Scribed by Maximus

Spring 1222 AD

It is with great pleasure that I start writing this journal of the year. It is with great respect that I look back upon the years of records and the knowledge and precedents that they form in this tome.

At dawn we all rewove our parmas and then assembled in the council chamber for our seasonal meeting, As I wondered down the halls towards the council chamber I was grateful for my thick stockings for the chill off the thick stone floors almost made me flinch when I arose. I will look to purchase an enchantment from Fabius to make my room always of a decent temperature, for in summer it is passably cool but in winter it needs a roaring fire to keep is mildly warm.

The Pontifex Astrius opened the council meeting with a discussion of the seasons previous events, After there trip down to Lydney they had discovered that the peasant Karl had confirmed that he had betrayed the proto-druid Duncan to the Abbot of Tintern, When asked what we could do about the troublesome Abbot Marius reported that as he was protected by the ecclesiastical courts there was little a member of the laity could do to stop him. He did mention that as a last resort he could appeal to the pope but it would have tipped our hand to much and shown that the king was to protective of the pagans. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that the only thing we could do was keep a close eye on Tintern and especially the Abbot. Marius thought that Duncan would have probably been taken to Somerset as his men would have seen and attempt to cross the Wye. He promised to investigate but it would not be this season as he had pressing matters of state to attend too. One thing I thought of was that Tiarnan’s mirror might have been created with the aid of Faerie magic and thus might not be able to pierce a dominion aura easily, as no one knew if it was created in such a manner Fabius said he would scan the notes that Tiarnan left about the creation of the mirror to see if he could glean any clue about the techniques of its construction.

One of the things that intrigues us is why the spells seemed to have failed in the way they did, the simplest reason is that Duncan was out to sea when the spells were cast. We descended into a theoretical discussion about the possibility that Duncan might have been in a regio and thus undetectable. Fabius talked a bit about the difference between dominion and Divine aura, and whether it was just christian churches with a dominion aura, Liesimacus suggested that Tintern Abbey might have regios inside it’s walls which would thus have blocked the scrying magics. We further went on to discuss the abilities of the Brothers in Christ sect and I pointed out how there abilities seemed specialised to counter the deceits and deceptions of the infernal and its minions. It appears these Brothers have strong protections of the psychomachia and Mentem affects and can see through Illusions and Imagonem magics. To be on the safe side we decided to monitor the worship of the pagans at Lydney and this is rapidly agreed on by all, especially the magus Husam who declared the rites and practices of these pagans to be corrupt and appeared dark to his eyes, which coming from someone with his background was damning evidence indeed.

I then raised the point that as the charter clearly states that the Ministrator can act in the Pontifex’s stead when the aforementioned Pontifex is absent from the covenant, the issues of the previous year relating to the changing of the charter were moot.

We finally discussed the forthcoming tribunal and it was agreed that Husam would remain behind to watch over the covenant, I hope all goes well for our poor covenant folk with him in charge, but I am sure his steward ship will be fine as there is no evidence to point to the contrary.
The pontifex then distributed Vis and monies as is traditional in the spring council meeting and asked me if I would like a defensive device, I agreed and Fabius stated he could make for me a device of confusion of the numbed will with seven charges, I appreciated the help and support of the covenant and look forward to never having to use the device in anger.

Finally Husam suggested that he be allowed to set up a spy house in Bristol, he suggested the disguise of a house of courtesans , which seemed most appropriate, and given our wealth now we have the backing of the king of England we agreed to this. I hope no ill befalls the brave magus Husam, Bristol has long been known to be dangerous, I do not think I will be visiting the house as a customer as I do not want to be stabbed in my bed at night or even worse ripped apart by demons and my ample entrails used as decorations for some unholy ceremony.

We announced our seasons activities as follows, Marius led his armies upon Gloucester in an attempt to remove all opposition from the west country. Fabius created the device of Confusion of numbed will for my defense, for which iI was and am very grateful. As the tribunal was approaching I decided to travel early to Blackthorn covenant to study the law and especially the law relating to tribunal precedents. I intended to stay in Blackthorn for the summer as well to bring my level of knowledge of the law up to the required standard of a tribunal quaesitor. Astrius learnt a spell from the library ( which I later found out was sense the lingering magic). Husam studied from personal vis and said he would speak to Fulk about information gathering methods in his spare time. Fabius studied Verditius magic over the year and I practiced my skill with formulaic magics. Lisimachus scribed some of his spells for the library and in a most un-Bonisagus manner spent his spare time over the year talking to the various coven folk learning there ways.

I left the next day and normally it would have been myself, Duncan and a few grogs to defend me from the ravages of the road. But this time I managed to go with Marius and so was escorted by a large contingent of men at arms and a train of horses that made my donkey cart look quite insignificant. There were more advantages as well as Marius travelled with a cook and his food was definitely of royal quality, of especial notice was the venison roast, which was succulent and the juices ran into my trencher which i must admit I nibbled on, which was obviously not the correct etiquette as I got some frowns from some of the nobles travelling with Marius.

We arrived at fork in the road and it was with regret that I parted company with Marius as he headed off to Ross on Wye on his mission to retake Gloucester I climbed the steep mountain to the fastness that is Blackthorn, on entry too the castle Serenia met me and offered me some advice with regards to my legal researches and also that I have a pre tribunal meeting with Praeca Edith. She told me that Archimagus Marius' acquisition of the crown was a matter for the Grand tribunal to decide and thus there should be no discussion in this tribunal of his actions. She warned me that if there was a motion to copy Normandy tribunal accusation against the Provencals tribunal then I should steer the tribunal away from taking this precipitous action, as it will not help Archimagus Marius' case at all. Finally she suggested that I learn about the powers of the praeca in case I needed them.

The rest of the season for me passed peacefully as I was tucked up with the law books studiously learning what I might need, hopefully not dropping too many crumbs into the precious books.


The Council meeting happened with out me as I was still studying in Blackthorn in preparation for the Tribunal. Although it was necessary for me to learn the information I did I missed being at the council of the place that has come to be my home, I missed Fabius’ happy demeanor and even Husam’s furrowed brow. It is surprising to me how quickly you can become attached to a place and a group of people. Marius returned to the confines of the covenant and reported to Astrius of his success in the storming of Gloucester and he also reported that the Earl had been transported to London to be held at the tower at Marius’ convenience. Due to Husams unexpected nonattendance it was decided that Fabius would miss the tribunal and bravely defend the covenant, thought to be honest he would probably direct the defence of the covenant from the great hall allowing our brave turb to repel any dangers to out home. Fabius stated that he would work on personal magic items, probably to help him in his defences. Astrius said that he would train his apprentice in this season and also escort him to the tribunal to educate him in the ways of a magus’ life. Lisimachus said that in order to communicate with the grogs effectively he would learn some more English from the librarian as long as that would not interfere in the librarians duties, as his work load was light this season it was decided that he could teach Lisimachus the mother tongue of this wonderful country. It was reported that a lad had a vision where he saw a great shape in the clouds sweeping through the air and then a dragon descended from the roiling clouds and landed by the river Severn and drank from it and turned the water flowing so quickly to blood and with that the river started to fill with the bodies of the dead Marius recalled that Theo had three visions of the possible outcomes of his taking the crown and that this was one of them, with Marius being the dragon and capturing Gloucester it appeared that one of the visions had come true.

Back in Blackthorn midsummer approached and with that the Tribunal of Stonehenge convened. The various Magi started arriving a few days before the tribunal itself and used the time to reacquaint themselves with friends not seen for a long time and also to trade items and Vis. Quite a few Magi arrived and referring to the records of tribunals past it appeared that the turn out for this one was pretty good however without Praeca Amanita pushing the various ExMiscellaneans living outside covenant to attend there numbers were down on previous tribunals. I managed to chat to Fergus for a few evening about our experiences with spirits and he renewed the offer to teach me about his magical breakthrough concerning them.
During this period I managed to talk to Edith about the tribunal and she offered me some small advice, but to be honest she told me nothing that senior quaesitor Serenia had not already told me.

The tribunal started with Edith standing to speak, I was quite proud of being able to sit on the high table given my few years since I had passed my gauntlet. Edith recounted the losses of Praeca Amanita, Archimagus Tiarnan, Cormoran, Quaesitor Medius, Idolon and the covenant of Blywdden. She stated how we had fought hard against the Unnamed house but had suffered these grievous losses, and how we should not give up the fight, for we were the bulwark against the evil that corrupted the unnamed house, and we should fight on in the memory of all the magi archimagi and covenant that we had lost, to preserve the order from the ravages of the infernal.

She then went on to her points that she wished to raise, These were four in number and were as follows. Firstly increasing the unity of purpose of the tribunal and reforging the links between those who live outside and inside covenant as a method of defending all and sharing intelligence between all magi. Secondly she stated that we must combine covenant resources and the taxes of vis she called on last tribunal would continue at the same level for the next one. In combination with this she offered a rook of vis for each seasons service for mundane skills or magical that was provided to Holy Isle covenant, but to prevent misuse any task would have to be confirmed as useful by her before any vis would be awarded. Thirdly she proposed that Druids and pagan worshipers be protected under the peripheral code from attacks by magi. Finally and fourthly she proposed that Archimagus Marius was a very good king and that although the would avoid replicating Normandy tribunals error she wanted to send a message of support to the Grand Tribunal to let them know of the tribunals support for Marius’ actions.

We broke for lunch of soup, bread and some cold roast meats, one of which was a delightful pheasant with a sweet berry sauce. After our repast We reconvened and Edith started her proposals to tribunal.

She proposed to maintain Prima Amanita’ pact to defend those magi living out of covenant. Jolyon stood and fully supported the praeca on this unity movement and this support of those who lived outside covenant. Syrentia then stood and stated that this was a good idea and that these bonds were very valuable and the fact that relationships would lead to trust and trust would lead to more sharing of knowledge to the betterment of all. Lisimachus asked the Praeca for some minor clarifications of which she quickly cleared up any confusion about who sanctuary should be given to, I tried to recall if there were any precedents but I was a bit amiss as I could not recall any, I blame the pheasant, however Kira was quick to correct my lack of knowledge and pointed out that any sanctuary could not interfere with wizards war, punishments of the tribunal or quasitorial investigation . I was grateful to Kira for that information and she obviously has studied that section of law, I wonder why? It was also stated that the sanctuary would only be given by right to members of the order of Hermes within the tribunal. After these clarifications the vote is held and surprisingly the nays had it by a very small margin, I glanced at Edith's face as the vote was tallied and she seemed disappointed rather than angry.

Her next topic was of the tribunal services being rewarded with vis, at the rate of a rook of vis for a seasons service. Kentigan stood and started to speak, he claimed it could weaken the other covenants who were fighting the unnamed house as well and accused holy isle of being myopic in there investigations concentration on Stonehenge tribunal and not bothering with Loch Leglean or Hibernian tribunals. Cedric then stood to defend his covenant stating that Holy Isle covenant had agents ranging far and wide over all three tribunals. Magnus then stood out and supported Holy Isle covenant as it has been created by the Grand tribunal and thus had the support and good regard of the order as a whole. Edith pointed out that only she can authorise payment for a service if is applicable for this reward to prevent misuse. She also said Veritias’ and Luvidicus’ audit will stand and taxes will not change to support his proposal. Kira stood and asked the tribunal to revisit the role of Prefectus to enable the effective fighting of other threats such as the fells and christian cults, Edith rose quickly and with a look of anger in her face stated that she would veto any talk of a Prefectus as it was only discussed at the last tribunal. The vote came and passed easily as everyone could see the benefits of encouraging and rewarding tribunal services.

Ediths next proposal was a little more radical. She stated that there are many rulings in peripheral code about various religious groups and restrictions on ur interactions with them, she quoted the fact that members of the kaballah should not be slain on sight and that the ruling that the order of Suliaman were not wizards and thus avoided the point of the code that meant they had to accept the invitation to the order or be slain. She proposed that magi would have no right to destroy druids unless they are associated with unnamed house and in the same manner that followers of the pagan gods are protected under peripheral code. Lorius asked if it was actually legal to make this vote and then Magnus pointed out that anyone could claim to follow the old gods to avoid the wrath of any magus of the tribunal,
Lisimachus asked again for further clarification of the proposed rulings and it started to become clear that most magi in the room were against any such ruling, indeed Augustus said that openly protecting pagans will cause grief with the church of Rome which could lead to a crusade against the tribunal and finally Mckeith said that druids sell there souls to the pagan gods and thus should not be trusted. Im not sure what the point of McKeith’ statement was but it appears to of been ignored in the general hubbub that this proposal caused. The Vote was called and is was defeated by a vast majority of the magi present.

Edithe Last proposal involved a statement of support or condemnation for archimagus Marius in his role of King of England, She asked me to explain the legalities of the cases brought by Provence and Normandy tribunals, which as I had studied them In the previous season I was able to do. After this explanation and because the day was drawing in, plus I think Edith heard my stomach rumbling she called an end to the days proceedings to be continued the next day.

That evening I had a nice chat with Fergus who seemed very knowledgeable about spirits and managed to have a quick chat with McKeith who seemed very stern but again has a lot of knowledge that could help me, I do think that McKeith’s trips into the spirit regio seems a little odd but I agree with his general philosophy of not becoming beholden to outside powers. That evening I must admit I gorged myself on a roast ox with hunks of bread to soak up the juices, and after several ales and some fine wine that Edith had laid on I retired to bed to get a good sleep before the tribulations of the tribunal in the morning.

After the dawn reweaving of our parma’s and a small breakfast of porridge, bacon eggs, bread, mushrooms, fresh fried fish and some lovely smoked fish all washed down with a small ale we returned to the great hall for the tribunal. Edith put forward a motion that the tribunal supports archimagus Marius' actions to date, she stated that if it failed she would then bring forward a motion to censure him if that was the tribunals will. Archimagus Marius spoke about how he grabbed power and how prince Henry was a very christian person and so if he was allowed to be king it would be very detrimental to the tribunal and the order as a whole. He then went on to speak about royal preserves and order of hermetic scholars and how he did this to prevent the persecution of magi and destruction of known magical sites. Magus Augustus stood and fairly predictably offered his support for archimagus Marius and his actions. I then pointed out previous rulings in this matter but to be honest no-one has ever reached the heights of King before and so most precedents were on shaky ground when it came to this matter. Archimagus Marius then went into further detail about the emergency tribunal of spring 1207 and the votes there that allowed him to follow the path he was on. Lisimachus again asked for clarification about royal preserves and archimagus Marius expounded the law and stated that mundane settlements were not allowed with half a league and that wood collection and hunting were not allowed without the Kings permission. Voressio stood and asked what would happen if archimagus Marius lost the kingship to which Marius responded that the King already had the power to remove or change these preserves and so this rule removed the right from any other member of the nobility or the church to affect the areas protected. Ossarius then asked what would happen if King Alexander of Scotland invaded on the pretext of claiming the throne, could Borri-tor covenant be in danger and thus placing his sodalis in harms way. Marius stated he would place a large army in the way to block any such move and that with limited resistance in the rest of the country he was free to maneuver his armies how he wished. Primus Kentigan then stood and the crowd brace themselves for the assured torrent of abuse to follow. He offered his opinion as a Scot that English armies would probably flee the field rather than face real men in mortal combat and thought that Marius has broken the primary code, he was appalled we had not reigned in the ambition of this young man, even his own house had not taken any action that could in his opinion have been effective. He now thinks that archimagus Marius is now considered above the law and we were all fools, idiots and meek sheep for allowing this situation to happen in our tribunal. I could see that through this rant Praeca Edith going red then very very pale as if the anger she first felt turned to cold fury at the insult Kentigan was giving the tribunal and her as its leader. She almost leapt from her chair pointing her finger at Kentigan and called him more ignorant than most who are recent arrivals, she will not have others insulted in her meeting and then asked him to leave, the room hushed and everyone looked between Praeca and Primus, wondering the outcome, Kentigan narrowed his eyes, crossed his arms and sat down, declaring in his Scottish brogue that he wanted to stay. To prevent further conflict and escalation I politely asked Kentigan if he would remove himself from the tribunal as asked by the Praeca as was her right but that he could leave his sigil for others to vote for him. He looked me in the eye and I could see he was thinking what is this fat child doing telling him what to do. He stated in a soft voice that I make him, the room was so quite though it sounded like a shout to me and my heart was pounding in my ears, what was I to do, how far into this deep pit of politics had I fallen. Then Astrius stood up and Stated that the Quaesitor had asked Kentigan to leave and he would now carry out the quaesitor’ will, Kentigan looked at him and simply said Creo, Astrius responded with Auram and A space suddenly cleared for what could be the certamen of the century. Between them effigies appeared, casting lightning at each other, As first neither seemed to have an advantage but then lightning leaped from Kentigan’ effigy caressing the effigy Astrius controlled and visibly stunning Astrius himself, Then Astrius reached into his pocked and drew forth some vis, I could not tell what form it was but It obviously helped as two bolts struck Kentigan’ effigy in quick succession vapourising it and in the process knocking the primus unconscious. In a little over half a minute a Primus had been humbled. His helpless form was removed from the room and made comfortable elsewhere and we continued our discussion.

Magus Arcanus then asked what I considered the best question of the day, He said one of the things that made this so complicated was the power Marius had over the whole tribunal, why did Marius not ask for a emergency tribunal when he decided to grab the crown. Marius sheepishly stood and answered that he felt he did not have time to do this because he had prevaricated trying to avoid the decision but in fairness he admitted arcanus has a fair point and he should have done so, showing that even an achimagus can make mistakes. H went on to explain that he was dealing with the papal legate and the barons and was too busy to even think of it.
I pointed out that if the tribunal did offer support there was a chance that if he found guilty by the Grand tribunal then Stonehenge tribunal could be censured, Kira asked what censure could result and I stated that a fine of vis or even replacement of the Praeco or senior quaesitor could happen .Edith responded to my point with a statement that there should not decisions made due to political consequences.
Astrius correctly pointed out that we had already have given permission for the magistrates and thus could be censured anyway. Finally a vote was called and apart from a few dissenting voices the motion of support was passed.

We broke for the day as the arguments and there fallout had taken all day. That evening I supped lightly on some perch in jelly, rabbit and chicken as the days events had quite turned my stomach.

The next morning after a restorative sleep we reconvened after breakfast of ham, trout and bread to continue the tribunal. Redcap Alanus reported his news both hermetic and mundane. Stephen Langton had returned to Rome leaving Herbert de Bruin in charge in Canterbury Cathedral, King Aithen had won the siege of Gloucester. Crusaders had lost a battle and had unfortunately been virtually annihilated in a place called the Nile delta and have had to surrender. The emperor Frederic the third has said that those convicted in an ecclesiastical court could be put to death by fire, a punishment I am glad is not legal in this country. In matters hermetic Fera of Lear valley covenant had gone missing and had now been confirmed dead by quaesitorial investigation. He also reported that there was an ongoing house meeting of house Guernicus and whatever decisions made there would be brought to the attention of all as soon as possible.

We then went around the room for individual covenants to discuss matters they wanted to bring up. Theopholous reported the modest success of his symposium and he would hold another in 1230. Kira from carrion moor brought up the matter of Prefectus again and Edith got a bit cross and vetoed any discussion on it now, after she had calmed down she said it will be allowed for discussion at the next tribunal. For Holy isle McKeith stood and stated there gratitude for the support and sacrifice of the tribunal to his covenant. He also reported an incident where there was a sea battle with a vessel belonging to the unnamed house and gave a rough description of the battle in which archimagus Tiarnan died, The one Idea he dis suggest was for Leap of homecoming potions to be made for reports to be given instantly to Holy isle covenant. Jolyon from Lear valley covenant stated his grief at maga Fera's loss and received murmurs of support from the whole tribunal. Mathias from Narwold covenant stated that he had learnt the hermetic breakthrough from Erin for the longevity potion for mundanes and would now be able to make such for others. From Oakenvale covenant magus Justin announces they have had a fairly successful first seven years and looked for trades to improve the quality of there spell and arts library. From Scarfell covenant magus Acerius stated he has good contacts north of the border and would offer his services for any who wish to travel or trade with the lowland Scots. Astrius from Severn temple expressed his regrets for the loss of its magi and how he personally felt the loss of each of them. He also reported that the brothers in Christ sect might be back and it was crusaders not Templar's that were working for the abbot of tintern in the abduction of Duncan the druid. Edith said that Severn temple had sacrificed a lot and expressed the tribunals thanks for said sacrifice. For Solis castle covenant magus Moravius of house Verditius stood and said that he managed to obtain sixth place in his house meetings competition and that he has a few seasons available for commissions and as long as he is allowed to experiment and he can do up to twelfth magnitude auram items. For Travalgar Alicia stood and offered suggestion that there would be many advantages for those teaching apprentices that if there was an academy for apprentices they could be taught mundane knowledge's. she suggested an academy to train magi and apprentices like a university. Edith said it was a nice Idea but needed more detail and would allow it at the next tribunal for tribunal vote.

From outside covenant Maga Hiwela spoke in the guttural Welsh tongue that she would like to report something corrupt in south wales moving between Glynneath and Abergavenny. Holy isle said it was interested and would it be possible for magus Gethin to talk to her about it. I still find it strange that magi do not learn Latin, maybe she could go to this academy to learn such. Edith Then gave us some shocking news she reported that she is not a member of house Ex-miscellanea as Kentigan has left the tribunal and ejected her from the house in a fit of pique.

The tribunal finished on that explosive news and we all slowly made out separate ways away from Blackthorn, I of course stayed to write up my accounts of the tribunal and to continue my learning's from the books on law.

Later that night Praeca Edith came up to my rooms where I was looking at some of the more arcane precedents from tribunals form years past. She seemed in a slightly agitated state and she asked me to authorise a legal wizards war between herself and primus Kentigan, I thought long and hard about this, I thought about the political and personal outcomes for either winner or loser, I also asked her if she had tried to mediate the situation and she replied that she had but had been turned away by Primus Kentigan who was uncaring that her death would occur in a year and a day. I know we as quaesitori are supposed to be above such but as a human being I had no option but to consider them. At the same time Praeca Edith was pressuring me to sign the documents and to be honest I bowed to that pressure , looking back I know I should have sought advice from an Archimagus but at the time and under the pressure I signed the documents.

She then left me towards the redcaps quarters and I sat there staring at a page of legal trivia wondering what the hell I had just done. I sat there for the rest of the night considering the implications of her winning or losing the upcoming conflict. the night turned into two and then a moon and a bit passed. A knock at my door made me jump and my trusty friend Duncan admitted the Praeca who reported to me her success in the wizards war and asked me as senior quaesitor to investigate and confirm her statement. She also asked Alanus the redcap to take to take an urgent message mag villus for Phaelon to call an emergency meeting of House Ex Miscellanea as I supposed she wanted reentry to that house.

Myself and Duncan made our way up to Hereford and then went by barge from Worcester to Cad Gadu, we made good time and made the trip in about nine days staying at inns and on the barge. I sought admittance to Cad Gadu and maga Syrentia allowed me in, I went up to the potentially ex Primus’ Sanctum and knocked quite loudly but no reply was heard. worrying about deadly magics that might protect his sanctum I requested that permanently nominated hoplite
Astrius be sent for as his powerful parma and natural skill with magics might offer him some protection as we pierced the hidden defences of the sanctum proper. A week later he arrived and he used a device to look through wall and saw a leg protruding he then used another device in the form of a mirror on the door to check for spells, detecting nothing maga Syrentia then opened the door with a Muto Herbam spell. Astrius used the mirror to check ante room for magics but discovered nothing apart from a few minor comfort magics. now seeing the leg Duncan fetched a rope and hooked it over the foot and pulled a desicated corpse into the ante chamber. Kentigans body is bone white and his remaining hair was falling out. I talked to Kentigans spirit and he asked for his corpse to be returned to his clan and told me that removal of the robes will cause no harm.
Duncan then bravely removed the robes and Astrius confirmed the corpse is Kentigan by means of Corporem magics.

We then returned to Severn temple, with Syrentia promising to let the redcap know of the news, I wrote a report of all that had occurred knowing that Serinia would grill me about my actions. We eventually got back to the covenant a few days into the Autumn season.


It was reported to me that at the Autumn council only Lysimachus and Fabius met. With the subdued air that would always accompany such a small meeting. Fabius talked about his magics and some of the limitations of his magic with the sympathetic attachments of the form and material and how he hoped that he would one day be able to build on his paters break through and develop the ability to meld the form and material of the item into his limited enchantments. Also discussed is the way that Item seem to degrade when the charges they have in them are consumed. Lysimachus stated that if the item falls apart there must be a connection, Fabius retorted with the fact that he and his pater often had the discussion and that objects degrade in proportion to there size and later when this fascinating discussion was reported to me I suggested that Ildanach might be able to perform an alchemical examination of a device that has discharged to determine what part of the item had been used up. They quickly decided there studies that season and Lysimachus translated Corlear’s notes
and Fabius examined his theory's using vim vis to enhance his knowledge.
Fabius said he would show Lysimachus where the heart of the forest was, and where the Trelech stones as Lysimachus might be interested in the fact that there seems to be a spirit there that prevents its finding.

Later in the season redcap Alanus arrived with news both hermetic and mundane, he restated the news from the tribunal which we had already passed on over the dinner table but he did also state that house Ex Miscellanea will meet at the spring equinox to elect a new primus.

Husam returned late in the season and on his return asked the Pontifex to cure Constantius of some wounds he picked up on his travels with him and Astrius then did so.

The rest of the season passed un-eventfully and we had a very pleasant autumn season.


The snows fell early this year again, making travel very difficult very early in the season. We met on the first day of the season as was traditional just after breakfast. At the council meeting Pontifex Astrius gave a recap of the tribunal for all that were not present and Lysimachus described his actions to restore Corlear’ notes which were successful in part but he still has a long way to go to safely copy all the writings of that esteemed Verditius magus. With not much news to discuss we rapidly moved on to our seasons activities. Husam said he would carry on Lysimachus good work in translating Corlear’ notes, I am sure he will be careful but I would have preferred Lysimachus to do it as I trust him when it comes to book, of course I trust Husam when it comes to skulduggery. Lysimachus asked for an illusion device to disguise his image and Fabius stated he will do so next year as covenant service if that was acceptable, to which all agreed it was and this put a smile on Lysimachus’ face to know he will get a device which will help him in his travels. Astrius talked of vis trade with Borri tor covenant that has intellego and imagonem and would trade for ignem and herbam which we all agreed would be a good trade and hopefully we can set up via redcap for an exchange of vis at some point in the future. Astrius created three leap of homecoming potions this season, Fabius studied from muto though whether this was from vis or the books I can not recall. Lysimachus said he would spend the winter in his sanctum reading his private book on some Greek philosopher, actually I think it is on Aristotle but I could be mistaken. I studied from intellego vis to try and increase my understanding so that I can soon bind a familiar to myself. I wonder what sort of animal I will bind, maybe a dog but I feel that the slavish loyalty would not serve me well, I need a creature that will challenge me and as I am open and friendly maybe have a more cynical outlook than myself. Also I will need a curious creature who likes his home comforts so in the end I think I will go for a cat.

Astrius over dinner that seasons informs us that his spies have discovered that druid Duncan had been taken to a village called Cotterly and burned. He went on to tell us that Constantius by chance using the magical mirror to view lydney after dusk has seen driving snows and ice on the trees he then saw four figures moving quietly and wrapped up very well against the biting cold, moving out of the village into the orchard and towards the Erechwyth’ stone, they left some offerings and Constantius heard them making an appeal to the Erechwyth to protect the village. Husam flew down to the village and observed the ritual after two hours in the freezing cold they finished and returned to the village. Husam also spotted that Karl the traitor was watching the ceremony from his cottage so we can expect some retribution from Tintern at some point towards these pagan villagers of ours.
The midwinter feast was excellent this year with a rich variety of meat including beef, venison, duck, goose, and a huge mound of cooked fish cleverly contained in a pastry net lattice. The wine was passable and the cider excellent and I must confess I retired to bed late and rose after dawn the next day.

The season passed cold and bitter but warm and toasty in our covenant, I hope all who read this have as good and peaceful a year as we have had at Severn Temple this year.