned later in the season with two companions. The first is his new Wife, Roswyn, daughter of one
of the powerful Princes of Wales. She shall be staying here for some time and we have been asked to refrain
from casting overt or threatening forms of magic around her until she has a chance to settle in. The other
was a young baby, no more than a year old. This child, it came to light, is Marius’ son Uren (after his maternal
grandfather)! A surprising announcement given that Marius’ has been dependent on a Longevity potion for
some years now! Over the course of this discussion Cormoran made an announcement; claiming that he had
invoked the Anu to bless Marius’ and Roswyn’s union with a son. Cynfelyn was furious; claiming that Cormoran
was using his knowledge of these ancient spirits to recklessly interfere in the affairs of his Sodales. Marius’
response was more measured. He said he was not angered, for he was well pleased at having a son, but that
he was deeply disappointed in Cormoran not telling him what he intended to do. The giant has clearly broken
any bonds of trust by doing all this in secret – when he could easily have discussed the matter with Marius.

Looking back over this journal there are many instances where Cormoran has fallen afoul of the council. I
do hope that we shall not return to the tumultuous council meetings described in this history; where serial
Certamen was frequently used to settle fierce arguments!


Our Autumn council was a fairly brief affair with Idolon still away at Narwold. I announced the completion
of an item which could be used to collect arcane connections; Tiarnen and Constantius will travel back to
Gloucester to further this investigation. The matter of Cormoran’s invocation of the Anu was raised again
– though my fears for this matter provoking conflict at the council were unnecessary. Marius took a very
measured approach, simply stating that whilst he was not angered by the consequences of the action it did
place him in a very difficult situation – and that he should have been told of Cormoran’s plan. For his part,
the giant was contrite – accepting that his secrecy was wrong and that he should have sought consent. With
Cormoran’s apology, Marius appeared satisfied – though I suspect Cynfelyn was less willing to let the matter
drop, he deferred his personal anger to the injured party.

Cormoran left shortly after the council to travel to Cad Gadu, and the rest of us had a quiet season of study.


It seems that what had appeared an uneventful season had involved considerable risk and adventure for
Tiarnen and Constantius. They reported some of the events in Gloucester at the Winter council.

With the aid of some of De Percy’s men, it seems that Rufus has been captured and we have made a potential
new ally in Faulk – who has been housed in Chepstow for the time being whilst things cool down in Gloucester.
Tiarnen and Constantius, aided by Aesc, one of the grogs, were able to track down Rufus after Faulk had
been captured and interrogated by the Fells. Freeing Faulk from his torture, they had an opportunity to
question Rufus and discovered several important pieces of news: It seems that Rufus is indeed connected
to the Fells in Bristol, who are the group behind some of the attacks upon tax convoys along the Marches.
It appears that there is a small group of leaders within this criminal cult; some of whom hold high rank
amongst the mundanes. Sir Carl of Epney was implicated in the organisation of the attacks on Bridgenorth’s
tax men and some of the higher ranking contacts in Bristol were identified; Lambert, a merchant of Bristol,
Gerald, a ley clerk of the Sheriff’s office in Bristol and an itinerant ‘Friar’ named Benedict. These men lead
a group of Fells we’ve called the ‘Black Knives’ on account of the tattoos they bear on their forearms.

It is clear that our investigation must head South to Bristol if we are to prevent this infernal sect regaining
ground in the vicinity of our Covenant. It’s clear from the journal the grave threat these groups pose if they are
left to organise themselves uncontested. It is worth noting that De Percy, the King’s spymaster, also appears
to be aware now of this traitorous group. It is always a risk involving mundanes, but it’s clear we possess a
common enemy and that they have the resources and position to offer considerable assistance.

Idolon has returned from Narwold and recounted a little of his time away. It appears that he has encountered
some students from Oxford who have been banished from that city because of their loud and lewd antics.
They were travelling towards Cambridge, where they claim they have a sponsor who will allow them to
establish a new University. Idolon was quick to see opportunity – and has gained an offer to exchange
exemplars of texts. We shall consider which tomes we can make copy from, but the prospect of extending our
mundane library is most promising!

As covenant services this season, Cynfelyn will extract Vim Vis and Idolon will use some of the insights he
gained working with Fergus to investigate the Trellech stones and the Grey Hill.

Later in this season, Idolon reported some of his investigation of these magical places. He travelled first
to the Trellech stones but, though he was able to sense the presence of the spirit there, he was unable to
communicate much with it. It appears that this spirit is no mere ‘ghost’ but something perhaps born of that
magical place – a nature spirit of some kind. He is unsure how intelligent this spirit is, but it seems aware and
curious of any who venture there. Fortunately, it has shown no signs of hostility or belligerence ... indeed, it
seems quite benign.

At the Grey Hill their venture took a turn for the worse. Whilst tracing their way deeper into the regio they
were able to meet spirits of those who have passed on; Njall apparently meeting his former Chieftain and
Idolon his former Pater (slain in wizard’s war against the Tytalan who completed his training as a magus).
However, when Constantius attempted to use a magical tincture to guide them deeper into the regio they
went too deep – right into the heart of the place; the star lit summit of the Grey Hill. Constantius was lost in
visions and it took great effort to extricate themselves from that deep magical place. However, they were
returned safely at the end of the Season – and even Constantius appeared unharmed by his long reverie. This
Grey Hill seems a powerful and mysterious place indeed!

Thus ends my first record in the Journal of Severn Temple. By our arts may we flourish!